Late March 26, 3019

Quiet Wraith: *After the interrogation session, Niethan was left confused*
Quiet Wraith: *How can a servant of the enemy feel pity and treat him with kindness?*
Quiet Wraith: *Niethan gives up trying to figure it out, grateful at least that he has received food and water*
Quiet Wraith: *Ashgaz leaves him in the dungeon*
Quiet Wraith: *Orcs bring him word that one of the High Nazgul has arrived and wishes to see him*
Number Three: *He waits for him in the courtyard of the city and Ashgaz is to see him immediately*
Number Three: *orcs have waited outside the dungeon to escort him to meet the new arrival*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz goes out to the courtyard and sees the High Nazgul*
Ashgaz: *He bows low*
Ashgaz: *but is not sure which one this is*
Ashgaz: *They all look alike*
Ashgaz: Broshan, my lord
Nazgul Gakh: *he barely nods*
Ashgaz: What brings you here to Minas Morgul?
Nazgul Gakh: Brosh, snaga. I know you
Nazgul Gakh: *his voice should be familiar*
Ashgaz: *his heart sinks as he recognizes the Third's voice*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz expects some terrible punishment before the day is over now*
Ashgaz: *quietly* Well met, Lord Nazgul Gakh.
Nazgul Gakh: What did you learn from the prisoner?
Nazgul Gakh: Anything of value?
Ashgaz: *cringes inwardly* I regret to report that he knows nothing, my lord.
Nazgul Gakh: What!
Ashgaz: He was involved in a battle at Osgiliath...
Ashgaz: ...and he saw our Lord Angmar there...
Ashgaz: But that was last year, and since then he deserted the army
Ashgaz: He has been wandering in the wilderness until now.
Nazgul Gakh: Surely he must know something
Nazgul Gakh: Why did he help you?
Nazgul Gakh: And the woman?
Nazgul Gakh: He is not in our employ
Ashgaz: The lady Madurz and I needed a guide back to Mordor
Ashgaz: We encountered the man in our wanderings
Ashgaz: He was mad--he kept imagining he saw the ghosts of his dead friends
Nazgul Gakh: Then does he want to align himself with Mordor?
Ashgaz: So I played along and pretended to be the ghosts
Ashgaz: No, he does not
Nazgul Gakh: Did you not try to persuade him?
Ashgaz: I...told him of the...wonders of Mordor, my lord
Nazgul Gakh: Perhaps he would make a good spy. Does he want gold?
Ashgaz: But he was not persuaded.
Ashgaz: No, he is very defiant.
Ashgaz: He wants to be set free
Nazgul Gakh: Then he is useless
Nazgul Gakh: But my orders are to let him live for the time
Nazgul Gakh: And to take you back with me
Ashgaz: *breathes a sigh of relief*
Nazgul Gakh: Perhaps Khamul will come and deal with him when he has recovered.
Nazgul Gakh: *he beckons to a captain of the orcs nearby and tells him some words quickly in Black Speech*
Nazgul Gakh: "You are now named captain of Minas Morgul in our absence. Guard it well."
Ashgaz: *is horrified, remembering what Khamul did to the horse lord in Minas Morgul in days past*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz hopes that Khamul will never lay eyes on Niethan*
Nazgul Gakh: Come now. My beast waits
Ashgaz: Thank you, my lord.
