Narrator: *Khamul speaks some now and the dreams do not plague him so much but his dreams have been evil*
Narrator: *Angmar has allowed Madurz to see him again and it is the evening of March 26. She has been ushered to the room and left there*
Narrator: *Khamul lies in bed with a black coverlet over him. He has no outer garmets that can be seen*
Narrator: *he needs no outer cloaks here, with the wraiths and Sauron, for they can see each other*
Narrator: *The door closes and Angmar walks out. He goes to his own quarters*
Khamul: *Madurz is all alone with Khamul*
Madurz: *she sits there, looking only at black coverlet....she fears his condition but is glad that he speaks...though she does not like what he says or the difficult dreams he has...also...she is nervous to be left alone with him....she didnt want anyone to miss anything of importance, thinking of the witch-kings threat...but he mumbles now*
Khamul: *he moans* Bumbullaum agh ghaash (Thunder and fire)
Khamul: *incoherently he mumbles* Nazg dûmp-ob, Valinor-ishi, kraat dhognûrz (The ring of doom, in Valinor, far away)
Madurz: oh my love...*she reaches out to feel for his hand*
Khamul: *he jerks in his sleep*
Madurz: *she moves closer to him*
Madurz: i have missed you so much
Khamul: Madurz, skaat-izish-u *he groans in his sleep* (Madurz, come to me)
Madurz: *she gasps and moves her head closer to where his should be*
Madurz: my love..i am here
Khamul: Kulub-ulu ukmash dûmpuz (We will both be doomed) *he mumbles*
Madurz: no *smoothes his hair* no my love...come back to me and we shall be together
Khamul: *he says faintly* Hon-izg zna burz (I see a dark shape)
Khamul: *he again calls her name*
Khamul: *He says* Fhok-izish (help me)
Madurz: *her face is so close to his and she soeaks over his lips* you said you would come back to so and let me feel you in my arms again
Khamul: *he says a little stronger* I see the shape clearer now
Khamul: *And then he asks* Madurz?
Madurz: *she cannot believe that he is speaking so well* yes love?
Khamul: Gaakh kul-ta Madurz (Let it be Madurz)
Khamul: *He rallies up* Why do you come for me in fire and thunder?
Khamul: *Then she knows that he is not wholly back from the dreams and phantoms that plague him*
Madurz: i love you Khamul
Khamul: Yet you torment me, with fires, and dooms. How can you be Madurz?
Khamul: You glow with the light of starlight!
Khamul: It is She, the one whose Name we cannot say
Khamul: You have come to take me to the Ring of Doom
Khamul: Stay back! Stay back! Foul one! Do not touch me!
Madurz: *she moves away from him...not wanting to disturb him*
Khamul: I will not let you come for me!
Khamul: *his voice is a hiss now*
Madurz: *she moves to the door wanting someone to come in so she would not be thought a threat*
Khamul: *He thinks Madurz is Elbereth, come to take him to the Ring of Doom, where he will be judged by Mandos and Manwe and all the Valar*
Madurz: *she opens the door and looks around*
Madurz: *gives a look to Khamul*
Madurz: *where he lays*
Khamul: shakropkraatizishghaara!! shakropkraatizishghaara!! frumgadhumurzkaalilzob! *he shrieks*
Khamul: *He has shrieked in a call to the other Nazgul, "Stay away from me! Stay away from me! Foul spirit of starlight!"*
Khamul: *That will bring a response*
Madurz: *she calls out* my Lord!
Angmar: *The Witch-King opens the door and looks at Madurz and Khamul*
Madurz: *she looks to him*
Angmar: *Shuts door behind him and stands there*
Angmar: Are you tormenting him? *he hisses and growls at her*
Madurz: not at all...i only stood there...
