Ashgaz in the pit of Serpents
Witch-King Fire and Ice

Night of March 15

In the presence of Angmar, Ashgaz called upon the name of Elbereth Gilithonel in an attempt to aid the lady Eowyn, who was rapidly falling under Angmar's power. For this crime, Angmar cast a dark spell upon Ashgaz which cast Ashgaz's mind into a pit of serpents.

Khamul: *The snakes keep dragging Ashgaz ever deeper into the earth...*
Khamul: *into the mountains behind the dark tower...*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *he sends a thought message to Khamul* I'll never come between the Nazgul and his prey again!
Ashgaz in snake pit: I'll never blaspheme again!
Ashgaz in snake pit: I promise!
Khamul: Ashgaz, you ask too much of me for if I incur the Witch-KIng's wrath I might have to join you in the pit
Ashgaz in snake pit: You do not have to incur his wrath!
Khamul: because he is feeling quite powerful right now after his conquest of Rohan
Ashgaz in snake pit: You can just suggest it, and leave it to his wisdom
Khamul: he has not been this proud since the old days in Carn Dum
Khamul: I do not suggest trifle matters to my master
Ashgaz in snake pit: *sobs rise out of the pit*
Madurz: *she paces around...and nears Khamul*
Ashgaz in snake pit: Is it a trifle to be deprived of servants?
Khamul: *Khamul can hear the sounds of Ashgaz screams*
Khamul: *and ignores them*
Madurz: *this one time she does not feel pity for Ash for his reasons for him being there was to spare the lady*
Khamul: And now the Witch-King has vowed that soon even Valinor will tremble
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Wails are still heard rising from the pit*
Khamul: *he senses a snake as it curls around ashgaz*
Khamul: *its coils tighten and then relax*
Khamul: *ever drawing him down into the earth*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *calls plaintively* Master!
Khamul: *two snakes coil around him, one of fire and the other of ice*
Ashgaz in snake pit: Master! I beg you! Please help me out of here!
Madurz: *the screams become a muffled background to her own thoughts thats she slips into*
Khamul: *in the bizzare strange world of the spirits, one snake rises up and turns into a firey balrog*
Khamul: *engulfs him in smoke and fire... steam rises*
Khamul: *in the spirit world ashgaz thinks of every pleasant thought that he ever had in his life as peter bracegirdle*
Khamul: *but then the balrog withers each pleasant thought as it forms in his mind*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *marvels at the sheer cruelty*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *redoubled screams from the pit*
Khamul: *then while still in the embrace of the balrog he sees his fiancée writhing in the coils of one of the serpents of chain, fire and ice*
Khamul: *and his mother, who keeps screaming "my son, my son, my son, where are you!"*
Khamul: *the snake with glowing redish green eyes open wide its mouth*
Madurz: *Ash's cries become louder then fade as she puts them out of her own mind*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *When he reaches the phantoms of his mother and fiancee he finds only thin air*
Khamul: *the serpent's tongue lash out flames of fire*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *He realizes they were conjured by the Witch King*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *and is glad they were not real*
Khamul: *and then the teeth draw his mother down into its throat*
Khamul: *he hears one last scream from his mother....*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *but he cannot think clearly in the mist of such terrors*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *keeps repeating to himself* It's not real, it's not real, it's not real.
Khamul: *but Ashgaz can do nothing for the balrog holds him in a firey embrace*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *But the balrog sure feels real.*
Khamul: *and then another one of the serpents looks at ashgaz' fiancee...*
Khamul: *and then the vision is taken from ashgaz' mind*
Madurz: *she wonders what horrors Ash is facing but her disappointment written on her face at the thought that he supports those who wish to doom us all*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz breathes a momentary sigh of relief before being seared in the balrog's flames yet again*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *wishes he were mortal so that this could kill him and be over*
Khamul: *khamul senses what is happening to his page, and is only glad that he did not anger Sauron himself.... again*
Khamul: *for his fate would be far much worse than that of Ashgaz*
Khamul: *for Ashgaz was only disgrace before the Witch-King and not before Sauron*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz stops himself from wondering what could be worse for fear of finding out*
Khamul: *khamul answers his thought with another... there are far worse things that can happen in the spirit world than what ashgaz has beheld*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz shudders and sends up another plea for help*
Khamul: *Khamul senses that the Witch-king is pleased with his new toy, the maiden from Rohan*
Khamul: *and he is thinking nothing of Ashgaz*
Khamul: *and has forgotten about him for the moment*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *consoles himself with the thought* Master will get me out. I am of no use to him here. He will turn the witch king's thoughts to me.
Khamul: *Khamul is mildly disappointed..... that now he will have to call upon orcs to get him his wine*
Ashgaz in snake pit: Master would not want to embarrass himself by having clumsy, rude orcs serve the lady.