Nazgul Gakh: *The beast looks like an appropriate mount for Number Three. It hisses and spits at Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz follows the Third Nazgul*
Nazgul Gakh: *It reeks of rotten flesh caused by the hideous diet it eats*
Ashgaz: *recoils instinctively before the angry beast*
Nazgul Gakh: *its sides are streaked with blood where it has been heavily spurred by Gakh*
Ashgaz: *He still has not overcome his fear of these monsters*
Nazgul Gakh: *the beast reaches its monsterous head over and hisses at Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *He thinks it an appropriate image for the horror of his fate*
Ashgaz: *to which he is going with no hope of return*
Nazgul Gakh: *Number Three grabs Ashgaz roughly and throws him on the beast's back*
Ashgaz: *He remembers Niethan's offer of the blade of Westernesse, if ever he finds one*
Nazgul Gakh: *Then gets on himself*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz clings to that thought as he holds onto the beast's back*
Ashgaz: *he shuts his eyes tightly*
Nazgul Gakh: *He viciously digs his spurs into the beast's side, and curses it in Black Speech*
Ashgaz: *A sudden image of Mary comes unbidden*
Nazgul Gakh: *Protesting and complaining, the beast mounts into the sky*
Ashgaz: *What would she think of him if she saw him now?*
Nazgul Gakh: *he kicks it that much harder*
Nazgul Gakh: *and draws his sword and hits it over the head*
Ashgaz: *Would she not be horrified? Would she not hate him?*
Nazgul Gakh: *The beast settles into a sullen silence*
Ashgaz: *Lost in his reverie, Ashgaz does not notice the Third Nazgul's cruelty to the beast*
Nazgul Gakh: *While loving his master Sauron for raising it and feeding it with his own hands, he hates Gakh for his cruelty, but he is always forced into submission*
Ashgaz: *He remembers how Mary could not even stand to hear the name of Mordor*
Nazgul Gakh: *Gakh is in a very foul mood*
Nazgul Gakh: I have come all this way to get you, snaga
Ashgaz: *startled out of his thoughts*
Nazgul Gakh: And see what information you have obtained
Nazgul Gakh: I have wasted my time and you are at fault!
Ashgaz: *thinks* I knew it
Nazgul Gakh: I will remember
Ashgaz: I am sorry, my lord
Nazgul Gakh: it was by my words you were cast out of Minas Morgul and I Cursed the day you were ever allowed back
Nazgul Gakh: you will never be one of us! I wish you had been killed instead of gifted as you have been!
Ashgaz: *lowers his head submissively*
Ashgaz: So do I.
Nazgul Gakh: *The journey will be brief because it is only 68 miles to Lugburz*
Nazgul Gakh: Yes, you were a mistake from the beginning. More of the incompetence of my brother Khamul
Ashgaz: Were you there on that day?
Ashgaz: Were you one of the three in the Shire?
Nazgul Gakh: No, I was not
Ashgaz: *nods and lapses into silence*
Nazgul Gakh: One was Khamul's messenger
Nazgul Gakh: I don't think you have had the honor to meet him
Ashgaz: No, I have not
Nazgul Gakh: You will someday. He is more like Khamul than me
Ashgaz: *thinks* That is a relief
Nazgul Gakh: I am from Umbar. I am not one of the Easterlings
Ashgaz: *nods again*
Nazgul Gakh: I am almost of pure Numenorian extraction
Nazgul Gakh: I am what the Edain call a Black Numenarian
Ashgaz: A distinguished lineage
Nazgul Gakh: I am one of those the Master lifted up and gave a ring
Ashgaz: Aye
Nazgul Gakh: But why do I tell you of this? You are insignificant!
Nazgul Gakh: I would have you polish my armor if you were my slave
Ashgaz: If it pleases you to know, I have put on Angmar's armor...
Ashgaz: ...and polished Khamul's silver
Nazgul Gakh: *The journey passes with the Nazgul complaining about everything, from the beast, to the orcs, to Ashgaz, to the entire world*
Nazgul Gakh: *Everything except the Witch-King, Sauron and Melkor*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' ears burn with the complaints, but he listens submissively*
Ashgaz: *constantly trying to beat down the fire of anger within him*
Nazgul Gakh: Matum norkuluk! *he curses*
Nazgul Gakh: (Death take them all)
Nazgul Gakh: *Then for the final part of the journey he talks about all the Edain he has killed and boasts of their numbers. He discribes this in the most bloody fashion and there were many, for he has been in Sauron's employ for over 4500 years*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz shudders as he realizes that the curse will probably soon come to fulfillment*
Nazgul Gakh: *In the midst of a horrifying description of disemboweling an enemy 2000 years ago, they can see the Dark Tower ahead*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz tries unsuccessfully to block out the gory accounts*
Nazgul Gakh: *the beast flies past the tower and lands on the hill behind*
Ashgaz: *He feels on the verge of swooning*
Ashgaz: *but the landing revives him*
Nazgul Gakh: *It is commanded to land by the newly built mounting platform*
Nazgul Gakh: *as it comes to the ground, it gives a feeble defiant sqawk and Gakh hits it over the head so hard with his sword that blood gushes forth from it. The beast screams*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz winces*
Nazgul Gakh: *he commands the orcs to tie the creature down and give it no food for the next week. It needs to learn who its master is!*
Ashgaz: *gives a little cry at the beast's screamI*
Ashgaz: *scream
Ashgaz: Oh, master...
