May 9, 2004
March 28, 3019

Khamul: *It is March 28 at Lugburz. Khamul is asleep, but it is a restful one, not filled with visions of Valinor and the wrath of the gods. This state might be more appropriately called suspended animation*
Khamul: *For Khamul's killing of his brother months before, Grubnakh had vowed vengance but had no way to achieve this ends until March 28*
Khamul: *Grubnakh and two others, one of which was his brother, had attacked Madurz near Minas Morgul back in the late fall*
Khamul: *Khamul had killed the others but had spared Grubnakh but cut off his ear as a warning to other rebel orcs*
Khamul: *Grubnakh seemed to reform and went to Lugburz, where he was serving in the Tower*
Khamul: *He still had a great hatred in his heart for Khamul, and rejoiced when he heard Khamul was wounded*
Khamul: *Things always seem to slip at Lugburz, and he had gotten word that a blade of Westernsee had been taken from a prisioner at CIrith Ungol and was in the Dark Tower where he now worked*
Khamul: *This blade, he had heard, could kill a wraith. Grubnakh steals the blade and prepares to kill Khamul*
Khamul: *Khamul lies in bed. Ashgaz is in the room watching over him*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sits at the foot of Khamul's bed*
Ashgaz: *He has been dozing a bit and visions of the Shire have once again entered his dreams*
Grubnakh: *grubnakh has hidden the blade of westernsee in his clothes so it will not be seen*
Ashgaz: *He stretches and looks down at his master, remembering the day when he became bound to Khamul*
Grubnakh: *he clutches a letter in his hand and goes to pushzog*
Ashgaz: *He knows he should hate Khamul, and he surely did at first*
Grubnakh: sir i have a very important missive that must get to the high nazgul
Grubnakh: it is important that i see him now
Pushzog: *he was tending to the witch king presently...fetching his wine and such..before long he was not needed and was excused from his Lord..he left the quarters and bumps into Grubnakh*
Ashgaz: *But the more time he spent with Khamul the more the hatred receded*
Ashgaz: *He smiles, remembering Khamul's words to him earlier...*
Ashgaz: *"I would not trade you if the Third offered ten horses."*
Pushzog: *looks to him and the letter*
Grubnakh: it is very important that i give it to the high nazgul even tho he is resting. u would not want those above to be angry would you?
Pushzog: *glares at him suspiciously*
Grubnakh: *he tries to look normal.... not like he is hiding designs of murder for the top ones in his heart*
Ashgaz: *But then he feels a pang of guilt as he realizes how traitorous his loyalty to Khamul is*
Pushzog: i shall go withyou
Ashgaz: *Khamul is a High Nazgul, part of Mordor, a great source of its power*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz wonders how much longer he can endure this struggle*
Grubnakh: i must see him in private... it is a confidental matter.
Grubnakh: word from on high
Pushzog: *he breathes heavily..wondering why this task would be given to him*
Ashgaz: *If only there were a way to get back to the Shire...but that would be impossible, for he is a wraith*
Ashgaz: *If only there were a way to...*
Khamul: *Khamul sleeps peacefully*
Pushzog: go ahead...but do not disturb him with your ill prsense long
Ashgaz: *He remembers Niethan and the discussion of the blade of Westernesse, and Niethan's offer to kill him*
Grubnakh: *growls at him under breath as he goes by* i would not offend their messenger if i were you
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz quails at the thought of death*
Ashgaz: *and remembers Khamul's horrible delirium*
Grubnakh: *enters the room of the high nazgul..*
Pushzog: you should be lucky to even be here *pushes his anger asdie*
Ashgaz: *Yet would it really be worse than to spend eternity as he is?*
Khamul: *Khamul lies in the bed wearing a black robe*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' head turns quickly toward the entering orc*
Ashgaz: *but they cannot see him for he is not wearing his robe*
Grubnakh: *he feels fear when he enters...overhwelming.... but his hatred allows him to continue*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' mind races...what is the orc planning?*
Grubnakh: *he bows to the sleeping presence softly says* my lord...? i have an important message for you, from the top ones
Khamul: *Khamul sleeps deeply and does not answer*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz silently moves between the orc and Khamul, not trusting the orc*
Pushzog: *stays glued to the outside door with his head pressed against it*
Grubnakh: *the orc breathes a sigh of relief... good.... the filthy shrieker is asleep*
Ashgaz: *all conflict of loyalties is forgotten and he thinks only of protecting his master*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz manages to keep his eyes from glowing red with anger at the sigh*
Ashgaz: *Now he knows the orc is up to something*
Grubnakh: *they do sleep sometime..... so the stories are not true that they are allways viglant... heh... but this one is wounded.*
Khamul: *Khamul sleeps, dreaming of Madurz*
Grubnakh: *h approaches the bed....quietly as not to wake the nazgul.... fear building up with each step yet he continues determined to avenge the death of his brother*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz grips the handle of his dagger, which is invisible to the orc*
Grubnakh: *he stands there looking at him.... the horrifying figure with its seemingly empty black hood.... garn he hates them, the filthy shriekers...*
Ashgaz: *He feels a strange anxiety as the orc approaches*
Pushzog: *he tries to listen through the solid door but nothing much above a yell is ever heard through such doors*
Ashgaz: *The orc carries something evil...he cannot place what it is...*
Grubnakh: *they were undead... but he was about to see if the undead could still bleed.... his hand goes to inside his clothes*
Ashgaz: *It makes him shudder and he braces himself to maintain his erect posture*
Grubnakh: *he grabs the hilt of the blade, pulls it out and lunges forward, his intent to plunge it into the heart of the sleeping figure*
Pushzog: *he stamps his foot wating for the other to exit..becomes imaptient..but does not want to upset the higher order..but still does not feel at ease*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz recognizes the firebrand--a blade of Westernesse!
