The Justice of Angmar
May 2, 3019

Pushzog the loyal Mordor orc has reported to those on Top the treachery of Ashgaz and Bughrakh and the escape of the prisoners. Khamul is livid with anger and Angmar has long passed that point and has a deep, cold fury for both of them. The two accused wraithlings stand before Angmar, Khamul and two other wraiths, waiting for judgment

Angmar: *Angmar speaks first to Pushzog*
Bughrakh: *trembling he stands beside mr peter*
Angmar: Pushzog, since these two wretches stand before me, teach them manners. Rub these innsolent pups' noses in the ground!
Ashgaz: *They huddle close together, and Peter finds Sam's hand and squeezes it*
Bughrakh: *peter can feel sams hand trembling*
Pushzog: *his lips curls in satisfaction..his head still bears the mark of their treacherous ways*
Ashgaz: *Peter decides not to struggle...very much...the sooner he lets them punish him the sooner it will be over*
Pushzog: as you wish my Lord
Bughrakh: *oh how he wishes he were back in the shire*
Angmar: Pushzog, I have rendered them helpless. They are harmless against you
Angmar: Do as I say
Pushzog: *he moves over to them and reaches out his hands and grabs both of them by the backs of their necks*
Bughrakh: *cries out*
Ashgaz: *Peter's heart goes out to Sam. He remembers how terrified he was the first times he himself was punished.*
Angmar: Pushzog, do not be afraid of them. They cannot do anything now. They are my servants
Angmar: And I have ordered them to do nothing against you. Their bodies will obey me, whether their minds do or not
Pushzog: *he takes the one who hit him over the head and raises him up high in the air then slams him down on the floor....they were once his master*
Ashgaz: *Peter winces as Sam hits the ground*
Pushzog: *he takes the other ans raises Ashgaz to his face and remembers him to be the one who saved Khamul*
Bughrakh: *cries out again*
Bughrakh: *decides not to move*
Pushzog: such a shame *he slams him to the ground as well*
Angmar: Pushzog, enjoy this moment. It will never come again
Bughrakh: *is horrified for peters sake*
Angmar: Pushzog, this is your reward for reporting them
Pushzog: *looks to Angmar* what else will you have me do my Lord?
Ashgaz: *Peter is not sure whether to be encouraged or frightened*
Pushzog: *is in wonder of how hurt he wants them*
Angmar: Pushzog, nothing now. I will have something for you later.
Angmar: Now I will deal with them
Ashgaz: *He stays on the floor, motionless and expressionless, trying to brace himself*
Angmar: *He flips a coin to Pushzog* And you will see a promotion too
Ashgaz: *whispers to Sam* We will get through this
Bughrakh: *sam does likewise.... fearing for the worst*
Angmar: *Angmar enjoys seeing the wraithlings humbled by one they once commanded*
Pushzog: *smiles...was content with their knowledge of his level of dedication*
Angmar: But Pushzog, do not let this go to your head
Angmar: Now, Ashgaz. You were the leader in this
Pushzog: understood my Lord
Angmar: You are a disgrace. You are worthless
Ashgaz: *raises his head*
Ashgaz: *lowers it again*
Angmar: You have betrayed us for the sake of a mortal
Pushzog: *moves aside totally*
Angmar: You should be executed for this
Bughrakh: *fear goes through sams heart to think of peters fate at the hands of this fiend*
Ashgaz: *wonders how they can execute a wraithling..aren't we undead?*
Angmar: But since that lies not within our power, we will make you wish you were dead
Bughrakh: *sam begins shaking again*
Ashgaz: *He will not give them the satisfaction of seeing his fear, not until he can't help it*
Angmar: *Now Angmar says a few words in Numenorian*
Angmar: *The Wraithlings find themselves thrown in the air and then landing back upon the floor facing upwards*
Angmar: *And he brings this vision to both of their minds*
Angmar: * Pushzog is pleased at the gold he has been given and at the advancement of rank he has been given. He grins wickedly, savoring their fate.*
Angmar: *Both of them see in the vision.... It is a warm spring day and Arien smiles down on the happy group below.*
Angmar: *They can see themselves in the vision and they think they are part of what they see*
Angmar: *All nature is rejoicing after the long, cold winter. The blades of the cool, green grass are tossed by a gentle wind and they seem to be waving and beckoning all to sit upon them and relax in their coolness under the trees.*
Angmar: *He waits while the vision engulfs their minds*
Angmar: Now Ashgaz and Bughrakh, what do you see?