Khamul: *Khamul thinks that the lady Madurz would be too frightened at the sight of orcs bringing wine*
Khamul: *and revolted at their smell*
Madurz: *she looked to Khamul who seemed to be looking back at her*
Khamul: *but khamul is lost in his many thoughts*
Khamul: *and communes with the spirits that she cannot see*
Khamul: *Khamul reflects that it would be better to have someone of higher bearing for a servant than far lesser orcs*
Madurz: *he remains silent and looks away from her...lowering her head she begins to pace again....unnerved about the lady but still pleased with their victory*
Khamul: *and sends an humble petition to the Witch-king to unbind ashgaz and free him from the pit*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz senses the petition and his screams cease in a brief moment of relief*
Khamul: *the Witch-king does not want to be bothered at this moment and shuts his mind to Khamul*
Khamul: *and khamul turns back to more important matters... the lady madurz*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Then the fires sear him again and more horrible screams rise from the pit*
Madurz: *looks back over to him again when he seemed to be focused on her*
Madurz: everything alright?
Khamul: Yes, my lady, everything is quite fine
Madurz: *nods* good then
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witch-king hears Khamul's humble petition for Ashgaz*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and is highly irritated*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he is in his room, trying to have a bit of sport with Eowyn*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and now he must turn his thoughts to incompetent Khamul's incompetent pages*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz feels the fire grow hotter*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *He begins to despair of ever being freed from the pit*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he stalks from his room, leaving Eowyn in shock and horror, and walks towards the pit muttering horrible curses in Aduniac and Black Speech*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *hears the Witch King's curses*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *quakes in terror*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *huddles in the darkest corner of the pit*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he goes to Khamul's apartment and commands the door to open with a mighty crash*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the door is of iron and crumbles as it slams against the wall*
Witch-King of Angmar: *stalks into the room and stares at Khamul*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz feels as though he were struck with a mighty blow*
Khamul: *Khamul cowers*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *senses Khamul's fear*
Madurz: *at the sound..jumps up and clings to the wall*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he says angerly* Khamul, you have been a fool and you will always be a fool
Ashgaz in snake pit: *He fears for Khamul*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witchking tells Khamul* once again Khamul you will be in my debt
Witch-King of Angmar: And thus has it always been. you are a blind, incompetent fool, who fears the light and the water
Madurz: *knowing very well this was the witch king..others might not be able to tell...but she did....and she looks to Khamul and looks back to the witch king*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *He senses mounting tension*
Witch-King of Angmar: And you stumble in the daylight like a blind beggar
Ashgaz in snake pit: *the snakes all raise their heads and listen for the Witch King's voice*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Khamul cowers*
Madurz: *his words affect her*
Witch-King of Angmar: Now, you, Khamul, former king of a wretched country of whom no one ever heard, ask me of an entreaty???
Khamul: *khamul falls to his knees and pleads* Great lord of Morgul, your humble servant begs your pardon
Ashgaz in snake pit: *feels gripped by a terrible fear*
Madurz: *was the witch king with Eowyn...this interruption displeases him that much...she was sad this was their first meeting*
Khamul: but would you have one of your own without a servant?
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witch-king pays scant heed to the woman*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *realizes that Khamul is begging for his release on his knees*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *his eyes widen in wonder*
Madurz: *her eyes are fixed on him*
Khamul: Oh master of the wraiths, turn not your wrath upon me your humble servant Khamul
Ashgaz in snake pit: *He feels the beginning of a genuine loyalty to Khamul*
Khamul: *Khamul then falls prone on the floor as though in a trance*
Madurz: *her eyes move to Khamul then back to the witch king*
Madurz: *searches for words*
Khamul: *Khamul begins to wail plaintively*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *but then he remembers the Shire and screams as the Witch King sends another wave of fire*
Madurz: *her eyes well with tears*
Khamul: *then Khamul lies there soundless*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *He hears Khamul wailing and is alarmed*
Madurz: *she gasps*
Madurz: Khamul!?
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witch-king then turns his attention to the woman, temporarily forgetting Eowyn in his apartment*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *the telepathic connection to his master falls silent*
Madurz: my lord....
Madurz: *she hasnt uttered those words to him in ages*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz frantically tries to climb the walls of the pit*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witch king says... for your cause, Ashgaz, your master Khamul is in torment*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witch-king starts thinking about the woman near him*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz answers* Oh, my lord, why torment him? He has not angered you!
Witch-King of Angmar: *that thought passes from the Witch-king's mind and he thinks of Ashgaz*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Ashgaz, feeble servant of Khamul... you both have angered me greatly*
Madurz: *she felt his thoughts fixed on her and it caught all words in her thraot*
Madurz: *when he stops thinking of her she turned her head to Khamul*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witch-king seems in a controlled anger*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witch-king says... you both dare ask a boon of me*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz pleads* My lord, has not your anger found vent against me?
Witch-King of Angmar: *and I am in no mood to grant boons*
Witch-King of Angmar: *for your master Khamul has disturbed my thoughts*
Madurz: my lord....
Madurz: *nears him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he turns to the woman*
Madurz: perhaps it is my fault...
Madurz: i do not think Khamul wanted to be without a servant because of me
Madurz: because he didnt want orcs to serve me.
Witch-King of Angmar: Woman of mortal flesh, Khamul is a fool
Madurz: *her eyes narrow a bit at his title for her*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz sends another message* My lord, perhaps you might wish to free us in order to show your goodness and worthiness of power...