Ashgaz: A way out, a way to freedom
Ashgaz: *under his breath*
Khamul: *Khamul stirs briefly and says... Madurz*
Ashgaz: *He does not flinch as the orc rushes forward*
Grubnakh: *the blade hits the unseen form of Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *The orc feels a shudder travel down the blade*
Ashgaz: *Then a horrible scream fills the room*
Grubnakh: *shock goes through the orc his hand goes numb he screams in pain*
Pushzog: *flings the door open*
Grubnakh: *then the blade disappears.... but the cloathing of the high nazgul on the bed was not harmed.... he stares in horror... how could it be?????*
Khamul: *Khamul wakes up suddenly, his eyes glowing fiercely*
Pushzog: *his eyes wide with question*
Pushzog: *he gnashes his teeth* filthy liar..lunges for the orc*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz kneels next to Khamul, about to fall, intermittently clutching his shoulder and crying out in pain*
Khamul: *feels the weight of Ashgaz, but flips him aside*
Grubnakh: *jumps out of the way, holding his hand... makes for the door*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz screams as he is moved aside and the pain shoots through his entire body*
Pushzog: **grabs the orcs clothing and pushes him down*
Khamul: *He rolls out of the bed and goes after Grubnakh*
Khamul: *Khamul's eyes flaming, he marches over to the orcs*
Khamul: Pushzog, step aside
Grubnakh: *struggles under pushzog*
Pushzog: *does what he is told releaseing his neck*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz writhes on the bed moaning, longing for death*
Khamul: He is mine and I will deal with him!
Pushzog: *hears the commotion of the unseen figure by the bed*
Grubnakh: *sees the approaching high nazgul, cowers in fear... shaking uncontrobably*
Pushzog: *throws a cover over his shoulders to see him*
Khamul: *Khamul stands glaring at him*
Khamul: *HIs very presence issuing horrible, paralyzing fear and terror*
Ashgaz: *barely aware of his surroundings, only conscious of a struggle against unbearable pain*
Pushzog: *he lifts the figure up and onto the bed*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz groans as the bed shakes*
Grubnakh: *cannot bring himself to look at the nazgul in his terror.... he grovels on the ground like he was blind....* no no!
Pushzog: *cannot aid him because he cannot see his wounds*
Khamul: *Khamul slowly bends over and grabs the orc by one arm*
Pushzog: *only stays by him*
Khamul: *And pulls it from the socket in one sweep*
Grubnakh: *screams in bloody agony*
Pushzog: *smiles as he watches Khamul deliver the rebel pain*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is shocked at the scream and notices the fight*
Khamul: *He throws the arm to the side*
Khamul: *Khamul, even though he is wounded, still has great power... and he has the ring that was given to him hanging from a chain around hsi neck*
Ashgaz: *His master is alive...Ashgaz feels relieved*
Grubnakh: *lies there screaming in shock.... the other arm he cannot feel as it came incontact with ashgaz the wraith*
Ashgaz: *But he himself feels about to faint any second*
Pushzog: *looks thankfully to the unseen figure wrappped in a bed cloth*
Ashgaz: *and that will be the end*
Grubnakh: *barely noticing own black blood spurting forth from where his arm used to be*
Pushzog: *but is drawn to turn his eyes back at once to the brutal scene with pleasure*
Khamul: *Even orc blood can make Khamul go wild*
Khamul: *He stands looking at Grubnakh and laughing... Then kicks him in the stomach*
Grubnakh: *doubles up and screams in pain*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz struggles to stay conscious. He wants to bid farewell to Khamul before he dies*
Grubnakh: *still shaking from uncontrolable paraylziing fear*
Pushzog: *his eyes are cold and hard as they look to Grubnakh*
Khamul: *The bloodlust rising high in Khamul, he scarcely notices Ashgaz*
Khamul: *But gains control* Pushzog, deal with this wretch! My servant needs help
Pushzog: *hisses in satisfaction*
Khamul: *he goes back to the bed and looks at Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: Master...