Angmar: Speak, both of you!
Ashgaz: *says hesitantly* It looks like the Shire
Bughrakh: i see a warm spring day, sir
Angmar: Do you enjoy what you see?
Ashgaz: I would, but I'm sure it will have a horrible end
Angmar: Speak! Impertient dog!
Angmar: You shall see more
Angmar: *Trees blossom forth in full bloom, promising the delights of fruit in the fall. The small wild flowers wave in the breeze as though tossing their heads in a merry song. Under the trees, a little brook gurgles and sings on its way to The Water.*
Angmar: *The grass feels cool on the feet of the five hobbits as they walk across it towards the creek.*
Angmar: *It is a day of outing for Peter Bracegirdle and his love Mary; Frodo, who has left Bag End and its books and dear uncle; and even Sam has left his garden for the day and hopes for a chance of a shy look at Rosie Cotton.*
Angmar: Now do you see it? Speak!
Bughrakh: *sam sees the vision and all looks well.. but he knows it is some trick conjured up to torture them*
Ashgaz: *quietly* I see it sir
Angmar: What do you see? Speak!
Ashgaz: I see all of us back in the Shire.
Angmar: Ashgaz, are you happy?
Angmar: Bughrakh, are you happy?
Ashgaz: Yes, sir, I was happy then.
Bughrakh: i dont rightly know what to make of it, sir...
Angmar: *They have gathered in a little glade near the creek. The girls have brought picnic hampers filled with everything dear to a hobbit's taste - mushrooms in abudance, cakes, pies, and delight of delights, coneys.*
Angmar: *Ample quanities of ale and mead have also been brought along to add to the festivity of the occasion.*
Bughrakh: *sam is reminded of the vision he saw wilst wearing the ring.... no no it is all false, just an illusion to torment him*
Angmar: Snaga, is it not a good moment for you?
Angmar: Do you not like the delightful visions I can bring to your minds?
Angmar: Speak!
Ashgaz: *Peter knows too that this will torture them in the end. He wishes the stroke would come already*
Bughrakh: *swallows* i do not know what to make of it sir
Angmar: Bugrakh, you knew what to make of things last night when you and your friend pulled this treachery
Angmar: And Ashgaz, has not your master Khamul taught you many things and this is how you have rewarded him?
Bughrakh: *sam does not want to appologize for doing what was right, and freeing those men*
Ashgaz: *starts an impassioned protest--but knows it will do no good, for Khamul hates him now*
Angmar: Ashgaz, you have been in authority!
Angmar: You have betrayed us!
Ashgaz: I meant no harm to Khamul, sir
Angmar: You have harmed us. You have allowed a criminal to go free!
Angmar: For this, you shall have more visions
Ashgaz: I...I suppose I have
Bughrakh: *tears come to his eyes.... he decides it is best to hold his tonuge*
Angmar: And you, Bughrakh, sought harm to our loyal servant, Pushzog *nods to Pushzog*
Ashgaz: I put him up to it, sir
Ashgaz: He wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been for me
Bughrakh: *sam hesitates not knowing what to say*
Pushzog: *bows to him then looks over to them both*
Angmar: Neither of you shall have authority ever again
Angmar: You shall have visions everlasting!
Angmar: *After enjoying a meal that would satisfy even the most hungry hobbit, the group goes to the creek to wade and splash.*
Angmar: *Peter helps Mary cross a narrow row of stones over the creek and they sit on the other side with their feet dangling in the water. Sam tries to stammer about the best ways to "raise taters" while Rosie surpresses a laugh.*
Angmar: *Frodo wades in the creek by himself, off a way from the others and looks down at the small fish that play there.*
Angmar: Ashgaz, do you not like seeing Mary?