Witch-King of Angmar: So woman, what is it you ask of me since tonight seems to be a night of favor asking?
Ashgaz in snake pit: ...and to celebrate your recent victory?
Witch-King of Angmar: *sends a thought to ashgaz in the pit*
Witch-King of Angmar: *I WAS celebrating my victory!!*
Madurz: actually...i had none...but now..i have 2
Madurz: i wasnt expecting your arrival here tongiht.
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz replies* I am humbly sorry, my lord. I apologize. You are right, I am the most incompetent of servants.
Witch-King of Angmar: *and you worthless slave of Khamul have disturbed me from relishing in my victory*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he turns to the woman* Woman, you dare disturb the peace of Mordor?
Witch-King of Angmar: Who are you anyway that I should speak with?
Witch-King of Angmar: Other than another slave of Khamul?
Madurz: *she is confused*
Madurz: he doesnt recognize her?*
Witch-King of Angmar: *commands the serpents that coil themselves around ashgaz in the pit to draw him up and bring him forth*
Madurz: i am no slave
Witch-King of Angmar: Woman, I know you as nothing but Khamul's slave
Ashgaz in snake pit: *gasps as the serpents drag him up out of the pit*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *he squints at the light outside*
Madurz: *angered and feeling no fear she nears him more*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the serpents of the spirit world drag ashgaz into the room*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz collapses on the floor covered in serpents*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and says a word in aduniac that calls the serpents to begin to take form on the floor in front of the lady*
Madurz: *leans her face in close to his and whispers into his ear* i killed for you many many years ago
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, you forget your place. No mortal draws near me without my permission
Ashgaz in snake pit: *raises his head to thank the Witch King but is shocked to see the serpents in front of the lady*
Madurz: *shakes head*
Witch-King of Angmar: *nothing is seen of Ashgaz but the serpents writhe and hiss in front of the woman*
Madurz: *takes notice to the serpants but does not faulter*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he sees another victim now and the serpents drop ashgaz unseen upon the floor*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz' robes have been burned off and he is invisible except to the wraiths*
Witch-King of Angmar: For your impertience my lady you shall feel the serpents
Madurz: i know you remember...
Ashgaz in snake pit: *jerks up in alarm*
Witch-King of Angmar: *orders the serpents to approach the woman's feet and one begins to coil up her ankle*
Madurz: i came and folllowed you through these lifetimes...*her voice a loud cry now*
Madurz: *anger and sadness filling it*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *watches the serpent coil around the lady's ankle in horror* Oh my lord...please...*is afraid to continue*
Witch-King of Angmar: *but is all in woman's mind for the serpents exist not except in the spirit world.... a product of the black breath which causes visions*
Madurz: i spilled her blood for you...
Witch-King of Angmar: *he addresses the unseen form of Ashgaz*
Witch-King of Angmar: I pardon you for the sake of Khamul but only for that
Madurz: all of theirs
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witchking moves to ashgaz' unseen form*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *grovels before the Witch King* I thank you most humbly
Ashgaz in snake pit: and most profoundly
Madurz: *shuts her eyes tightly*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *quakes as the Witch King approaches*
Witch-King of Angmar: *reaches his hand over towards something on the floor and says* kiss my hand ashgaz in thankfulness for what I have done
Witch-King of Angmar: *the snake begins to inch up the lady's leg*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *looks at the Witch King's hand and briefly sees the Morgul blade extended over him again*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *but he shakes it off*
Witch-King of Angmar: *settling around both her knees and hissing*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *and kisses the hand*
Madurz: i pledged my love and loyalty to you in the days of past as i watch you fade
Ashgaz in snake pit: *and bows to the floor*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *shuddering*
Witch-King of Angmar: Now, knave, attend your master who lies grovelling on the floor
Ashgaz in snake pit: Yes, my lord
Witch-King of Angmar: Now, Ashgaz, trouble no more for your master must need you
Witch-King of Angmar: *the snakes wrapped around her knees now begin to inch up slowly*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *looks at Khamul with concern*
Witch-King of Angmar: *undulating and twisting as they go and wrap themselves around her waist*
Ashgaz in snake pit: Aye, my lord...I shall be no more trouble.
Madurz: *she breathes heavily*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *drags himself over to Khamul*
Madurz: *stands strong letting the memories try to control he mind rather than the snakes*
Witch-King of Angmar: *then he commands khamul to get up*
Witch-King of Angmar: *another snake of chains and ice forms on the floor and it begins to crawl slowly ever so slowly*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz feels relieved as Khamul gets up*
Madurz: *opens her eyes and stares at the witch king*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and suddenly it rears up upon its coils and looks into the lady's face, its tongue going in and out of its fell mouth*
Madurz: *stares at it*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the snakes wrapped around the woman's waist tighten their hold*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the snake facing her slowly moves back and forth in front of her and its eyes glow with an evil malice*
Madurz: *she stands strong and shuts her eyes again and thinks of the dance..although very hard*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and he says to the woman* do you enjoy the embrace of my pets?