Khamul: *picks him up for he plans to take him to the Witch-King, for this is beyond his skill*
Pushzog: *his hand clutches Khamul's robe glad he is alive and glad he is able to deal with the wretch*
Grubnakh: *the fear lessens as the high nazgul leave shis presence but he is still in bloody agony*
Pushzog: *moves over and looms over Grubnakh*
Ashgaz: *screams in pain as he is lifted*
Ashgaz: Master, don't move me, please!
Ashgaz: Let me die
Khamul: *He opens the door and takes Ashgaz to the Black Captain*
Khamul: You will not die. We will help you
Ashgaz: *bursts into tears*
Khamul: We care for our own
Ashgaz: But I want to die
Grubnakh: *he lies on the ground.... one arm out of cmmision the other arm he cannot feal... he growls at the orc approaching him*
Pushzog: *not sure he was ordered to kill him but would like to so only delivers him pain* i should take you to the others and let them rip you apart and bring me your parts to feast on
Ashgaz: I can't stand it, Master! I can't endure my life anymore
Khamul: Be silent, servant
Khamul: You speak foolishly
Grubnakh: no, dont!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' exertion redoubled the pain and he swoons, going limp in Khamul's arms*
Khamul: *He takes Ashgaz to Angmar's court*
Pushzog: *cracks him in the face with the back of his hand and licks the blood that stains his knuckles*
Khamul: Master, I beg you to assist my servant, for he is grieviously wounded by the accursed blade, the bane of Mordor
Grubnakh: *his remaining arm useless, he falls on his back and kicks at the other orc*
Khamul: *Angmar bids Khamul to carry Ashgaz to Angmar's quarters*
Khamul: *Angmar says* We will not let him pass into shadows
Khamul: *Angmar* And whether willing or no, he will stay in our world
Khamul: *He lays the body of Ashgaz upon a couch*
Pushzog: *gets kicked but regains self laughing* you are lucky my orders werent clear for me to kill you...for i would tear you head off right shall be chained for further dare you act
Pushzog: this way here! of all places you fool
Pushzog: *stands and steps on his kneecap*
Khamul: *Angmar goes to his cabinets and gets a vial of pure Morgul posion, the same that goes on the blade. For the blade brought Ashgaz into their world, and the spell had been broken by the blade of westernsee. The potion of the Morgul blade will amend this
Grubnakh: *screams in pain, writhes on ground*
Khamul: *Angmar says* And I will seal the spell of the Morgul posion with another even more powerful
Pushzog: *watches in satisfaction* shall i make all of your limbs defective?
Grubnakh: no! please!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz moans in his sleep* The Shire...
Pushzog: *takes his blade and digs it into his forearm...binding him to the floor*
Khamul: *He forces Ashgaz' mouth open and pours the poison down his throat... then says words over him, the same words that are used on the hilt of the blades*
Grubnakh: *screams and thrashes in pain*
Pushzog: you havent the other arm to remove that! *laughs*
Pushzog: your struggles only tear the flesh
Grubnakh: *he screams* mercy! mercy!
Khamul: *Angmar says* Let him rest now here
Ashgaz: *Khamul sees color come back into Ashgaz' face, and the transparent look leaves him*
Khamul: *Khamul asks leave to go back to his room*
Pushzog: you shall remain here for whom you tried to kill
Pushzog: maybe you shall be strung up as an example to the others
Grubnakh: *fears the high nazgul's return...*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz opens his eyes*
Grubnakh: you coward! you do not even stick by your own kind. i am orc like you
Khamul: *Khamul opens the door of his bedroom*
Pushzog: i stick to my orders to the dark Lord
Pushzog: and serve those beneath him
Khamul: Ah, Pushzog, I see you are dealing adequately with him. *He laughs wildly*
Ashgaz: *He stares at the ceiling, not sure where he is*
Pushzog: *laughs with him*
Grubnakh: *immediately senses the psrence of the high nazgul and stars shaking in fear again*
Grubnakh: *fears to say more in presence of high nazgul*
Ashgaz: *A horrible sense of dread grips him*
Ashgaz: *But he hasn't the presence of mind to remember everything that has just happened*
Ashgaz: *and he slips back into unconsciousness*
Khamul: *He walks to Grubnakh, reaches down to the severed stump of his arm*
Khamul: *He takes his hand and twists the stump*
Grubnakh: *screams in agony black spots filling his vision*
Khamul: *Raises his arm back and licks the blood off his fingers*
Khamul: You taste foul, you wretched scum!
Pushzog: *grates a sigh of satisfaction*
Grubnakh: *cowers... cannot move still his arm is pinned to the floor by pushzog knife*
Khamul: *He spits Grubnakh's own blood back at his face*
Pushzog: *chuckles beside him*
Grubnakh: *blinks as his own blood hits him in the face*
Khamul: I should tear you to pieces you filthy wretch!
Grubnakh: no no dont! *he begs* ill do anything!
