Another Audience with Angmar

April 30, 2004

Eowyn played by Eowyn
Pushzog the Orc played by Freefall
Angmar played by Angmar

Eowyn: *she lies in her cold damp cell, shivering and having nightmares in her sleep*
Eowyn: *her hand where she had slapped the withcking in the face feels horribly numb... perhaps the cause of her latest discomfort*
Eowyn: *indeed she has fallen into a deep dark troubled sleep... perhaps the orcs that usually come to drag her off to the witchkings chambers will have trouble rousing her by knocking on the heavy door*
Angmar: *The Witch-King has already commanded orcs to bring Eowyn before him yet again*
Angmar: *He still does not consider her account settled*
Eowyn: *moans in her sleep* you come between me and my kin.... begone.... leave the dead in peace.... i will hinder you if i may...
Pushzog: *receives word to bring the woman to his Lord...he bangs on her door with his large forearm...hearing nothing he does not hesitate to barge right in and he looms over the small figure*
Pushzog: *he nudges her with his foot* wake, woman
Eowyn: *she calls out in her sleep and stirs but does not wake*
Pushzog: *he grunt low and deep in frustration* you keep the witch king waiting! *he lifts her to sitting position roughly by her dresses' shoulder..she is lucky it was not her hair*
Angmar: *Angmar wonders idly what is taking them so long*
Eowyn: *she is roughly pulled up... her head falls to one side... but she wakes up... struggling she tries to focus her vision*
Eowyn: *she mumbles something and stumbles to her feet*
Pushzog: he cares not nor waits for her to prosess her vision..he places her large hand on her back and nudges her out the door*
Pushzog: hurry up
Eowyn: *a spark of life seems to come back to her, but she is still weak and weary* i am going, i am going!
Eowyn: *if she did not feel so cold and weary, she would be struggling like a wild cat again. but she wonders... what is the purpose? there is no hope anyway*
Pushzog: do not answer me back *pushes her harder through corridors and then to his Lord*
Pushzog: *he turns her forcefully to face him*
Pushzog: and be wise to not insult him tonight *his face looms over hers*
Angmar: Bow before me!
Pushzog: *snaps his teeth at her and laughs cruely*
Eowyn: *she glares at he orc, considering kicking him in the leg, but decides better of it. she sees the witchking, and fear and loathing hits her*
Eowyn: *she bows, uneasily, almost falling* yes my.... lord
Angmar: Eowyn, once again, I have brought you before me
Angmar: I trust you enjoy these visits? *he laughs*
Eowyn: *she glares at him blearily* like every prisioner enjoys torture, lord...
Angmar: Pushzog, the lady Eowyn does not know how to behave in the presence of higher beings. I am sure you have methods of helping her learn
Angmar: Perhaps it would be amusing to see her bathed again before me, but she seems ill
Pushzog: *nods to him* with your permission of course my lord i shall make her learn
Eowyn: *she glares at the witchking. even though she is ill from the shadow her gaze would make most mortals cringe*
Angmar: Yes, Eowyn, I have been told that you are ill. What seems the matter? Do you not like your food and drink?
Pushzog: *he laughs and eyes the woman*
Eowyn: *she glares at him even more.. thinks of saying something hateful but decides better* my body is cold and numb and i cannot feel my right hand. i am tired and weary and plagued with nightmares
Eowyn: *she waits for him to laugh, knowing this would make him excedingly happy*
Angmar: Perhaps you have not been flourishing under the gentle care of my orcs?
Angmar: Pushzog, have you not been dealing with her gently? *he laughs*
Pushzog: perhaps we should take better care of her
Pushzog: i'll see to it personally that she is treated gently
Eowyn: *she glares at them both. if she did not feel like collapsing on the floor she might attack both of them in a mad rage*
Angmar: Eowyn, Eowyn, you tried to inflict harm to me when last I saw you
Angmar: Have you not learned yet that when you do that you just subject yourself to peril?
Eowyn: *she pipes up* if you had kept your foul lips off me then perhaps i would not have tried to inflict harm on you!
Angmar: You did not always think my lips so foul!
Pushzog: *he moves to stand with his wall like chest against her back* call my lord foul have you?
Angmar: But I care nothing for your fickle lips
Eowyn: *she looks up at the black uruk behind her* yes.... all who desire to dominate and control others, murder innocent people and plunder harmless countries are foul
Eowyn: *she waits for a blow... closing her eyes*
Angmar: Pushzog, deal with her, but be careful lest you harm this fair merchandise
Pushzog: *he gnashes his teeth together... and takes her by the hair and brings her head back .looks closely at her* if you cnanot mind your might lose it
Eowyn: *perhaps they would kill her there... but she cared not. she would have rather gone out gloriously in a last charge against the enemy, but anyway to end her torment in the land of darkness seemed suitable at this point*