Madurz: *trying so hard....she hums...tears streaming her cheeks*
Witch-King of Angmar: *one of the two snakes around her waist inches up and coils around her neck*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz feels pity for the lady and wishes he could help, but even if he could he has not the strength now*
Madurz: *she inhales and then opens her eyes to look at him*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *He bows to his master and thanks him repeatedly*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the snake in front of her brings its eyes and tongue right in front of her eyes and hisses*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the witch-king nods to ashgaz*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and ignores khamul*
Madurz: *she watches it but doesnt only sad*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the Witch-King looks at the lady.. he laughs*
Madurz: *looks beyond it and to the witch king*
Witch-King of Angmar: Treat my pets well my lady
Witch-King of Angmar: for it seems they have taken a liking to you
Witch-King of Angmar: Now shall I leave you with my pets?
Ashgaz in snake pit: *terrified at the Witch King's glance, Ashgaz impulsively throws his arms around Khamul's ankles and buries his face in the robe*
Madurz: do you want me to beg?
Witch-King of Angmar: *Khamul stirs barely, standing as if in a trance*
Madurz: you already know what you want to do no?
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, sometimes the begging wearies me
Witch-King of Angmar: So sing me a different song
Madurz: *she doesnt knwo if he doesnt remember her or just doenst care
Witch-King of Angmar: *the snake in front of her backs away but continues the swaying motion and hissing*
Madurz: i wouldnt beg anyway
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz notices that Khamul is in a trance*
Witch-King of Angmar: *sends a thought to Khamul and Ashgaz... I have treated you mercifully this night though you vex me much*
Witch-King of Angmar: *now Khamul and Ashgaz, what should I do with this woman?*
Madurz: i waited for you to come to me but not like this...never did i think you would approach me like this
Witch-King of Angmar: *the snakes wrapped around the woman first feel like fire and then like ice*
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz replies* Great Lord of the Nazgul, you have shown your greatness tonight
Ashgaz in snake pit: I ask that you continue to show it
Witch-King of Angmar: *he tells ashgaz* The Lord of the Nazgul is always great, merciful and just
Ashgaz in snake pit: *Ashgaz replies* Of course
Witch-King of Angmar: Was I not merciful to the men of Arnor?
Witch-King of Angmar: Did not most of them die quickly?
Ashgaz in snake pit: Aye, my lord
Madurz: *looks to him*
Ashgaz in snake pit: But people sometimes forget your mercy, ungrateful as they are
Ashgaz in snake pit: Let them glorify you again when they see how you treat this lady
Witch-King of Angmar: All are ungrateful wretches, just like this woman before me now
Madurz: *she grits her teeth*
Madurz: ungrateful?
Ashgaz in snake pit: But few so beautiful as she
Witch-King of Angmar: Never should I have given her to my servant Khamul
Ashgaz in snake pit: You would not want to mar her perfection with the tortures you have inflicted on me?
Witch-King of Angmar: Ashgaz, do you think me a fool? I can see better than your master. I know she is beautiful
Ashgaz in snake pit: Of course, my lord
Witch-King of Angmar: Ashgaz, and you and all the Eight are weaklings
Ashgaz: Yes sir, we are at your mercy
Witch-King of Angmar: You fear water, you fear fire, you cannot stand the daylight
Witch-King of Angmar: You are all are a bane to me with your incompetence
Witch-King of Angmar: Now I would lash you with whips of fire would the Great Sauron permit it
Ashgaz: *cringes and fights back tears* I am sorry, my lord, and I regret being such a burden.
Witch-King of Angmar: You all have angered me greatly tonight!
Ashgaz: *cowers on the floor*
Witch-King of Angmar: Hundreds, nay almost thousands of years have I fought the men of the West
Witch-King of Angmar: Sometimes winning and sometimes feeling the bitter taste of defeat
Witch-King of Angmar: and on this one night of victory you BRING me here to ask a favor?
Witch-King of Angmar: And now you ask me to free the woman of the serpents!
Ashgaz: My lord, in your clemency be pleased to forgive our great transgession
Madurz: my lord....
Witch-King of Angmar: Ashgaz you know I hate these mortals with all the passion that is within me!
Ashgaz: and let your great clemency shine forth as your greatness on the battlefield
Witch-King of Angmar: And I will slay every last one before I am through!
Madurz: how could you say that?
Witch-King of Angmar: How could I say that!
Madurz: *angered now and seing beyond the serpent in front of her*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sends a thought to the lady* I am sorry, but whatever was between you, he does not remember
Witch-King of Angmar: They have all vexed me long and this one night of such great triumph you disturb me for trivial matters?
Witch-King of Angmar: I should kill this woman right now!
Ashgaz: *sends her another thought* It is very dangerous to push him further
Witch-King of Angmar: And send you ashgaz back to the serpents forever
Ashgaz: *finishes his message to the lady* It is the Ring...whoever you knew no longer exists
Madurz: my lord...
Witch-King of Angmar: *he hisses at the woman*
Ashgaz: *hides behind Khamul in terror*
Madurz: *flahes look to Ash then looks back to him*
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, do you think me a mortal who is easily swayed by the words of humans?