Khamul: Traitor, traitor, you tried to kill me!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sees a vision of the gruesome violence in Khamul's bedroom*
Pushzog: he escaped with his life once! not again *he speaks fast wanting to witness death*
Grubnakh: *he knows he is doomed there is even a peanlty for speaking ill of the top ones... he gulps*
Khamul: Grubnakh, you spawn of flies!
Khamul: Weak creature!
Ashgaz: *Then the vision changes and he sees the same things happening to hobbits in the Shire as it is overrun by Mordor's forces*
Khamul: I should have killed you when I killed your brother!
Grubnakh: *a surge of anger goes through him at the mention of his brother but the fear overwhelms him for he lies at the mercy of a high nazgul*
Grubnakh: i wish i had killed you you foul shrieker
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' breathing becomes labored and he writhes as he sees a Nazgul with it blade poised over Mary*
Ashgaz: *its
Khamul: Your death will not be easy, Grubnakh! It will be slow and prolonged
Grubnakh: *he wonders if his flesh will be frozen off his body... he had heard that they could do that*
Pushzog: *Madurz walks the halls intending to visit Khamul and smiles thinking about him...she begins to open the door slightly and gasps at the scence of her love and the two orcs*
Khamul: Let's see how strong you are, Grubnakh. Let's see how long you can withstand death
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sees himself mindlessly attacking hobbits he once knew, driven by Mordor's command*
Pushzog: *her eyes are wide as she looks between them all*
Grubnakh: *he senses that he is doomed and no amount of pleading begging crying whining will get him out of this*
Ashgaz: *He begins to scream again*
Pushzog: *she wonders what has gone on*
Grubnakh: i would have had that sword drink of your blood, if you filthy shriekers do bleed
Pushzog: *she moves past the carnage and focuses on the injured* you!
Khamul: You will never see that, you maggot!
Khamul: *He goes to where his sword is hanging on the wall, and takes it out. Goes back to Grubnakh*
Khamul: *He senses that his lady is close but he is overcome with the desire to inflict more pain upon the one who dared try to kill him*
Khamul: *He takes the sword and lifts it high and brings it down upon Grubnakh's right ankle, severing it*
Grubnakh: *shrieks in pain, screaming out horrible curses in his own language*
Khamul: *He raises the blade again and severs his leg*
Grubnakh: *screams again in pain and curses him more in his gasping breaths*
Pushzog: *she goes unnoticed and knows his desire to kill is strong..she breathes heavily....what had taken place here this night? she watches the pain inflicted on him..a bit rejoicing on the fate of this orc
Khamul: *Khamul hisses at the orc*
Grubnakh: *recoils screams* i hate all of you filthy shrieking maggots may you all burn in fire in the stinking mountain
Pushzog: *pushzog smiles and laughs at Grabnakh's suffering*
Pushzog: *Madurz grits her teeth*
Khamul: *Khamul gives a vicious kick to the severed leg*
Khamul: *he picks the orc's leg up and holds it high as though undecided whether to kill the orc now or save him for later*
Khamul: *then smashes the orc's own leg into his face*
Pushzog: *she looks at the black blood that adorns the room*
Ashgaz: *In his delirium Ashgaz still sees himself as a mindless thrall of Mordor*
Ashgaz: *He feels some new force in him trying to erase his memories*
Grubnakh: *his face in horrible pain being hit by his own limb*
Ashgaz: *He feels more than ever afraid of leaving Mordor, of rebelling, for he would vanish into nothingness*
Khamul: *Then he turns and brings his blade down upon Grubnakh's arm stricken with the black breath*
Khamul: *he cuts that hand off*
Pushzog: *she watches in unnerving satisfaction for a rebel orc's fate should be ntohing less than pain suffering and then death*
Pushzog: *Pushzog chuckles in delight*
Grubnakh: *he does not feel his hand being cut off for it is numb... he screams at the nazgul* i hate all of you i wish i had put maggot holes in all of your bellies with those knives
Ashgaz: *But his memories refuse to be erased, and he again sees visions from his past*
Khamul: *He takes the severed hand in one fist and with the other he holds Grubnakh's mouth open*
Pushzog: *hisses*
Ashgaz: *He hears all the insults Niethan flung at him, but now they come from Mary's mouth, for he imagines she has discovered what he now is*
Khamul: *then thrusts as much of it as he can into Grubnakh's mouth*
Pushzog: *she watches Khamul*
Khamul: That should halt your boastful words!
Grubnakh: *coughs sputters gurggles.... looks up at the nazgul with burning hatred...*
Ashgaz: *He hears "Fiend of Mordor! Foul spirit of darkness! Evil servant of an evil master!"