Nazgul Gakh: *he quickly gets off and leaves Ashgaz to get off as he can*
Nazgul Gakh: Yes?
Ashgaz: Is it it...necessary...
Ashgaz: *stops himself, realizing the risk he is taking*
Nazgul Gakh: WHAT!!
Ashgaz: *cringes*
Nazgul Gakh: what were you saying??
Ashgaz: Nothing, my lord
Nazgul Gakh: Necessary to do what? *his voice is cold and hard as ice*
Nazgul Gakh: Get off the beast, snaga!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz slides off the beast and lands in a small black heap beside it*
Nazgul Gakh: And come to my apartment. I want to finish my story
Ashgaz: *groans inwardly*
Ashgaz: *He wants to see Khamul*
Ashgaz: *bows* Aye, my lord.
Nazgul Gakh: First, I must go to the King and give him a report. But you wait in the antechamber to my room
Ashgaz: *follows the Third Nazgul*
Nazgul Gakh: And do not move from that spot!
Ashgaz: *bows again and leaves to find the antechamber*
Nazgul Gakh: Why are you so slow?
Ashgaz: I will not move, my lord
Ashgaz: *runs off*
Nazgul Gakh: *He hisses at him, a deep hiss like a huge snake*
Nazgul Gakh: *He soon gives his report to the King and receives orders concerning Niethan*
Nazgul Gakh: *Which he will not tell anyone else*
Ashgaz: *He is back now, a servant of the Nazgul again, forever. He bursts into tears in spite of himself*
Ashgaz: *He reaches the antechamber and waits there trying to compose himself*
Nazgul Gakh: *Gakh now comes into the antechamber*
Nazgul Gakh: Did you sit there as I told you the whole time?
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz bows*
Ashgaz: Yes sir
Nazgul Gakh: *he opens the door to a sitting room of sorts*
Nazgul Gakh: *For some reason, Ashgaz senses that Gakh does not get that much company*
Nazgul Gakh: *he sits down at a table*
Nazgul Gakh: Your Master will not need you tonight. He sleeps
Ashgaz: *Wiping his eyes, Ashgaz enters and looks around the room*
Nazgul Gakh: Over there on the wall towards the west is my wine cabinet
Ashgaz: *His heart sinks even farther(
Nazgul Gakh: Bring me a bottle of wine. Nurn 2083
Ashgaz: *notes the wine cabinet*
Nazgul Gakh: And a glass
Nazgul Gakh: And hurry!
Ashgaz: *He curses himself for his weakness, but his voice is choked with tears* Yes, sir.
Nazgul Gakh: Then sit yourself at the chair there
Nazgul Gakh: *He starts talking again about all the Edain he has killed... then starts talking about the elves*
Ashgaz: *He fetches the wine and pours a glass for the Gakh.*
Nazgul Gakh: *Discriptions so disgusting that even the strongest man would be sickened to hear them*
Ashgaz: *He sits slumped in the chair and recommences trying to block out the horrible stories*
Nazgul Gakh: *Ashgaz' ears will burn when they hear him*
Nazgul Gakh: *Gakh tosses the glass off in one swallow* More!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' breathing becomes labored and he is dizzy*
Nazgul Gakh: *Over and over the stories roll from his mouth*
Ashgaz: *nods and pours another glass, shakily*
Nazgul Gakh: *each one worse than the other*
Nazgul Gakh: *Of all the Nazgul, he must be the worst, but has the best memory*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' morgul wound begins to burn*
Nazgul Gakh: *he drinks this glass more slowly*
Ashgaz: *He seems about to fall off the chair*
Nazgul Gakh: Did you know that Nurn has long been a vassal state of Mordor?
Ashgaz: *looks up, desperately trying to look interested* Really?
Nazgul Gakh: They tend our vinyards, raise crops to feed our armies
Nazgul Gakh: As long as they do their work, pay their tributes, we will let them live!
Ashgaz: *nods*
Nazgul Gakh: But should they not, I will count my share of the ones who will be killed!
Ashgaz: *quietly* Aye, my lord.