Madurz: i care not to sway you
Madurz: only ask you to remember
Witch-King of Angmar: *ignores Ashgaz and Khamul and turns his full attention to the woman*
Witch-King of Angmar: Woman, I fought a battle yesterday, a great battle. I have had a great victory
Witch-King of Angmar: And now you and my servant Khamul seem eager to wrest this victory from my hand
Madurz: i don't fear you *her voice calm* i know..
Madurz: lord..i understand
Madurz: *her memories begin to flood her now being so close to him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he commands his serpents to release their binds upon her but in their place in her thoughts there forms a great dragon in front of her*
Madurz: *this jars her from her thoughts*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and the dragon grows huge before her eyes*
Madurz: why do you try to frighten me?
Witch-King of Angmar: *and spews from its mouth crystals of ice that cover her*
Ashgaz: *sends a warning to the lady* It is futile! He cannot remember. Do not make him angrier--you are in danger
Witch-King of Angmar: *then suddenly the dragon disappears before her eyes*
Witch-King of Angmar: *somehow the Witch-king seems satisfied*
Madurz: *she shivers and keep her gaze on him now*
Witch-King of Angmar: *but the ice crystals seem to cling to the lady's skin*
Madurz: *she pales and her lips turn blue*
Madurz: my lord...
Witch-King of Angmar: *in thoughts Ashgaz feels gentle snowflakes falling upon him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and then winds from the East swirl up and mound the gentle snowflakes in heaps upon Ashgaz and Khamul and they are cold*
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, what do you want of me?
Madurz: *she remembers his fits he used to go through when he was fading into darkness...she imagines it magnified through the long long years and sighs*
Madurz: *she came so far*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he commands the thoughts of Khamul and Ashgaz to fall into a cold and deep dark sleep*
Madurz: *for only a smile now after Gandalf got to her*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz has found his master in the snow and falls asleep next to him*
Witch-King of Angmar: I have left one woman tonight to attend to Khamul's prattle
Madurz: *tries not to let her ill will of her show and just looks to him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the snow that now mounds high upon Khamul and Ashgaz grows ever higher but no light of stars shine their rays there*
Madurz: *looks over to Khamul*
Witch-King of Angmar: Now must I be vexed no end by more prattle?
Witch-King of Angmar: By Melkor, I allow you to remain with Khamul. Is that not enough!
Madurz: of course it is...i always was grateful
Madurz: just wasnt sure how our first meeting would be
Witch-King of Angmar: What do you want of me now?
Witch-King of Angmar: only because of my patience with Khamul do I allow you to stay with him, and what are you but a mortal!
Witch-King of Angmar: What am I? One of those spirits in the legends of Khamul's people that grant wishes?
Madurz: i guess nothing in actuality....but as someone who traveled this earth for lifetimes for you
Witch-King of Angmar: Woman, Khamul calls you Madurz
Witch-King of Angmar: Why has he honored you this way?
Witch-King of Angmar: *upon the mound of snow that buries Ashgaz and khamul, more snow flakes begin to fall*
Madurz: my you really not know me?
Ashgaz: *In the room, Khamul has collapsed into a chair and fallen asleep; the unseen Ashgaz lies at his feet*
Witch-King of Angmar: I know this. You are one of the Edain, a mortal woman
Witch-King of Angmar: Like the Princess of Rohan
Witch-King of Angmar: Should I know you?
Madurz: do you remember of yourself at all as king?
Witch-King of Angmar: Woman, I will try to be patient with you for I know your kind
Witch-King of Angmar: And out of some degree of honor for Khamul your master
Madurz: i do not know how to make you remember
Witch-King of Angmar: Only this I know
Witch-King of Angmar: *but he almost spits the words out at her* Yes, I rememebr. I was king of Angmar!
Witch-King of Angmar: Lord of many spirits, master of ice and snow
Madurz: *she then smiles lightly*
Witch-King of Angmar: Destroyer of the kingdom of Arnor
Witch-King of Angmar: What I was before that
Witch-King of Angmar: I do not need to remember
Madurz: i was with you when you had your ring
Witch-King of Angmar: There were many then and I cannot remember all of them
Witch-King of Angmar: do you think me an ent that can remember everything!
Witch-King of Angmar: Now you mock me!
Madurz: i am sorry
Madurz: no
Madurz: my point is this...
Witch-King of Angmar: I am not weak Khamul
Madurz: to serve the Dark Lord..and the Nazgul..has been my destiny
Witch-King of Angmar: Who sleeps now like an idiot and drooling upon himself
Madurz: we shared a life together...killed together..
Witch-King of Angmar: I cannot remember you
Madurz: *content to know Khamul is unharmed so she continues*
Madurz: perhaps not...but i have come back...bound to you and your love it has brougth me here..
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, you brought me from savoring my victory over Rohan and now you try to remind me of my past!
Madurz: i celebrate too...
Witch-King of Angmar: Woman, servant of Khamul, I had other plans to celebrate
Madurz: i searched endlessly for you..
Witch-King of Angmar: *he seems to be getting angry again*
Madurz: *angered by this woman when she tries to talk*
Witch-King of Angmar: Perhaps you would like to join Khamul in the snow? *He laughs wickedly*
Madurz: go then *waves hand to him and turns her back to him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *in her mind she feels herself being cast into the snow with Khamul and Ashgaz*
Witch-King of Angmar: Find warmth there!