Madurz: he is dreaming still and seeing visions that made him think i was someone else
Khamul: *Occasionally from the bed, mixed with incoherent ramblings, comes an occasional lucid word*
Madurz: i didnt even want you to leave for this reason that you would think i did something
Angmar: *Angmar stands there and looks at her, studying her*
Madurz: i speak truth my Lord
Angmar: *He ignores her and walks to the bed and looks at Khamul*
Angmar: *He takes his hand*
Angmar: *Then turns to her* He is better
Angmar: *Lowers his hand to the bed and walks back to her*
Madurz: i cannot be left alone with much as i would like to be
Madurz: but i do not want to be
Angmar: He is better, my lady
Madurz: still his dreams torment him too much
Angmar: After all this time, eight days now
Angmar: I think he might come back now
Madurz: *she smiles*
Angmar: Stay or leave as you wish, but I think the dreams will yet plague him for a long while
Madurz: well i do not want you to think i have disturbed him
Angmar: In the past, in the days of the old wars with Arnor, some suffered wounds such as this
Angmar: But they lay not this still for this long
Angmar: Trouble yourself about him little now, for he will be better, and eventually will recover
Angmar: But his call alarmed me
Madurz: *smiles* that is reassuring
Madurz: yes
Angmar: But you did not harm him. You could not
Madurz: no my Lord...nor would i
Madurz: he will be ok..
Angmar: If you would like to come to my chambers...
Angmar: I will allow it
Madurz: *nods*
Angmar: But if you do not you may stay here
Madurz: when he is no longer plagued it will be better
Angmar: Then come with me and we will share a glass of wine
Madurz: i do not want to be thought that i caused him discomfort
Madurz: yes*she follows him*
Angmar: *Surprisingly, Angmar seems almost verging on kindness*
Angmar: *Through the dark corridors lit by torches, he leads her to his private apartment at Lugburz*
Angmar: *he opens the door for her and bids her enter*
Madurz: *she follows him all the way and then moves inside and looks around*
Angmar: *Torches light the room. This is not the room where he holds court. There are no orcs here*
Angmar: *The furniture is ornate and dark, but sparse*
Madurz: *she waits for him before she makes herself comfortable*
Angmar: *A table and a few chairs, a couch, cabinets along the wall, some stools*
Angmar: Seat yourself, my lady
Angmar: I become tired of the orcs, always squabbling, wanting something
Madurz: *she moves to a chair and sits and looks to him*
Angmar: The affairs of state, many matters
Madurz: calm your mind then my Lord
Angmar: *he goes to one of the many cabinets, takes out a silver tray, puts a bottle and two glasses on it*
Angmar: *The goblets are heavy with his insigna of the moon disfigured with the gastly face of death*
Angmar: *He sets the tray on the table, takes a glass for her and a glass for him and then pours wine into both*
Madurz: *she looks to him and thinks of times with Khamul and Ashgaz in her rooma nd smiles*
Angmar: *he moves to the opposite side of the table from her*
Madurz: thank you my Lord
Angmar: *he proposes a toast* To Khamul
Madurz: *she looks at the goblets and takes one* yes Khamul
Angmar: *he sits down*
Angmar: *he says* You seem to like to keep company with us, do you not, my lady?
Madurz: *she watches him and smiles..glad things are looking up again*
Madurz: yes very much so
Angmar: Your own kind, Edain, would not approve of your selection
Madurz: i care not
Madurz: although rejection from Mordor would hurt me greatly
Angmar: *he does not have the usual mocking tone in his voice*
Madurz: *sips wine* i have another toast
Madurz: though i do not know how glad you will be for it
Angmar: *he records her words in his mind... for he always remembers things that are important*
Angmar: Another toast?
Angmar: Then give it
Madurz: *she raises her glass* to my safe return? *she looks to him with questionable expression...almsot expecting him to scoff*
Angmar: Every servant should be glad to go back to their master, and their home
Angmar: *even though he seems different in some way, there is always a feeling that he is playing some strange game and always in awareness of others as though they are opponents*
Madurz: my Lord....i am a servant to the Dark Lord...not Khamul
Angmar: What are you then to Khamul if not a servant?
Angmar: *As always he is revolted and attracted to Edain at the same time*
Madurz: *she looks to him*
Madurz: my Lord i love him
Angmar: The only reason it was allowed for you to come here tonight is because I consider you as another of Khamul's servants
Angmar: *he laughs in a mocking way* Love him?
Angmar: Surely you jest
Madurz: *shakes her head*
Angmar: Do you know to whom you speak?