Nazgul Gakh: *Ashgaz senses that this one is perfectly sane but has hands that are covered with blood and who hates with a fierce passion*
Nazgul Gakh: If it had been me, I would have killed this Niethan, whether he helped you and the woman or not
Nazgul Gakh: I hate them, I hate the smell of their blood!
Ashgaz: *Though he has seen the Witch King, Ashgaz feels that he has never seen such evil as this Nazgul*
Nazgul Gakh: I wonder if I should ask to keep you as my servant, but no, Poor Gakh has no servants
Nazgul Gakh: No one to serve his drinks!
Ashgaz: *It fills him with fear and, even though he is a wraith, makes him feel cold surrounding Gakh*
Nazgul Gakh: And only because the Edain I had for snagas did not please me and I killed them
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz begins to tremble*
Nazgul Gakh: *He then goes into stories about at least a hundred different men he has killed recently*
Ashgaz: *decides not to answer...that is probably safest*
Ashgaz: *wishes that Khamul would wake up*
Nazgul Gakh: *He finishes his glass of wine and pours himself another... and you can be sure that before long, he will have drained the whole bottle*
Nazgul Gakh: *His eyes glow with a fierce redness*
Nazgul Gakh: Here, you are doing nothing. Clean the blood off my sword before it rusts
Nazgul Gakh: *He pulls his sword from the scabbard and places it on the table*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz stares stupefied at the blood*
Nazgul Gakh: Are you afraid of blood!
Nazgul Gakh: Get a rag and clean it off
Nazgul Gakh: You will find rags in the closet over there
Ashgaz: *looks up desperately, barely having the breath to speak* I'm...not afraid
Nazgul Gakh: *Gakh is getting very angry.. His eyes glow with more fire than he has seen in any except Khamul and the Witch-King*
Ashgaz: *Goes to the closet and fetches the rags*
Nazgul Gakh: I command you to clean the blood off my sword!
Ashgaz: *How Ashgaz wishes that Niethan had had a blade of Westernesse*
Ashgaz: *Trembling, Ashgaz wipes the sword with the cloths*
Ashgaz: *seeing only the Morgul blade poised above him*
Nazgul Gakh: When you finish that, pour me another glass of wine
Nazgul Gakh: I wonder how much Khamul would take for you
Nazgul Gakh: I have needed a snaga for some time
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz finishes the sword and throws the rags away, trying not to look at the blood*
Nazgul Gakh: I would trade him five horses for you
Nazgul Gakh: No, that is too much. Three horses
Nazgul Gakh: Horses are hard to come by. My orcs have to steal them from the Rohorrim
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz cannot get the sight of the blood on Gakh's sword out of his mind*
Ashgaz: *He worries that it has stained his robe as he cleaned the sword*
Nazgul Gakh: Who knows, Ashgaz? The blood on that sword might have been a distant relative of mine
Nazgul Gakh: This one was of Gondor
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz falters and grabs onto the chair*
Ashgaz: *He reaches the wine bottle and begins to pour a glass*
Nazgul Gakh: A noble of Gondor, and a few officers stained it
Nazgul Gakh: Be faster!
Nazgul Gakh: Would you like to be snaga here?
Ashgaz: *He pictures the blade in the hearts of those men and realizes the blood he just cleaned...he feels faint...*
Nazgul Gakh: I will offer your master three horses, but you are not worth it
Ashgaz: *Horrified at the question, he spills the wine*
Ashgaz: *It puddles on the table*
Nazgul Gakh: *At that, Gakh rises up and goes over to him, picks him up and shakes him as a dog would shake a rabbit*
Nazgul Gakh: *He screams at him* You are clumsy and waste good wine!
Ashgaz: *whispers* I am sorry, lord
Ashgaz: *too terrified to speak*
Nazgul Gakh: You are not worth even one horse! *he drops him to the floor*
Nazgul Gakh: Go forth from me. I never want to see your worthless form again!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is shaken, but satisfied. Now Gakh will not buy him from Khamul.*
Ashgaz: *Bows and runs out of the room*
Nazgul Gakh: And tell your master he owes me a bottle of wine!
Ashgaz: *calls back* I will!
Nazgul Gakh: *Curses at him in ancient Numenorian*
Ashgaz: *runs down the hallways looking for Khamul*
Nazgul Gakh: *Gakh sits back in his chair and starts thinking again about the enjoyment he had driving the blade through the hearts of the men of Gondor*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz peers into all the rooms he passes*

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