Madurz: *turns and grits her teeth*
Witch-King of Angmar: *she feels his eyes upon her back as though a hole was being drilled through her*
Madurz: *falls to her knees*
Witch-King of Angmar: *but still the visions of being trapped in the snow take root in the lady's mind*
Madurz: *she hears the music again*
Witch-King of Angmar: *but then suddenly the snow melts and turns into a flood and the lady is borne with it down the anduin*
Witch-King of Angmar: *but still in the background she hears faint music, lutes and nightengales*
Madurz: *her memories save her from fright*
Madurz: *they twirl*
Witch-King of Angmar: *then the floods receed and she is cast upon the banks*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and then in her mind this vision of a wind from the east picks her up*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and lets her slowly fall back into the snow*
Witch-King of Angmar: *she hears an echo of mocking laughter*
Madurz: *his mortal hands rake in her hair and the memory is ripped by his laughter*
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady who is called Madurz by Khamul, are you satisfied now?
Madurz: *she wasnt...not by any means...but was this torment to last?*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he stands there with his arms folded*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and watches her*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz feels another figure in the snow with him and Khamul, and the new figure glows with an intense heat that melts the snow around her*
Madurz: *she looked to his gloved hands*
Madurz: *then closes her eyes and almost smiles* i feel so much more in you than you can ever imagine
Witch-King of Angmar: *he says one word in aduniac.... dolgu*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and with that one word he commands that all traces of black breath leave her*
Witch-King of Angmar: Now, Madurz, you should have your senses back
Ashgaz: *only he and Khamul are left in the snow*
Witch-King of Angmar: And your wits
Madurz: *nods*
Witch-King of Angmar: Now you can speak as you will
Witch-King of Angmar: you are under no enchantment
Witch-King of Angmar: For if we lay a spell so we can break it
Madurz: i speak truth
Madurz: even when i saw the serpents
Witch-King of Angmar: I also know this. My servant Khamul enjoys your company
Madurz: *smiles*
Witch-King of Angmar: Now my lady, can you give me just one reason why I should remain here?
Witch-King of Angmar: And leave Eowyn of Rohan to weep for me?
Madurz: *she tries not to think of Eowyn*
Madurz: do not punish me for what i say...
Witch-King of Angmar: I will not punish you
Madurz: but the lady you lucky to not have crossed paths with me before her capture..for her intent i would have her blood
Witch-King of Angmar: *he laughs* my lady, you think I need protection from a woman?
Madurz: i dont know...i feel unsettled by her
Madurz: i hate her
Witch-King of Angmar: There is nothing mortal man can do to me
Madurz: still my lord...does not wish to anger him*
Witch-King of Angmar: I do not fear them so why should you?
Witch-King of Angmar: *a few more snowflakes fall upon ashgaz and khamul*
Madurz: perhpas my feelings are silly then..
Witch-King of Angmar: *but now the snowflakes begin to melt*
Madurz: i remember you well...more so now aht i stand here with you
Witch-King of Angmar: *into a gentle spring of morgul flowers*
Madurz: more than ever
Witch-King of Angmar: *and all traces of snow vanish from the thoughts of Ashgaz and Khamul*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the spell has been lifted and they are once again free*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz opens his eyes and blinks*
Madurz: *looks to Khamul then the witch king*
Ashgaz: *He tries to get up but winces and remembers the snake pit*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the witchking says to both Khamul and Ashgaz.. keep your places henceforth lest ye be troubled once again by spells*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz replies* Aye, my lord.
Madurz: *she didnt think their meeting would be like this..and perhaps he remembered nothing nor cared to...
Witch-King of Angmar: All right my lady, since you have spoiled my victory, tell me why I should remember you
Madurz: but she remembers and at last she saw him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *bids Khamul and Ashgaz to have peace for a while*
Witch-King of Angmar: Why of all the many thousands of mortals and elves should I remember you, one among many?
Madurz: i appologize for spoling...perhaps the time is far too long ago for you to remember
Ashgaz: *With relief he realizes the pain has left him*
Witch-King of Angmar: Fair Eowyn sleeps now
Witch-King of Angmar: And I have given peace to Khamul and Ashgaz
Ashgaz: *His head falls exhausted onto Khamul's lap*
Madurz: you and i shared a limitless love...but if you do not asked me...
Witch-King of Angmar: Now I will listen to your words my lady
Ashgaz: *He hears his master take a deep breath and is content that he is unharmed*
Madurz: you asked me to kill your be her handmaiden...
Madurz: so i did that...and hid our love till the task was done..
Witch-King of Angmar: *commands ashgaz to think of nothing but victory*
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, when was this?
Witch-King of Angmar: for I have no recall
Madurz: shortly after you were given your gift
Ashgaz: *sees the battlefield of Pelennor and the troops celebrating the victory*
Madurz: we loved to dance
Witch-King of Angmar: *sends Ashgaz a thought... soon the disgrace of Gondor will be complete and next will be Rohan*
Witch-King of Angmar: Dance, my lady? I cannot remember any dance
Ashgaz: *sees the White City in flames*
Madurz: it was very long ago
Madurz: i do not expect that
Ashgaz: *sees Eowyn being carried to the Houses of Lamentation*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and the mighty battering ram of Grond destroying its once great gate*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and the Witch-king carrying Eowyn in one arm and the head of Theoden in the other*
Witch-King of Angmar: *upon his fell beast flying towards mordor*
Madurz: after i killed your wife to be with you...our love slowly became known...but you were fading..