Pushzog: *she takes a few steps closer*
Grubnakh: *hatred going back generations... hatred ingrained in the orcs since they became what they are... for inwardly they hated melkor even though they served him*
Grubnakh: *begins to heave tries to spit his own hand out of his mouth... his own black blood choaking him*
Pushzog: *Pushzog then notices the lady but looks back to Grubnakh*
Khamul: *Then he gets up and goes over to Grubnakh's severed leg. in his other hand he picks up the pieces of Grubnakh and tosses them to Pushzog*
Khamul: Here, your reward
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz tries to form the words "Hobbit" and "Peter", struggling to save his own identity*
Khamul: Pushzog, you have been loyal. Now take this filth from my sight and your lads can have some sport with him
Pushzog: *he smiles gratefully to Khamul*
Khamul: Throw these parts of him in your pot
Ashgaz: *But then he remembers his master and the orcs, and pain burns away all traces of thought*
Pushzog: my pleasure *he removes Grubnakh from the floor and drags him and his pieces out*
Grubnakh: *still coughing and struggling he writhes some more in horrible pain and agony.... the blackness around his eyes getting deeper*
Khamul: Pushzog, there will be some gold coins for you later
Khamul: To reward you for your loyalty
Pushzog: thank you master..and i am glad you are safe
Khamul: Now take him out before I reconsider and freeze his flesh off his body now!
Pushzog: *hurries Grubnakh and himself out*
Grubnakh: *feels his body being dragged away, black blood trailing along behind him*
Khamul: *Khamul tries to regain control of himself so he will not show his fury to Madurz, but it is difficult*
Khamul: *He thinks about Ashgaz but feels he will recover but does not like the thoughts that he wished to die*
Madurz: *she approachis him slowly*
Madurz: my love...*she moves to him* what...what has transpired here this night?
Khamul: My lady, a fool tried to kill me
Madurz: i never trusted him
Madurz: there was evil in his face when he was with the others with me in Mias Morgul...but there was only cowardice to save him
Khamul: My lady, perhaps I should not have spared him the other time
Khamul: *sends comforting thought to Ashgaz telling him all will be well*
Madurz: perhaps...but worry are well and his fate is doom
Khamul: *he reaches his hands out to her but they are covered in black blood*
Madurz: he was a fool to try and attack you
Khamul: He wounded my servant instead
Madurz: *she looks at his hands and takes them anyway*
Khamul: He was unseen. The orc tried to kill me
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz hear's Khamul's message and takes comfort, but tears still stream down his face...they brought him back and he wanted to die*
Madurz: Ashgaz?
Khamul: Yes, Ashgaz
Ashgaz: *Perhaps he would have seen Mary after her death*
Madurz: *she gasps and places a hand to her mouth*
Khamul: A little blood my lady, it will not hurt you
Ashgaz: *wails softly*
Khamul: Do you fear it?
Madurz: no not at all
Khamul: *Khamul does not want Ashgaz his servant to pass into shadows*
Madurz: *she lowers her head and feels sadness*
Khamul: *But then thinks.... Perhaps he should have taken the horses in trade for him before this happened*
Khamul: *But then considers Ashgaz has been loyal*
Khamul: My lady, why do you lower your head?
Madurz: * dear loyal Ashgaz...poor troubled Ashgaz*
Madurz: i fear for Ashgaz
Khamul: I recovered from the wounding by the same kind of blade. So will Ashgaz
Madurz: you are stronger my love..your mind..your body
Khamul: He has been given the Morgul poison and Angmar has placed upon him a spell that will bind his unseen sinews to his body
Khamul: Aye, yes, Ashgaz is but a small thing
Madurz: his mind is troubled..easily led and frshly tormented with Shire life
Khamul: His mind is strong though
Khamul: He still does not yield to the inevitable
Madurz: i know but still i worry
Khamul: He is strong of mind, and will even be stronger when he gives himself fully to the Master
Khamul: But he continues to withstand it
Madurz: do you feel for sure this is what he wants?
Khamul: He belongs to Mordor. He will stay with Mordor!
Khamul: There is no question. He is in Sauron's power
Khamul: And whether he wills it or whether he doesn't, his mind will eventually yield
Madurz: i wish to see him
Khamul: Then you may do so
Khamul: He is in the Witch-King's quarters
Khamul: I will take you there
Madurz: *nods* than you love
Khamul: *He offers her his arm*
Khamul: *he stands there questioning*
Madurz: *takes his arm and is so glad that he is well and is indebted to Ash*
Khamul: *he puts his other hand upon her hand that holds his arm, leaving traces of blood*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz begins to notice his surroundings*
Khamul: *Black blood from the orc*
Khamul: *He takes her to the Witch-King's quarters*
Madurz: *she feels the bloos that has turned cold on her but cares not*
Ashgaz: *He opens his eyes a crack and recognizes the Witch King's quarters*
Khamul: *he takes his hand from hers and opens the door*
Ashgaz: *He closes his eyes again with a groan*
Ashgaz: *He is doomed. They will not even let him die*
Khamul: *The Witch-King is back in his courtroom*
Madurz: *she stands next to him and looks inside*
Khamul: *Khamul leads Madurz to the couch upon which Ashgaz lies*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is kept alive only by the Witch King's potions*
Khamul: *he looks down at him* Ashgaz?