Madurz: no i am not
Angmar: *he drinks from his wine but never takes his eyes off her*
Angmar: *Is he toying with her? Playing another game?*
Madurz: do you not think he is capable of those feelings?
Angmar: No more than I *he hisses*
Angmar: Or perhaps you do not believe the tales that are told of us?
Angmar: *he sips his wine slowly, his eyes upon her*
Madurz: i believe no tales told of the Nazgul by others *her voice rasies seeing that she is adamant about that*
Angmar: Perhaps the tales are true. How do you know that they are not?
Angmar: *he finishes his wine goblet and pours himself another*
Madurz: because i have felt in Khamul his sincerity..his words...i am not being foolish..i know what i felt in my was no spell
Madurz: he has told me that"he loves me as much as it is possible for him"
Angmar: *He says resentfully* But you have said something that is of interest to me
Angmar: *He laughs scoffingly at her*
Angmar: *he puts his wine goblet down and sets it on the table*
Angmar: *he mumbles something about "love"*
Angmar: They say we have no heart or soul
Madurz: *she looks down....images flash for only seconds in her and white pictures from long ago play in her mind..she shakes her head*
Madurz: i only listen to my own judgements
Angmar: Do you think I have a heart or a soul?
Angmar: *he shakes his head and laughs*
Madurz: i believe you feel...and that you are capable of feeling any emotion
Madurz: as deeply as you can or will it
Madurz: if it is necessary or wanted by you
Angmar: But you said something to me when I brought you back. You said Numenor
Madurz: yes
Angmar: Why did you speak that name?
Madurz: because that is where i am from
Angmar: *he seems to want to deny something, not wanting to accept it*
Madurz: with you i was
Angmar: *She can sense that he is wary, always wary of mortals*
Madurz: *she tilts her head to the side* i know it is not easily grasped this thought..and i know you may not b elieve me
Angmar: *he laughs again*
Angmar: Yes, I can remember some
Madurz: it is very long ago...
Madurz: for have had an existance of so much
Madurz: so many things you have had to do..
Madurz: a great power to fight for...
Madurz: for you to remember is next to impossible
Madurz: i realize
Madurz: but for me...i was only reborn...with only the thoughts and feelings of what i lived in Numenor
Madurz: though of course i cannot remember everything either
Madurz: slowly it comes to me..and sometimes more so when i am with you
Angmar: *In her mind, comes the thought, almost a wayward thought from his mind to hers*
Angmar: *I remember... I sometimes miss my own kind, but.... cannot.... and then the thought is gone*
Madurz: *her eyes widen slightly then turn to her glass and sips*
Madurz: do you care for another bottle *watches as he drinks it down fast*
Angmar: *Another thought from a closely guarded mind.... a feeling of fear within him....*
Madurz: *he does not hear her*
Angmar: *the thought..... a cruel joke indeed....*
Angmar: Yes, my lady, more wine
Angmar: But let me get it
Angmar: *he gets up and goes to his cabinets, and draws forth a bottle*
Madurz: *she watches him as he moves to the cabinet and presses her hand to her head and winces*
Madurz: *"i shall put it in the cabinet my love"*...fades*
Angmar: *he comes back and sets it on the table*
Angmar: You may pour me a glass
Angmar: *ever is he cautious*
Madurz: *in silence she takes the bottle up with a trembling hand and pours it carefully*
Angmar: *He sits down* Now tell me about Numenor
Madurz: tell me what you would like to know
Madurz: and i shall share it gladly
Angmar: *Another thought comes to her from his mind....too close... too close to Lugburz... Must be careful*
Angmar: The lost land of Numenor. It was a conquest of Sauron
Madurz: do you remember being King there?
Angmar: *He knows another always knows his mind, so he is guarded, even in his thoughts*
Angmar: My lady, I was a lord in Numenor, but I became king when I came here to the land that Sauron loves, Middle-Earth
Angmar: And he rewarded me greatly *he speaks as though he is reciting something long learned*
Madurz: *nods*
Angmar: *The thoughts seem to come to her from his mind... watched... always, always*
Madurz: *she takes another sip and rubs her eyebrows from flashing images*
Angmar: *He closes his mind with resignation and a bit of guilt*
Madurz: *translucent skin...fades*
Angmar: Yes, Sauron is great
Madurz: "*Ziran"*...fades*
Angmar: *Then he says a strange thing* Will you come with me when I next go back upon the beast to Gondor?