Angmar: And Bughrakh, do you not enjoy the sight of your Rosie?
Ashgaz: *whispers* Yes sir...she is beautiful
Bughrakh: yes sir i like seeing them, but i know its all a vision and not real
Angmar: *Peter picks flowers and braids them in a chain and sets them upon Mary's head. Rosie splashes Sam in the face with water and then dances across the creek to Peter and Mary on the other side.*
Angmar: *Sam then joins them and on the other side picks flowers, braids them into another chain and shyly places them upon Rosie's head. Peter says to Mary, "Dear Mary, I have crowned you queen of the May!" and Mary giggles in happiness.*
Angmar: Ah, your dear ones. Have I not brought you happiness to see them once again?
Bughrakh: *the tears in his eyes now run down his cheeks... he feels nostalgic... but he knows it is all to torment him*
Ashgaz: *Peter is also succumbing to the visions in spite of himself*
Angmar: *Watching the small fish dart in the creek, Frodo follows them farther down the stream. In the shade under a giant tree, he stops and watches them and wonders, "How many different kinds of fish there might be in Middle Earth."*
Angmar: *Wondering if Bilbo has a book on it, his thoughts wander back to Bag End as his feet take him farther downstream.*
Angmar: *As he takes one step along the creek bottom, he feels his feet suddenly go out from under him and he finds that he is falling into deep water. "How can this be?" he asks. "The creek cannot be this deep here."*
Angmar: Ah, Frodo...... He is in the vision. Are you not glad to see him?
Bughrakh: this is mighty unnatural sir ....
Ashgaz: I hope that is not really happening to him, sir
Angmar: Ah, would you like the sight of what is happening to him now at this moment?
Bughrakh: *fear and anger go through him as he thinks of what could be happening to mr. frodo*
Ashgaz: Of course not. He's in deep water and he can't swim.
Angmar: *The vision goes on*
Angmar: *He sinks over his head and frantically tries to swim up, but he finds his feet are entangled in some kind of weed along the bottom and he cannot shake it free.*
Angmar: *The fish dart by his eyes as they swim by almost as though they were mocking him because he does not have fins. The current pulls him down farther down the stream.*
Angmar: *On the opposite shore, the thought hits Sam, "I haven't seen Master Frodo for a while. Where can he be?" He then calls Frodo's name, but there is no answer. Alarm crosses the faces of the hobbits.*
Angmar: *Peter says, "We must search for him. He must be lost." Indeed, farther down the stream, Frodo is lost. Fearful thoughts of how his parents died by drowning fill his frenzied mind.*
Angmar: *The water fills his lungs as he kicks frantically to free himself, but he cannot prevail. In his last efforts, his lungs expel the last remaining oxygen and he hangs there, suspended, trapped by weeds.*
Angmar: Have you seen enough?
Bughrakh: *sam is reminded of the time he himself almost drowned in the anduin* yes sir, no more
Angmar: Oh, Bughrakh, there is more.... much more
Ashgaz: *He knows it is a vision but the sight of Frodo drowning is still deeply disturbing*
Bughrakh: *mutters..* i feared as much..
Angmar: *The other four search one side of the bank and then the other, and then Mary says, "Look at those strange fish swimming. She seems hypnotized by the sight and soon all look at the fish as they play and dart in the water.*
Angmar: *Something calls to them.... "Frodo is down here... come and find him," and drawn against their will, they all enter the water and find themselves caught in the same dark pond as Frodo was and meet the same fate.*
Angmar: So, have you learned from your vision?