Madurz: *he still bears the bed cloth and she kneels next to him*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz opens his eyes*
Ashgaz: *He looks up at Khamul*
Khamul: *Khamul can see Ashgaz and the wound which he now bears*
Ashgaz: Are you all right, Master?
Khamul: Yes, because of you
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz manages a slight smile*
Madurz: *she takes Ashgaz's hand and squeezes it*
Khamul: I am in your debt now *He does not like being in any one's debt*
Ashgaz: *looks to her* Madurz
Madurz: oh Ashgaz
Khamul: Now Ashgaz, I must consider whether this was an act of kindness or had another motive
Madurz: *she presses her cheek against his hand*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz takes comfort in her gentleness*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sighs at Khamul's words*
Khamul: If an act of loyalty, then it is well
Khamul: But if it had some other purpose.... *his words taper off*
Ashgaz: I didn't want...him to hurt you
Madurz: *she keeps her t houghts to herself thinking it was a bit of both*
Khamul: *he seems irritated, both because of the attempted attack upon his life, a perceived disloyalty about Ashgaz and being in Ashgaz' debt*
Ashgaz: But I thought he would kill me
Madurz: *looks to Khamul* i am sure his first instinct was to protect you
Khamul: So it would seem
Ashgaz: *His eyes fill again at the thought of the freedom he almost had*
Khamul: *Khamul wishes to peer inside the upper layers of Ashgaz' mind for he knows he cannot go into the deeper parts, for he has not that power*
Khamul: *Only Sauron could do that*
Khamul: *he concentrates, willing his mind into Ashgaz'*
Ashgaz: *In Ashgaz' mind Khamul sees so many troubled and conflicting thoughts that it seems impossible to disentangle them*
Ashgaz: *But penetrating all is pain and weariness*
Khamul: *His unseen eyes close and he begins to see visions of Ashgaz' thoughts*
Khamul: *He is pleased that he has this much power*
Khamul: *his thoughts intrude deeper into Ashgaz' mind as a serpent*
Ashgaz: *Exhausted, Ashgaz closes his eyes, pressing Madurz' hand to make sure she is still there*
Khamul: *His thoughts connect with Ashgaz and his thoughts tell Ashgaz... why do you withstand us always?*
Madurz: *she strokes the back of his hand withher fingers*
Khamul: *Hold nothing back from me or I will bring you pain!*
Ashgaz: *You would bring me pain now?*
Madurz: *hoping so much his motives were of true sincerity but knows his heart still resides in the Shire....but times have changed now and so has the Shire*
Khamul: *His will locks Ashgaz thoughts as a serpent locks its prey in its coils*
Ashgaz: *I withstand you because I do not want to forget who I am*
Khamul: *He sends a flickering glimmer of pain into Ashgaz mind... now tell me*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz whimpers*
Khamul: *Why?*
Ashgaz: *Because I did not want to come here*
Ashgaz: *Because you tore me away from my home and my love*
Khamul: *Ashgaz can sense Khamul's thoughts are growing angry for he wishes no one to oppose him*
Ashgaz: *Because you want to destroy me and make me into a mindless thrall*
Khamul: *The coils of his mind wrap more tightly around Ashgaz'*
Ashgaz: *Pain causing Ashgaz to spill the anger he has long held in*
Madurz: *she sighs wishing Ash would not resist his new existence*
Ashgaz: *Why did YOU do it?*
Ashgaz: *Why did you do this to me?*
Khamul: *How dare you! How dare you! Try to intrude into my thoughts!*
Madurz: *her eyes widen*
Khamul: *I am the master. You are the servant. Do not forget it*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz turns his face away weeping*
Ashgaz: *I do not forget it*
Khamul: *Disgusted, he ends his thoughts to Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz speaks aloud, turning his head back to Khamul*
Ashgaz: Master, I can't help feeling that way
Khamul: *And thinks.... he will willingly come to us or I shall drive him mad!*
Ashgaz: But it is true that I was trying to protect you!
Khamul: *No more of Khamul's thoughts go to Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: I forgot all my struggle when the orc threatened you.
Khamul: *But he will be back into his mind, for he feels his power increases now, for he has his ring*
Ashgaz: *notices that Khamul is not even looking at him*
Madurz: *she lowers her head*
Ashgaz: Master! Please!
Khamul: *But concludes Ashgaz is too weak for any more of this mental torment*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz dissolves in tears*
Khamul: *But he is very displeased*
Ashgaz: *and feels about to faint again*
Khamul: *For he always wishes to subjugate others to his dominion and will*
Madurz: *she moves her face closer to Ash's*
Madurz: *her voice is soft*
Khamul: *He thinks... my ring, my ring, I have it now*
Madurz: why? why do you resist this life?
