The Trial and Execution of Ashgaz
Dawn, October 2, 3019

Angmar: *On October 2, 3019...Ashgaz stands before the Assembled Nine. They sit upon thrones in a semi-circle and he stands before them*
Angmar: *It is like the Ring of Doom in Valinor*
Angmar: *Only one mortal is in their presence*
Angmar: *Madurz, companion to Khamul*
Angmar: *who stands beside his chair*
Angmar: *Angmar speaks* Ashgaz, thou comest here as a criminal
Angmar: Thou art guilty of crimes of mutiny, rebellion, theft, but most of all TREASON
Angmar: To Sauron, the Nine and Mordor
Ashgaz: *Angmar's voice thunders in his ears but his eyes cannot leave Madurz and Khamul. Some of his old affection for them remains, and he looks at them with disbelief and hurt*
Angmar: Can thou speakest any words on thy behalf?
Madurz: *she looks to Ashgaz with furrowed eyebrows of anger and of sadness of what could have been*
Ashgaz: *takes a deep breath* I admit disloyalty to Mordor
Ashgaz: I was brought here against my will
Madurz: *shakes her head and looks down*
Angmar: *The Eight sit in silence and watch him*
Angmar: *In the spirit world, he sees their cold, glittering eyes glaring at him*
Ashgaz: I should never have been a servant to the Dark Lord...I made a poor one and they always thought me incompetent
Angmar: Is that all, Ashgaz? *asks Angmar*
Ashgaz: *He feels nothing but their power, their great power over him*
Ashgaz: There was a time when I was more loyal
Madurz: *she inhales and exhales deeply*
Angmar: Is that all?
Angmar: This is thy last opportunity
Ashgaz: *His voice breaks* I thought I saw some kindness, some humanity in my master lady *there is affection in his last words*
Madurz: *she looks upon the cloaked figure*
Ashgaz: *continuing more strongly* But I saw what Mordor would do to me. I was losing who I am. I would have forgotten kindness. I will still, if I live
Ashgaz: *sadly* I ask you only to be quick and not put me through long torments
Angmar: Then, Ashgaz, that is all?
Angmar: Then, silence, Ashgaz
Madurz: *her hand rests on Khamul's shoulder*
Angmar: *Angmar stands up* Does anyone have any words to say in his favor?
Angmar: *He looks to the Eight*
Angmar: *His words are met with silence*
Ashgaz: *His intense gaze turns on Khamul*
Angmar: *Then he looks to Madurz*
Angmar: Any words?
Madurz: *she meets hidden stare*
Madurz: *then she nods*
Ashgaz: *He winces at the rejection in Khamul's eyes and turns his unseen gaze to Madurz*
Angmar: *The eyes of the Eight burn like fire under their dark hoods*
Madurz: *she bites her lip and stares at Ashgaz*
Madurz: Ashgaz.....i am sorry....i cannot speak in your defense
Madurz: yes at a time you were loyal
Ashgaz: *nods, understanding, though his sholders shake slightly*
Madurz: but your actions and even words here today prove you are not commited to our Lord
Madurz: you admit that
Madurz: i do wish it could have been different
Madurz: *becoming angry*
Madurz: *sustains further comment until his fate is decided*
Angmar: Then all words are spoken?
Madurz: yes
Ashgaz: *He reels at the rejection from Khamul and Madurz. With the loss of his family, he had latched onto them for comfort and almost viewed them as parents when the morgul poison worked upon him*
Angmar: Now comes the time to pronounce his judgment, his doom
Angmar: Ashgaz, in the presence of my brothers, I find thee guilty as charged
Ashgaz: *But he pictures Mary and draws himself up, erect and dignified*
Angmar: guilty of crimes of mutiny, rebellion, theft and treason
Angmar: For thy betrayal, Ashgaz
Angmar: For breaking the bond between us
Angmar: I sentence thee to death
Madurz: *she grits her teeth*
Angmar: *The other Eight nod in agreement*
Ashgaz: *reminds himself that these things are not true of him, that he is not a traitor but a martyr. He nods and remains erect*
Ashgaz: *He meets their stares defiantly*
Angmar: *Angmar motions to Ashgaz to follow him*
Angmar: *He walks from the circle to a nearby courtyard*
Ashgaz: *looks over his shoulder at Madurz and Khamul*
Ashgaz: *follows slowly*
Angmar: *The other Eight go behind Ashgaz*
Madurz: *she moves with them as well*
Angmar: *A crowd has gathered around the courtyard, at a distance*
Ashgaz: *Terror floods him. He is consumed with the effort to conceal his trembling, his ragged breathing*
Angmar: *Places are reserved for the Eight and they take them*
Angmar: *Khamul bids Madurz to stand beside him*
Ashgaz: *His eyes never leave Madurz. She was always his comfort before and the sight of her steadies him*
Angmar: *Angmar stands in the center of the courtyard with Ashgaz*
Madurz: *clings to Khamul's arm as she stares back*
Angmar: *Angmar says* Is there anyone who would like to say a final farewell to him?
Angmar: *Khamul nods*
Angmar: *Khamul* Ashgaz, come to me
Ashgaz: *One shuddering sob escapes him*
Angmar: Come, there is time. It is allowed
Ashgaz: *He moves slowly to the one who caused all this, his old master, whom he hates and loves*
Ashgaz: *He stands before Khamul and looks into his eyes*
Angmar: *Khamul says* Madurz, have you last to say to him?
Angmar: *Khamul looks at Ashgaz, and Ashgaz sees a cold, icy figure in the spirit world*