Angmar: You could be..... useful
Madurz: *she thinks of the wonderous flight of the Beast* yes
Angmar: *he relaxes, knowing his thoughts are now guarded from other minds who might be there*
Madurz: i am to return on the beast yes?
Angmar: yes, my lady... I have been ordered once again to scout
Angmar: The rebels still resist us
Madurz: *nods* of course i shall join you
Angmar: And I will go beyond Gondor tomorrow, to Orthnac
Angmar: Have you seen the circle of Isengard?
Madurz: no
Angmar: Then you shall see it
Angmar: Saruman no longer is there
Angmar: But we have reports that many of the rebels now flee there, for Gandalf, the fool, has the keys to Orthnac
Madurz: i appreciate your asking me to go
Angmar: You know the woman Eowyn
Angmar: Soon she will be there
Angmar: As a thrall
Madurz: *she grits her teeth a bit*
Angmar: Eowyn.... Eowyn... now will do my bidding willingly, and it will lead to her downfall
Angmar: But I will not tell you more of my plan
Angmar: *he sits quietly a while deep in thought*
Angmar: My Master communes with me
Angmar: He reassures me that you can be trusted
Madurz: *she feels angry thinking about Eowyn..the Hobbit she traveled with that left the blade that hurt Khamul...she sighs. then image... wringing hands..soft flesh..flailing.....fades*
Madurz: *shakes her head of thoughts*
Madurz: that pleases me greatly that he is assured of my devotion
Angmar: And he has given me permission to speak with you as much as I like
Angmar: And to listen to your words
Angmar: Now, another drink
Madurz: *she smiles...glad that he understand her level of commitment*
Angmar: Pour another drink for me
Angmar: Ah, forgive me. I forget my manners
Angmar: Let me pour for you
Angmar: So hard, so hard. All I deal with are fools
Madurz: i judge you not my Lord
Angmar: *he reaches across the table and pours her a drink*
Angmar: *Then refills his glass. He drinks greedily*
Madurz: *she takes a few sips*
Angmar: I can look somewhat into your mind. I know your thoughts, at least those on the surface
Angmar: And I know from your thoughts that you want me to remember you
Madurz: new images come to me all the time
Madurz: i cannot expect you to remember
Angmar: *He looks into his glass*
Angmar: *raises it to his lips and drains the goblet*
Madurz: my need of you to remember would be so much stronger if Gandalf had not been involved
Angmar: My will to remember depends upon many things
Madurz: such as?
Angmar: Primarily on what I am allowed to remember
Angmar: Both you and I know if there were any uncertainty about you in my master's thoughts, you would not be allowed to leave Lugburz alive
Madurz: of course
Angmar: But you are considered to be a friend of Lugburz
Madurz: his thoughts of me are so extremely important to me
Angmar: He knows your oath to him
Angmar: Which binds you as strong as our rings bind us to him
Angmar: An oath that cannot be broken
Madurz: and i hold my oath and will forever
Angmar: My master has promised he will return our rings, but later
Madurz: * oath to you...oath....winces...fades*
Angmar: They give us more power
Angmar: He has Ash Nazg
Angmar: Yes, my lady, even now he wears it upon his finger
Madurz: it has returned?
Angmar: Does this surprise you?
Angmar: Yes, my lady
Angmar: But I will not tell you of that now
Madurz: *she smiles big..and refills her glass*
Angmar: And soon, we all might have kingdoms to rule
Angmar: A bit more wine? My goblet is empty
Madurz: this is magnificent news *she refills his*
Angmar: I have no servants here tonight. I want none
Angmar: My master is kind to give us back our rings, but not yet, not yet
Angmar: Only Khamul has his
Angmar: Yes, the news is very good. It has been a long time. Ash Nazg will give Sauron more power. No one can defeat him now!
Madurz: *she raises her glass and speaks looking up* My Dark Lord i am so overjoyed for you. *she closes her eyes*
Angmar: I want to talk to you now
Madurz: *opens eyes*
Madurz: yes?