Khamul: *and I shall be more powerful than ever*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz turns to her and whispers* Because it is not my life, it is not my home
Ashgaz: Remember how much you love Khamul...
Madurz: your home is no longer the same
Khamul: *he thinks now of the orc that dared to try to kill him and knows that the torture for him will be long before he is finally released to his death*
Ashgaz: and how you spent ages searching for the one you loved...
Ashgaz: I have a love like that too and I can never see her again
Ashgaz: I just tried to die to see her and they wouldn't let me
Ashgaz: *closes his eyes again*
Madurz: shall we find her and bring her here? would you subject her to that?
Ashgaz: *His eyes fly open* No! No! Of course not
Madurz: not to be harmed of course
Khamul: *This brief attempt at entering the mind of another has been very satisfying to Khamul. For it is a power he has tried to use before but never quite so successfully*
Ashgaz: She would be miserable here
Ashgaz: I don't want her to be miserable
Madurz: but she would be withyou
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sobs* I couldn't do that to her
Ashgaz: And I'm afraid of what she would think if she knew what I am
Ashgaz: I don't think she would be like you
Ashgaz: She would be horrified
Ashgaz: She might hate me
Madurz: if her love is strong she will find a way to make it work
Madurz: but she would have to be trusted
Khamul: *However, he does not like Ashgaz' attempt to enter his thoughts and resolves to exert more control over him*
Ashgaz: *shakes his head and sighs* Maybe she is faithful...maybe she has not forgotten me yet
Madurz: she would have to leave her home forever as well
Ashgaz: That is why I do not wish for her to come here
Khamul: *Gloating over his recent powers, he wonders about sending a tentacle of thought into Madurz' mind*
Khamul: *But reconsiders, thinking she might resist it*
Khamul: *he is lost in his own thoughts*
Madurz: rest loyal to us..i understand about your love
Madurz: really i do
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz lies back exhausted, shaking his head in despair*
Ashgaz: *He whispers* Thank you.
Madurz: *brins her face closer to his*
Madurz: but Ash...yuo did save Khamul tonight
Madurz: motives aside and i do believe you meant to protect him..
Ashgaz: Yes, I did!
Madurz: he remains well....
Madurz: i am very grateful for that...
Khamul: *Thinking this power will be of benefit to him, he now lets his thoughts roam freely and he begins to sense thoughts of others even outside in the corridor*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz smiles at her*
Madurz: thank you Ashgaz
Ashgaz: *she feels his grip relax a little on her hand*
Khamul: *Angmar can do this, he thinks, and some of the others. But now, so can I*
Madurz: *she then realized Khamul has been silent for a long time..she looks up to him*
Khamul: *he now can read the thoughts of orcs guarding the corridor... inferior scum. How I hate them!*
Madurz: rest Ashgaz
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is hurt that Khamul treats him roughly when he almost gave his life for him*
Khamul: *satisfied with this he no longer thinks of them or their thoughts*
Madurz: *she gently places her hand in Khamul's and stands*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' pulse speeds up...he does not want to be left alone*
Khamul: *He becomes aware of her touch, though he was lost in his own thoughts*
Khamul: *He touches Ashgaz' mind gently with a thought.. Do not fear*
Khamul: *Rest. You shall not go to Mandos. Not while Angmar commands*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sends a thought of thanks to him*
Khamul: *he sends another thought... You will come back because of what you have done for me and the fact that I need someone to bring me my wine!*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz manages a smile*
Khamul: My lady, this has been a wicked time
Khamul: my appologies for your witnessing what you did
Ashgaz: *Then he silently pleads: Don't leave me, master, please*
Ashgaz: *I'm afraid to be left alone here*
Madurz: no need for appologies
Madurz: he had it coming *she even smiles*
Ashgaz: *Some fell grip holds me*
Khamul: Yes, he did, the fool, but he will yet live for many days
Khamul: We have ways
Khamul: *His thoughts go to Ashgaz. Then I will take you back to my room, if that will make you rest better*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz nods and smiles gratefully*
Khamul: *he turns his attention from Madurz, walks over to the couch where Ashgaz lies*
Khamul: *And as gently as he can, he picks Ashgaz up*
Khamul: Come my lady, I will take him to my room, where there is an antechamber for him
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz rests his head against Khamul's shoulder*
Khamul: *He carries Ashgaz to the door, which now will open at his command of thought*
Khamul: *He thinks.... Aye.... I can now do what the Witch-King can do*
Khamul: *He thinks of the feel of the ring hanging from his neck against his skin*
Madurz: *she looks at the door which opens at his will and smiles thinking of how his power grows with the ring*
Khamul: Come my lady, we must put my servant to bed
Madurz: *she follows him*
Khamul: *he goes down the hall and watches almost in amazement as the door to his quarters opens at his command*
Madurz: *her eyes widen at his newfound power*
Khamul: *Takes Ashgaz to his small antechamber and places him upon the bed*
Khamul: Now my servant, will you be in peace?