Ashgaz: *gasps coming out of the vision*
Bughrakh: *grits teeth... it is not real it is not real it is not real* yes sir
Angmar: Pushzog, you are very faithful and loyal
Angmar: You know Mordor rewards the faithful
Angmar: I only wish these two were still mortal so you could kill them
Pushzog: *he nods and grates a slow smile*
Pushzog: thank you my Lord..i wish the same
Bughrakh: *shudders... tears coming down his face... how he hates being here*
Angmar: *Angmar lets them continue looking at the vision*
Angmar: *The vision begins again*
Angmar: *Their fea's wander as ghosts upon Middle Earth, but they still feel they have bodies. Soon all of them find themselves lost in the dreadful Helcaraxe, the grinding ice that once lay between Aman and Middle-earth in the north of the world.*
Angmar: *The frigid air chills them in their wet clothes. The ice sighs and moans. One misstep and they are lost in the icy water forever. All are on different flows of ice. *
Angmar: * Frodo says, "Over here! Jump! We will be together" and watches in terror as Sam jumps and misses by mere inches. "Sam!!" Frodo screams but he hears nothing but the ice and it speaks with a fell voice.*
Angmar: *The ice that Peter and Mary are on divides in two and the grinding ice's cold currents drag them apart. Into the ice mist, Peter sees Mary and the look in her eyes is of pure terror. "Mary!"*
Angmar: Speak and tell me what you see!
Bughrakh: i see our horrible deaths, sir...
Angmar: Ashgaz, do you like what you see?
Bughrakh: *the vision leaves him shaken with horror and sadness... he cries some more*
Ashgaz: *his voice grates with hatred* It is horrible, sir
Angmar: Your dear Mary, once again after so long
Angmar: How touching, Ashgaz
Ashgaz: *glares at Angmar*
Angmar: Now, you will see the present......
Angmar: Sauron, our Master, gives me visions of what goes about
Ashgaz: *whispers to Sam* I'm sure it will be another horrible vision. I hope it isn't the real present!
Angmar: I see your friend Frodo hanging in chains
Bughrakh: oh you know i do too mr. peter but these devils only live to torment people
Ashgaz: *They see Frodo as he hung for six hours chained by the neck and wrists*
Angmar: Bughrakh, I see you are confused once again. Were you confused last night too?
Ashgaz: *unable to eat or sleep and barely able to breathe*
Bughrakh: *the horrible vision fills his mind...* poor mr. frodo! *he say out loud dispite himself*
Bughrakh: *bites lip... does not want to answer his question*
Angmar: Your treachery last night brought this upon him again!
Angmar: But surely you enjoy seeing your friend once again, though it is in a vision
Ashgaz: *wants to burst out with curses against all of Mordor*
Ashgaz: *barely restrains self*
Bughrakh: *barely auidable* i am sorry for mr. frodos sake, sir
Angmar: You have been very wicked, both of you
Ashgaz: Why do you not punish us? Why do you punish him?
Ashgaz: He has done nothing
Bughrakh: please do not hurt my master, sir. tell them to leave him alone
Angmar: Snaga Ashgaz, I hate all mortals. I hate you for defying me!
Ashgaz: I know
Ashgaz: I know you have always hated me
Bughrakh: yes, mr. frodo has done nothing... he is not responsible for the fix we have gotten ourselves into. he does not deserve our punishment
Ashgaz: *stops self from saying "and I have always hated you"*
Angmar: *Angmar knows every thought they think and hates them the more for it*
Angmar: Snagas, you know it is in my power to keep you here forever with one vision after another going through your heads
Angmar: Answer me!
Ashgaz: Yes, we know you have that power.
Bughrakh: we wouldn't like that, sir.
Ashgaz: *the thought fills him with terror*
Ashgaz: *He looks to Khamul*
Angmar: Or would you rather Sauron, your master, dealt with you?
Ashgaz: *but Khamul's face is hard*
Ashgaz: Oh, no, sir
Angmar: *Khamul can say nothing for he is before his superior, and he is controlled by his Ring, which fully posesses him*
Ashgaz: *He is sure that Sauron would be even worse*
Bughrakh: no sir
Angmar: Now you two.... You are worthless for anything.... anything!
Angmar: You are a curse to Mordor!