Angmar: *he sips his wine*
Angmar: I have allowed my old thoughts to be opened
Angmar: I now know more about you
Madurz: *she looks t him*
Madurz: you do?
Angmar: *he says softly* Ziran, ziran
Madurz: *she gasps lightly and plcaes her hand over her lips*
Madurz: yes
Madurz: that is what you called me
Angmar: Long ago, you once were mine
Angmar: Long ago, another age
Angmar: *he drinks some more from his glass*
Angmar: But now... your heart is with another....
Madurz: for most of this life i searched for you..i wept for you..
Angmar: *he finishes the wine and put the glass on the table*
Madurz: so cold and so alone...i wandered
Madurz: for you...when i found danger...
Angmar: Though I think I could care for you again, I think I could allow this, but..
Madurz: both Khamul and the elf Elrond fought to take me
Madurz: Khamul to Mordor...Elrond to Rivendell
Madurz: Khmaul would have brought me here to you..
Madurz: my search would have been over
Madurz: Elrond feared for my soul...
Madurz: feared for the endless torment i faced...
Madurz: and called upon Gandalf...
Madurz: and it was then that he proceeeded to erase all the feelings that plagued me..the pain. the heartache..
Madurz: but he left me with the memories...
Madurz: but hearing all the endless lies....
Madurz: all the misleadings of the uneducated about the heart was unsatisfied by their rambligs of falseness...
Madurz: it angered me...i didnt believe a word of it...
Madurz: i fled...and continued my search for turth...
Madurz: Khamul seemed constantly over wath of me...
Madurz: my heart was free....Madurz....
Madurz: i came into danger from orcs and he rescued me...
Madurz: i was still to have meetings with you...but your necessary duties kept you from it...
Angmar: *he listens to her story*
Madurz: my fresh heart grew fonder of Khamul though Sauron's caution heightened...
Angmar: *never finishing the sentence*
Madurz: well you know the rest *looks down* oh my Lord but i have interrupted you
Angmar: *Perhaps he never planned to finish the sentence*
Madurz: what is is you are thinking my Lord?
Angmar: Khamul has your heart now
Angmar: There is not room there for another
Madurz: *she is taken aback from his tone and his words*
Angmar: Nor would I try to take it, for he is as a brother to me
Angmar: Does it surprise you that we have honor among our own kind?
Madurz: not at all
Madurz: i always knew the tight bond there was
Angmar: And we are not so different from you
Madurz: i have always known
Angmar: For I fear we too are as mortal as are the rest of the Edain
Angmar: We are neither Maiar or Elves
Madurz: *she smiles*
Angmar: Khamul came close to perishing. That is a lesson to us now
Madurz: i have cursed the uneducated and misleaders..
Madurz: now their curse comes to them
Madurz: *she smiles bigger*
Angmar: Sauron now has a very small coat of Mithril
Angmar: He loves mithril
Angmar: And he has the skill to make use of it
Madurz: of course
Angmar: He can mix it with other metals. though not as hard
Angmar: And we shall find more, if it still exists
Angmar: Then no man can harm us again
Madurz: *drinks her wine*
Angmar: But now I talk of war once again
Madurz: its alright
Angmar: But I vow to you my lady, that if Khamul does survive, you shall be his and I will hold my feelings
Madurz: your words strike my heart my Lord
Angmar: But perhaps I wish it could have been otherwise.....
Madurz: *she almost cannot believe he said that...and she tolts her head to the side and looks to him*
Madurz: My Lord there are still so many memories that even i have not yet remembered...some may be painful
Angmar: *Angmar says with regret in his voice* Aye, some memories will bring pain
Madurz: do not be upset with me if i am the cause of the resurfacing of these memories
Madurz: forgive me if i am
Angmar: My lady, I have the power to control my thoughts, my actions, my words
Madurz: *nods*
Angmar: Though these thoughts have come back to me, much more powerful than I thought they would ever be
Angmar: Still though, I would take you with me when I make another journey
Madurz: *wonders just how much he remembers*
Angmar: Perhaps we can talk more..... *another sentence yet unfinished*

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