Ashgaz: Yes, thank you
Khamul: *He thinks upon the powers which he had lost when Sauron took the ring... and says to himself, no longer will I be called "Khamul the incompetent".. and he smiles*
Madurz: *she turns to Khamul and strokes his face*
Khamul: Then, rest small wraithling, and .... *he pauses long here* ... Thank you for saving my life
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz smiles warmly--he needed to hear that*
Khamul: *Though he regrets saying it as soon as he says it, for it is weakness in his mind*
Khamul: My dear lady, your touch is most welcome
Khamul: *he wills the door to Ashgaz' room to be closed*
Madurz: *she takes his hand and makes him touch her face and smiles with cclosed eyes*
Madurz: as is your my love
Khamul: My lady, there is still orc blood on my hands
Khamul: Though it is dry
Madurz: i dont care
Madurz: is it blood that should have been spilt
Ashgaz: *Though still in pain, Ashgaz manages to sleep and no visions plague him this time*
Madurz: i would have done so myself
Khamul: *Unwilling to let Ashgaz know it, Khamul is satisfied for a change with Ashgaz*
Khamul: It is just blood. It will soon wear away
Khamul: it is a pity that Ashgaz is so weak, for there is much blood upon the floor
Khamul: *He calls the orcs outside guarding the room*
Khamul: *When they come in, he commands them to clean up the mess*
Madurz: *she looks to him* i hope his pain brought you much pleasure*she smiles*
Khamul: Now my lady, will you sit with me at my table?
Madurz: yes of course
Khamul: a little wine perhaps
Madurz: indeed
Khamul: *he tells the orcs who are cleaning the room to bring them wine and two glasses*
Khamul: *and hisses at them to hurry them*
Khamul: *when they see the blood, they know what it is*
Khamul: *One whispers to the other....* "At least it wasn't us!"
Madurz: my have regained power this night
Khamul: *They bring the wine and seem much more fearful than they usually do... and their service is faster*
Khamul: Yes, my lady, much more power
Madurz: i am glad for you
Khamul: It is an old power that has come back with my ring
Khamul: But you never knew me then
Madurz: *nods*
Madurz: no
Khamul: *the orcs pour them wine*
Madurz: *she takes the glass up and brings it to her lips*
Khamul: Did you not ever wonder why I am Second to the Chief?
Madurz: tell me
Khamul: *He lifts his wine glass and takes a sip of it. Satisfied that it is his favorite*
Khamul: Angmar is the most powerful of us
Khamul: He can do many things we cannot
Khamul: But I am next in power
Madurz: *smiles*
Khamul: And should my lord have the misfortune to fall, I would be in command. *He looks at his ring that she cannot see*
Khamul: However, though I was skilled in sorcery, I am much better in battle and lore
Khamul: I enjoy the fight
Madurz: you have always been so dedicated...your mind is do everything to the best of your ability
Madurz: i do not like it when the witch king spoke ill of you
Khamul: thank you my lady
Madurz: but that is his way i suppose
Khamul: It is true that I could never take Ash Nazg
Khamul: Though I sought for it for months
Madurz: you have come the closest
Khamul: And I made one mistake while I was searching. That mistake was Ashgaz
Khamul: *he reaches his hand over and finds hers*
Madurz: *she takes it lovingly and interlocks her fingers with his*
Khamul: And we did fail when we tried to take Baggins at Weathertop
Madurz: dwell not on this my love
Khamul: But I shall not linger over my defeats
Madurz: *smiles*
Khamul: I shall talk of the future
Madurz: yes the future
Madurz: my love all will be well
Khamul: when it is possible, we shall leave Lugburz
Khamul: And if my lady will do me the honor, she will come with me to Gondor
Madurz: i will go anywhere with you my love
Khamul: Where we are setting up base at the ruins of Minas Tirith
Madurz: anywhere at anytime
Khamul: From there, we shall wage war against those who are left
Madurz: yes my love
Khamul: *he sips his wine again*
Madurz: *she loses herself as she stares at him for long moments*
Khamul: sometimes I do think that the air here would not agree with mortals
Khamul: but it does not seem to have harmed you
Madurz: not one bit
Khamul: I shall be glad to leave here
Khamul: For I am eager to meet our enemies in battle
Khamul: And should there be time, there will be many prisioners
Madurz: yes *smiles* from the black blood of tritors to the red blood of enemies
Khamul: And we can have a bit of sport at our leisure
Khamul: In just a few weeks, we will be in Gondor
Khamul: Aldready the orcs are rebuilding the bridge at Osgilaith
Khamul: A strong bridge, a great bridge for armies and mumaks
Khamul: And trolls
Madurz: *she watches him fill with excitment as he speaks*
Khamul: The orcs are constructing temporary barracks even as we speak
Madurz: how my dearest love his battles *she smiles and goes to sit on his lap.still careful of his wound*
Khamul: But as yet, the scoundrel Aragorn has eluded our search

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