Ashgaz: *bows his head, breathing heavily*
Bughrakh: *feels a slight bit of happiness and hope to hear that he is a curse to mordor*
Angmar: *Angmar's eyes glow with a fiery light*
Ashgaz: *Peter wants to be a curse to Mordor as well...but Khamul and Madurz...*
Angmar: Do you both know I can give you worse visions!
Bughrakh: yes, sir i figure it would be in your power to do such a thing
Ashgaz: *strained whisper* Yes sir
Angmar: Do you both know that we can command your bodies against your wills to do whatever we tell them to?
Ashgaz: *Peter's head jerks up with a look of horror*
Ashgaz: *barely audible* Yes sir
Bughrakh: *gulps* yes sir i have heard that
Angmar: If I did not already know that you would somehow manage to fail, I would give you pleasant visions of cutting the hearts out of the men of Rohan and Gondor
Bughrakh: *shudders at that thought* no sir! that would be horrible
Ashgaz: *shudders*
Bughrakh: ...and besides we would fail somehow
Ashgaz: Our failure, sir, is that we cannot be cruel
Ashgaz: It is not in our nature
Angmar: *Looks at Bughrakh.... sends a fiery bolt at him in the spirit world*
Bughrakh: *reels in pain at the fiery bolt*
Ashgaz: *Peter catches him as he slumps*
Angmar: What I should do to you both is banish you and force you to wander throughout all of Middle Earth for eternity
Ashgaz: *looks to Khamul again with alarm*
Angmar: Or better still, send you to the Barrow Downs where your spirits would inhabit the bodies of the dead Cardolain!
Bughrakh: *clutches peter ..... remembers the barrow downs and the horrible experience he had there*
Ashgaz: Please, not do that, I beg you
Ashgaz: *tries to comfort Sam*
Bughrakh: oh no sir! that would be horrible, and unnatural.... we want no part in that
Ashgaz: *curses himself for begging*
Angmar: Our will would force you to posess the bodies of men dead for hundreds of years... Skeletons some of them
Angmar: Should I give you that for punishment?
Ashgaz: *shakes his head*
Ashgaz: I have heard that the barrow wights kill people
Ashgaz: You know we would fail in that
Bughrakh: the barrow downs is a horrible place, mr. frodo, mr. brandybuck, mr. took and i all went there, and barely escaped alive
Angmar: Both of you, do you even know what the Barrow Wights are?
Angmar: Speak if you know
Ashgaz: I do not know
Bughrakh: i have heard they were evil spirits, sir.... the tales of that place reach even to the shire and they make your blood run cold
Angmar: But curses! You still have your bodies!
Angmar: You are not even good for that!
Ashgaz: *sighs with relief*
Angmar: Useless!
Bughrakh: *is happy that he still has a body...... unbelivably happy*
Ashgaz: At one time...
Angmar: I accuse you both of being in league with the blasted wizard and the Valar! How you have done this, I do not know, but you have done it!
Ashgaz: my master Khamul thought I was a good house servant
Ashgaz: *tears start into his eyes remembering Khamul's past kindness to him*
Ashgaz: I do not know of which wizard you speak
Bughrakh: it is true, sir, that i know gandalf, but i have not seen him for months.... and i am just a simple halfling and do not know the valar
Ashgaz: and I have never sen the Valar
Ashgaz: We freed the prisoners on our own
Angmar: I do not believe you!
Ashgaz: and I admit it was my idea
Angmar: This is ome work of the accursed Valar that has brought you here to bring doom to us!
Ashgaz: and I made Sam---Bughnrakh help me
Ashgaz: No, sir
Ashgaz: That's not true
Bughrakh: we only know tales and stories of the valar
Ashgaz: We acted as hobbits last night
Ashgaz: that is all
Ashgaz: We cannot let go of our...hobbitness
Angmar: *What the Wraithlings do not know and will never know is that Angmar is almost afraid of them, becuase he truly believes that they are in league with the White Wizard and the Valar*
Bughrakh: no, sir, even though the morgul blades may have peirced our hearts the shire always stays with us
Bughrakh: we are a simple people... gardeners and farmers.... not warriors or... *he thinks murderers but says nothing... trails off*
Angmar: Rise now and face me!