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady you talk of things of old, things that could bring me pain
Ashgaz: *His natural reaction is horror, but the morgul poison and his fear of the Witch King vie to crowd it out*
Madurz: i do not wish that
Witch-King of Angmar: My master, Lord Sauron, has taken all the thoughts of the past from me in his mercy
Madurz: i understand...
Madurz: but it did not escape destiny...
Madurz: my bond to you and the my Lord...
Madurz: to the Nazgul...
Ashgaz: *He looks up at his master and by the light in his eyes knows that Khamul is seeing the same things, but relishing them*
Madurz: i died a mortal death...a memory i cannot yet remember...
Witch-King of Angmar: *Minias Tirith totally in ruins.... southern Gondor destroyed by the corsairs of umbar..... the forests of Lothlorien in flames.... Dale, Erebor and Mirkwood under seige.... orcs everywhere and easterligns and southrons pillaging as they go*
Madurz: but i came back..i was reborn..lifetime after lifetime..given the chance over and over to ifind you..
Witch-King of Angmar: Madurz, did you wish to find me to bring me pain?
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz starts with an audible gasp when he sees Mordor's forces reach the Shire*
Madurz: but it was this lifetime that drew me closer than ever..
Madurz: no my lord.
Ashgaz: *Khamul looks down at him and raises his eyebrows; Ashgaz hides his face from the Witch King*
Madurz: i am only telling you of my undying loyalty
Witch-King of Angmar: *Isengard will be controlled by the Mouth of Sauron... and all of Saurman's forces will be under control of Mordor.... marching ever closer to the Shire....*
Witch-King of Angmar: Woman I know your loyalty to Khamul
Madurz: i aimed to find you....feelings that tormented me..i wanted to love you many nights i wept...i searched for your love...
Witch-King of Angmar: through Khamul and your oath to Mordor you are loyal
Witch-King of Angmar: as I know you woudl fear to do otherwise
Ashgaz: *Kneeling on the floor next to Khamul, Ashgaz shakes in torment*
Madurz: but it was for you in the beginning..i never feared you...not at all..
Madurz: none of the Nazgul....
Madurz: it is my destiny...
Madurz: it was all for you until my feelings were stripped by Gandalf
Witch-King of Angmar: *and the ring.... the ring that was thought to be lost for all the centuries.... the thought comes to ashgaz that the dark lord's forces have found it and it is on his hand......*
Madurz: but the memories remained....
Witch-King of Angmar: *in this vision of ashgaz and khamul.... this is the victory that is seen*
Witch-King of Angmar: *but not all of it is yet come to pass*
Madurz: if not for Gandalf i would never love Khamul...i would be striving for your love..
Witch-King of Angmar: *he unfolds his arms*
Ashgaz: *Khamul is radiant at the thought of this victory*
Witch-King of Angmar: *takes off a glove and commands her to touch his hand*
Ashgaz: *but Ashgaz is rocking back and forth on the floor in distress*
Witch-King of Angmar: Touch but one of my fingers and perhaps I can remember you
Madurz: *she moves closer and withhout hesitation or fear and reaches out to him*
Madurz: *she takes his whole hand instead*
Witch-King of Angmar: *in ashgaz vision already he can see the orcs drinking all the fine ales in the prancing pony*
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, remember, no mortal flesh shall ever touch my hand unless I give permission, but so I have given it to you
Witch-King of Angmar: *....and dancing upon tables with drunken eyes and gaping mouths*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz clutches the hem of Khamul's robe to steady himself, remembering how Khamul saved him earlier; Khamul rolls his eyes*
Madurz: *she inhales and closes her eyes and interlocks her fingers with his*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he can hear the wild orcish drinking songs*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he can see the fear on the barmaids' faces as they look into the leering eyes of the orcs....*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he tells the lady* I sense warmth there, I sense blood flowing
Witch-King of Angmar: *and the war moves to the east march, and the east farthing...*
Witch-King of Angmar: But my lady, I sense little else....
Witch-King of Angmar: *he laughs and says* I suppose this proves you are a mortal
Madurz: *opens her eyes and looks to him and nods slowly releasing his fingers*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and soon the whole shire is overrun with orcs and evil men*
Ashgaz: *Through his jarring thoughts Ashgaz sends a message to the Witch King*
Madurz: to hold your hand was a favor i was going to ask of you..
Witch-King of Angmar: There is no memory of you my lady, none at all
Ashgaz: *My lord...your punishment is...just...but...*
Madurz: and now that you have granted it...thank you
Witch-King of Angmar: Did I kill you at one time?
Witch-King of Angmar: is that why I should remember you?
Madurz: *sakes head* no
Witch-King of Angmar: Were you a particuarlly enjoyable sport, my lady?