Madurz: *She almost rushes Ash and places her hands on his arms...her tone is harsh and sad.....*
Madurz: I told you from the beginning...i told you then what to do...
Madurz: you are a matter if you wanted was what you were...
Ashgaz: *still bites his lip and shakes his head*
Madurz: i told you to embrace it..because any other actions would lead you to doom....
Madurz: i told you it would take time...that it was hard...
Madurz: but we were here for you..
Madurz: you didnt trust
Madurz: the night you were stabbed i held you like i would a child...
Ashgaz: *His composure breaks and he begins to cry*
Madurz: and you betrayed me...
Ashgaz: No, no, not you
Madurz: you wanted Mary....she would have been brought here and shown respect...
Madurz: trust...
Madurz: there are your brothers....
Ashgaz: *He has never thought of the Nine as brothers*
Madurz: and so it has come to this....*his figure so small*
Angmar: *Khamul says* Ashgaz, the time grows short for thee
Madurz: you now get your wish of release then
Ashgaz: *softly* Aye, my lady
Angmar: *Khamul* Look at me for one last time, Ashgaz!
Madurz: *her grip loosens and touches his unseen face*
Madurz: *steps back*
Ashgaz: *He cannot bring himself to look at Khamul*
Angmar: *Angmar waits in the center of the courtyard, growing impatient*
Angmar: *The orcs who have gathered to watch look on with both anticipation and fear*
Ashgaz: *He follows Madurz as she leaves him and impetuously throws his arms around her waist*
Ashgaz: Oh, Madurz, don't turn against me now
Ashgaz: I didn't mean to hurt you
Ashgaz: I just wanted to go home
Madurz: *she is taken aback by his actions as her heart aches*
Ashgaz: *sobs clinging to her*
Madurz: *her hand rests on his head*
Madurz: *perhaps if his body wasnt so child-like*
Madurz: *she hangs her head*
Ashgaz: *whispers* I know this is not doom, it is only a passage to another life
Ashgaz: But only my head knows that, I cannot feel it
Angmar: *The orcs whisper among themselves...* 'Ey, mate, they'll even kill their own kind!
Ashgaz: I am afraid, Madurz...I am afraid! *cries harder*
Angmar: *Another orc scolds that one* Don't talk so loud in the presence of the 'Igh Ones
Madurz: *she clenches her jaw and tries to remain steady*
Madurz: Find courage Ashgaz
Madurz: for it is done
Ashgaz: *pulls away from her and dries his tears, ashamed of his outburst*
Madurz: *she gives him that smile she always has one last time*
Ashgaz: *smiles back at her, though she cannot see it*
Ashgaz: Farewell, Madurz
Ashgaz: May you find a happy fate
Angmar: *Angmar still waits in the middle of the circle. Khamul says* Come before me, Ashgaz, one last time
Madurz: *nods to Ashgaz*
Angmar: *Khamul* I must say to thee some thing
Ashgaz: *calls up his courage and stands before Khamul solemnly*
Angmar: *Looks into Ashgaz' eyes... Khamul's eyes glittering ice*
Angmar: *Khamul* Matum ziimarpu-u!
Angmar: *Khamul* Mat rad!
Angmar: (Death to cowards.... Die now)
Angmar: *Khamul* Go to thy fate, to thy doom
Ashgaz: *draws himself up taller*
Angmar: *Points to Angmar, who waits*
Ashgaz: *clearly and steadily* I am no coward!
Ashgaz: *strides up to Angmar*
Ashgaz: I am ready, do what you will!
Angmar: *Angmar looks at him*
Ashgaz: *to all of them* You cannot conquer forever. There will always be green and good in this world!
Angmar: *The orcs look at each other, sensing what will soon come. They bow to the ground, touching their heads to the cobblestone pavement*
Madurz: *shakes head and looks down*
Angmar: *Angmar throws back his hood so that the crowd can see his crown and his eyes glowing beneath it*
Angmar: *He lifts up one arm*
Ashgaz: *stands unflinchingly, defiantly*
Madurz: *looks upon Angmar*
Angmar: *And he begins to speak in a powerful voice, chanting something in a strange tongue*
Angmar: Agannalo buroda!
Angmar: Agan 'nAshgaz nakh!
Angmar: Kalab akhasada!
Angmar: AGAN!
Angmar: AGAN!
Angmar: *Lightning comes forth from his hand*
Angmar: *And Ashgaz turns into a vapor, his smoking robes falling to the pavement*
Madurz: *her mouth parts as she looks to Angmar but not in fear*
Angmar: It is done!
Madurz: *eyes fall upon where Ashgaz was as it happens in an instant*
Angmar: *Nothing remains of Ashgaz but the robe*
Angmar: *The orcs remain bowing, cringing in fear*
Madurz: *looks to the heap on the ground*
Angmar: *Angmar begins his walk back into the tower*
Angmar: *The Eight follow wordlessly behind him*
Madurz: *moves beside Khamul*
Madurz: *her eyes linger a moment on the heap then close then look ahead*
Angmar: *No more is recorded of Ashgaz in this tale.*
Khamul: *In time, after the crowd has dissipated, orcs come and gather the still smoking remains of Ashgaz' robe*
Khamul: *It is taken to another place in the city and burned. The ashes are then taken and dumped into the Morgulduin*
Khamul: *So passes Peter son of Rudigar, also known as Ashgaz the Traitor*

Death spell in Aduniac.

Agannâlô burôda!
Agân 'nAshgaz nakh!
Kalab akhâsada!


Agannâlô burôda!
Deathshadow heavy

Agân 'nAshgaz nakh!
Death ofAshgaz come

Kalab akhâsada!
Falldown intochasm


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