Ashgaz: *Peter rises and helps Sam up*
Bughrakh: *is helped up... still holds peters hand and trembles*
Angmar: What should be your punishment!
Angmar: Speak!
Bughrakh: *looks to peter in alarm*
Ashgaz: *very confused...he did not expect this. Maybe it is another trick*
Ashgaz: I...I do not know, sir
Angmar: What would be fitting?
Angmar: For the crime of treachery?
Bughrakh: *sam gulps... does not knowhow to answer this*
Ashgaz: *Peter still does not believe they have committed any crime*
Ashgaz: *that they acted rightly in freeing the prisoners*
Ashgaz: *stammers, unsure what to say*
Angmar: Have you no tongue?
Ashgaz: You could...*swallows* put me back in the snake pit
Ashgaz: but just me
Ashgaz: because I made Sam do it
Bughrakh: punish me, sir, do not harm mr. frodo. leave him out of this. he has done nothing
Angmar: The snake pit! Is that what you want?
Ashgaz: No
Ashgaz: *Now Peter is shaking too*
Angmar: Your fate is determined already
Angmar: *He rises and stands as a grim judge*
Bughrakh: *shrinks to peters side, shaking more*
Angmar: *He waits, enjoying their discomfort*
Ashgaz: *puts his arm around Sam*
Ashgaz: *They huddle together*
Angmar: You, Ashgaz and Bughrakh.....
Bughrakh: *fears the pronouncement of doom.... feels slightly faint...*
Angmar: For the treachery and betrayal that you committed last night.....
Angmar: You shall both be sent with an escort of two of the Nine.....
Angmar: To Lugburz!
Angmar: Where you shall dwell eternally in the presence of the Great Eye!
Bughrakh: *falls backward in a swoon*
Ashgaz: *catches Sam*
Angmar: Unless there is any here who can tell me why I should not do this
Angmar: *He looks to the other wraiths*
Ashgaz: *kneels on the floor holding Sam and trying not to weep in front of Angmar*
Ashgaz: *looks desperately at Khamul*
Angmar: Your guards await you
Ashgaz: *wills him to remember the orc attack*
Angmar: *They can hear the shrill raspy voice of Number Three, laughing and gloating*
Ashgaz: Master...
Ashgaz: Khamul!
Bughrakh: *sam starts to come to slowly*
Angmar: *Khamul is silent*
Ashgaz: I was as loyal to you as I could be!
Ashgaz: I cared for you even though you took me from all I loved
Angmar: *Khamul speaks then*
Bughrakh: *grabs peters waistcoat, crying and moaning and babbling unintelligibly*
Angmar: *Khamul* O Great Morgul Lord, I will speak for my servant
Ashgaz: *Peter hugs Sam and comforts him*
Angmar: *Khamul* Had Ashgaz not taken a blade meant for me, you would have lost your humble servant
Angmar: *Khamul* And is not one of the Nine worth many more than one of these?
Angmar: *Angmar beckons Khamul to come to him and speaks into his ear quietly*
Bughrakh: *sits up, wiping the tears away with his sleeve. watches the wraiths fearfully*
Ashgaz: *Peter's eyes never leave Khamul*
Angmar: *Khamul listens and then stands beside Angmar*
Angmar: *Angmar then speaks to the wraithlings*
Angmar: Khamul, your master speaks well. I will lay aside the judgement on you for his sake
Angmar: But the other one.... Bugrakh.....
Bughrakh: *swallows hard and waits for his pronouncement of doom*
Angmar: Bughrakh, useless slave
Angmar: Khamul speaks for you too
Ashgaz: *looks gratefully to Khamul*
Angmar: Why, I do not know, but he says you could be useful
Ashgaz: *holds Sam protectively*
Bughrakh: *looks at the wraith* thank you sir
Ashgaz: Master, thank you...I have no words...thank you
Angmar: You two wretches will be given another chance to prove yourself, but only one, and if you fail it, you shall go to Lugburz!