Madurz: we were in love
Witch-King of Angmar: That is mostly all I Can remember
Witch-King of Angmar: *sends a thought to ashgaz... but...?*
Ashgaz: *...but I will not be serve my master.....*
Ashgaz: *I have no strength left* *he collapses on the floor*
Witch-King of Angmar: *sends another thought to him... why not?*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he sends another thought, then rest*
Witch-King of Angmar: *let your master give you some wine*
Ashgaz: *Khamul receives the Witch King's command*
Witch-King of Angmar: *The Witch-King turns away from her*
Madurz: *she lowers her head*
Witch-King of Angmar: *bids Ashgaz to continue serving Khamul*
Madurz: *looks to Khamul then back to the witch king*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he walks to the crumbled entryway*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sends back a message of assent*
Witch-King of Angmar: *kicks some rubble aside and walks through the doorway*
Madurz: *tries to wipe the flooding memories away*
Witch-King of Angmar: *The Witch-King says as he leaves*
Witch-King of Angmar: *a curse in black speech...* I will not forget the interuption of the celebration of my victory... and my wrath will follow on all of these my servants in the future should they ever stray one bit
Witch-King of Angmar: *they can hear the heavy footsteps of the witch-king stalking away*
Witch-King of Angmar: *until there is nothing left but an echo*
Madurz: *she moves over to Khamul and embraces him*
Khamul: *he weakly embraces her back*
Khamul: *Khamul seems in a daze*
Ashgaz: *raises his head to look at them but it falls back to the floor*
Khamul: *An echo of laughter somewhere far away falls upon their ears*
Khamul: *Khamul weakly picks ashgaz up by the hair of his head and sets him upon his feet*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz grabs the back of the chair to hold himself up*
Ashgaz: *and watches his master*
Khamul: *Khamul says* Now, do you understand a little bit more about what it is like to face the wrath of the Witch-King?
Khamul: and that is only a fraction of what the wrath of Sauron can be
Ashgaz: *Tears start into his eyes as he relives the ordeal they have all been through*
Ashgaz: *looks at Khamul*
Ashgaz: can I ever thank you?
Khamul: Then Ashgaz, hope that you never face Sauron when he is angry
Khamul: by bringing me the best wine when I command it
Khamul: by doing the tasks and missions I give to you and do them well
Ashgaz: I will try my best.
Khamul: and perhaps at times sing me a sing of the east and the wains
Khamul: a sad song
Khamul: for the Wainriders are no more
Ashgaz: Who were the Wainriders?
Khamul: Easterlings, like me
Khamul: They attacked Gondor many times
Khamul: and had the upper hand many times
Khamul: but were defeated at last and driven into the Dead Marshes
Ashgaz: *sits in the chair and listens to the story*
Khamul: and now many of them lie there
Ashgaz: How horrible!
Ashgaz: I believe I could spin a song about them
Khamul: and they too light candles with the other spirits who haunt that fen
Khamul: *khamul sits down on a nearby chair*
Khamul: *his spirit is exhausted*
Khamul: Sing of the brave wainriders and of the place they have little rest
Khamul: And sing of my people, the Easterlings
Khamul: Sing of us all and let your song be a sad one
Ashgaz: *pulls a lute out from a cabinet*
Ashgaz: Light that flickers in the water, in the skies, in our hearts
Ashgaz: Light that blocks out all other lights
Ashgaz: Light that is blacker than darkness
Ashgaz: A race of noble men, soldiers victorious and proud
Ashgaz: All who looked upon them marvelled
Ashgaz: Such beauty and grandeur inspired awe; no one ever thought it could be marred
Ashgaz: Glorious in victory, their forces defeated the White City
Ashgaz: The formidable fortress that boasted of invincibility
Ashgaz: Who would have predicted their end?
Ashgaz: For one day a foe met them, but they did not recognize it
Ashgaz: It was disguised as a friend and they threw away their trust
Ashgaz: They threw away their love
Ashgaz: their respect
Ashgaz: their nobility, their lives...
Ashgaz: They were smitten and deceived
Ashgaz: and no one could have foreseen it
Ashgaz: For the forces they trusted turned on them
Ashgaz: And they lie slaughtered under a veil of water
Ashgaz: And this once proud people gives their name to the Dead Marshes
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz looks around the room, takes a deep breath and begins the second stanza*
Ashgaz: *He sings with his eyes closed, picturing the images*
Ashgaz: Though dead in the Marshes, the spirits live on
Ashgaz: Though betrayed, they are still smitten by the dark power
Ashgaz: They light candles every night and the marsh becomes an eerie festival
Ashgaz: And the light has power...
Ashgaz: The power that made them forget themselves, misplace their trust
Ashgaz: It still shines, it still glows in a hundred places
Ashgaz: It glows in a city that knows not day
Ashgaz: It glows in a blade that knows not ordinary metal
Ashgaz: It glows in the eyes of the ensnared creatures.
Ashgaz: And we are as trapped as the wainriders in the marshes...
Ashgaz: We lose ourselves and we forget...
Ashgaz: And we can never go back
Ashgaz: *He whispers, his voice dying away* We can never go back.

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