Eowyn: *a pain goes through her neck when it is pulled back and she gasps looking up at the orc*
Angmar: Pushzog, enough for now
Pushzog: *nods and releases her*
Angmar: She is ill. I smell her perspiration and it smells of sickness
Eowyn: *she falls to the floor rubbing her neck with her right arm, her hand dangling limply, cold and numb*
Pushzog: *looks down at her*
Angmar: Pushzog, go to my cabinet. You know the one. Get the vial with the rune for "Y"
Angmar: Open it and pour it down her throat
Eowyn: *she stares at the ground, then closes her eyes, barely hearing what they say*
Pushzog: *he moves to the cabinet at once and fatches the vial..he opens it and moves over to Eowyn and bends beside her and tilts her head back and pries her mouth open and spills it down her throat*
Angmar: I know what ails the woman, it is a defense mechanism that only Nazgul can employ and it has inflicted her, but I know how to take it from her
Eowyn: *she gasps as her head is pulled back and struggles against the orc when he tries to pour the foul tasting liquid down her throat. but to no avail. she falls backwards on the ground coughing and sputtering*
Angmar: *The yellow potion is the one which he has called for. It is their own remedy for the Black Shadow, for what ever spell they can cast, or disease they inflict, they can remedy it in part at least but perhaps not all*
Angmar: Eowyn, you will feel better, and I have news for you
Eowyn: *she feels the life coming back into her hand, and her body starts to feel warmer, but not totally. she looks up at him, wondering how he will torture her now* what news, lord?
Angmar: The news, my lady Eowyn, is that you must drag yourself away from my august company soon
Angmar: For I will send you back to your people. I am sure you will have much to tell them *he laughs*
Pushzog: *he joins in his laughter but wishes her to stay for his enjoyment in torment and torture...but there will be others*
Eowyn: *she raises an eyebrow* you are sending me back? i pray ask in what condition? clad in a shroud for my barrow?
Angmar: Nay, my lady, alive and well, and I know that your people shall once again welcome you as one of their own
Pushzog: *he becomes angry at her* woman! Our lord is being merciful
Angmar: *Angmar is so confident now after so many wins that he is planning to do what Melkor did long before him - release captives long held and send them out among their people always to be cursed*
Angmar: *cursed and hated by their own people and always suspected of being a thrall of Sauron*
Pushzog: bow to him now and speak words of appreciation!
Eowyn: merciful? nay, i think not. for no one escapes from the dark tower *she eyes the witchking warily*
Pushzog: then you wish to stay here?
Pushzog: you are not grateful so you must not want to go back
Eowyn: *she looks to the orc* mercy? there is no mercy in this land, only death and despair. torture and torments
Pushzog: you know nothing of torture!
Pushzog: *he smiles wickedly*
Eowyn: *glares at him*
Pushzog: you would go crawling back if you were taught that pain
Angmar: Yes, Eowyn, show your appreciation. Come and kiss the hand of your lord
Eowyn: i have seen the lidless eye in all of its horror... my mind revealed before it. such torments were unberable. nay i think i know of torture
Eowyn: *she struggles to her feet and aproaches the loathed figure*
Pushzog: but imagine if your body felt as miserable as your rotting human mind
Pushzog: *smiles thinking about her flesh*
Eowyn: *she stops and looks back at the orc* my whole body felt like it were on fire, and i writhed in torment and agony. certainly the tortures of the orcs cannot compare to those of their master?
Angmar: Pushzog! Drag her over here!
Angmar: I have told her to kiss my hand and she has not. Drag her by her hair if she gives you trouble
Pushzog: *he smiles at his command..takes her by her hair and her dress to his Lord*
Angmar: *He extends his hand and waits*
Eowyn: *her head smarting from where her hair was pulled, she bends down and kisses his hand, the cold undead flesh chilling her lips*
Angmar: An unwilling kiss from my lady!
Angmar: Pushzag, take her back to her cell. She is of little use to me tonight. Let her think a while longer about Rohan and soon she will beg me to let her go back and then perhaps I will not
Angmar: *He gets up and walks to an anteroom and shuts the door behind him*
Pushzog: *her takes her firmly by the upper arm and leads her again roughly to her cell*
Eowyn: *she contemplates the witch-king's words. the designs of mordor are always evil. he would not let her go out of mercy. there must be some devilry to this*
Eowyn: *she glares at the orc but says nothing and struggles little*
Pushzog: *throws her inside and stares at her for a moment...then turns on his heel and slams the door*
Eowyn: *she sits down on her bed and begins to cry. she hates being locked up here, she feels she will go mad. but she fears what is to become of her, what to make of the possibility of "freedom"*

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