Angmar: *Khamul nods to Ashgaz*
Angmar: *Angmar sits back in his seat*
Angmar: You, Bughrakh, will remain as my slave. Serve me well
Bughrakh: *cringes inwardly* yes sir i shall do that sir thank you sir
Angmar: Now bow before me and pledge your loyalty to me!
Ashgaz: *shares a tortured look with Sam*
Bughrakh: *he does not want to have any part in this... to be loyal to the one who tried to stab his master at weathertop*
Ashgaz: *feels like a traitor but has no other choice...he bows*
Bughrakh: *he bows reluctantly*
Bughrakh: i..... pledge........ my....... lo.....yalty...... to you....master....
Bughrakh: *each word spoken betweeen gritted teeth*
Angmar: You, Bughrakh, will stay with me, perhaps for hundreds of years, where you will be watched constantly. Now get out of my sight!
Ashgaz: *Peter watches Sam, hoping he will see him again*
Bughrakh: but where shall i go sir?
Angmar: Crawl under my chair, where you shall stay like a trained dog!
Ashgaz: *gives Sam a sympathetic look*
Bughrakh: *hisses at the indignity but says* yes sir... thank you sir
Bughrakh: *crawls under his chair like a trained dog... feeling miserable each inch he goes*
Ashgaz: *still on his knees before Angmar*
Angmar: You, Ashgaz, bow before me and pledge your loyalty or I swear in the name of Melkor that if you do not, Frodo Baggins shall suffer 10 lashes for it!
Ashgaz: *gasps*
Ashgaz: *He bows again*
Ashgaz: I pledge...
Bughrakh: *moans* no, dont hurt mr. frodo!
Ashgaz: *can barely go on; he looks at Khamul, then continues*
Ashgaz: my loyalty...
Bughrakh: *sits under chair, feeling terror for mr. frodo*
Bughrakh: *fights back tears*
Ashgaz: to you...
Ashgaz: ....Angmar
Ashgaz: *hides his face in his hands*
Bughrakh: *feels sympathy for peter*
Ashgaz: *pictures Frodo unhurt in the dungeon*
Angmar: Remember this, you two, if you ever are guilty of the slightest hint of treason, you shall go to Lugburz and you shall not return!
Ashgaz: Aye sir
Bughrakh: *he wishes he were in lugburz with mr frodo, but knowing the nazgul, they probably would make him watch mr frodo be tortured*
Ashgaz: *Peter shakes and wishes Sam were still by his side*
Angmar: *He turns to Khamul* Now take your wretched servant and get him out of my sight!
Ashgaz: *Peter goes to Khamul and kisses his hand*
Bughrakh: *feels lonely and miserable... curls up in a little ball and cries*
Angmar: *Khamul nods to Ashgaz, then motions him to follow him*
Angmar: *Before going he bows to Angmar*
Ashgaz: *Peter follows him, looking sadly over his shoulder at Sam*
Angmar: *Khamul says* Come, Ashgaz
Ashgaz: I come, Master
Bughrakh: *sam uncurls himself and sadly waves at peter as he goes*
Ashgaz: *Peter furtively returns the wave*
Ashgaz: *and smiles through his tears at Sam*
Khamul: Ashgaz, do not ever do this again
Khamul: I cannot help you again
Ashgaz: *nods, still shaking*
Ashgaz: *He wonders what will happen if he ever sees Niethan again*
Bughrakh: *feels wretched in this horrible world where he gets punished for doing right and helping people*
Ashgaz: *but then again, Niethan escaped*
Khamul: *Khamul says* Ashgaz, you will find a small tent behind mine. It will be yours. Do not betray us
Khamul: And try to earn Angmar's trust. I implore you
Ashgaz: *He will probably never see Niethan again...he regrets this because he had offered to free him from the curse*
Ashgaz: Thank you, Master
Ashgaz: Thank you so much
Ashgaz: I will try my best.
Khamul: *He nods, and then goes into his tent*

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