The Shieldmaiden Has a New Mount

Eowyn, under strong bewitchment, has lost all recollection of who she actually is, from whence she came, and everything about her past life. She believes that she is Maltriel and that Angmar, whom she thinks looks like Aragorn, her first love, is her betrothed. Now he must "reeducate" her of the "truth."

Angmar: *Angmar has ordered Pushzog to go get her and bring her once again before him, this time gently*
Angmar: *Angmar sits upon his chair in his hall in Lugburz*
Pushzog: *moves with haste to the woman's door and knocks*
Maltriel: *she moves from her seat by the window and opens the door, confused as ever*
Pushzog: my lady come with me. *he takes her arms gently and leads her through corridors and stairs and then to the room where the witch king is*
Angmar: *In addition to the usual orcs in attendance at Angmar's hall, there are several of the Nine in attendance*
Maltriel: *she goes with the orc willingly, then bows before the witchking* good day, my lord
Angmar: Welcome, Maltriel. Pushzog, you may stand beside me
Angmar: *Eowyn notices along the sides of the room, eight chairs... Seven of which are occupied by Angmar's "associates"*
Pushzog: *he goes and stands besides his Lord*
Angmar: Maltriel, bow to the other lords. They are our special guests
Maltriel: yes, my lord *she bows to the seven, not knowing who they are*
Angmar: *They nod in acknowledgement. With the combined presence of Eight of the Nine, the room seems cold like ice*
Maltriel: *she feels cold, but assumes it to be just a draft in the room. perhaps it is winter, she wonders*
Angmar: Maltriel, you have been very ill, but you are recovering. Do you remember anything before yesterday? Pray tell me so I may help bring to recall your past
Maltriel: *she thinks hard to remember but it wearies her* no my lord. i do not remember anything beyond yesterday
Angmar: *He knows he must be very subtle and appear far more fair than is his nature. He says* Ah, dear lady, such a pity, such a pity *But there is a smile upon his unseen face*
Maltriel: i do not know where i am, my lord... what land is this, or any of my past. i... i... do not even know your name *looks down*
Angmar: You were born here, Maltriel. This is the land of Mordor. You are a lady of the court who has been ill from a strange malady
Maltriel: *she tries to place her past but cannot remember a thing* thank you my lord... i am trying to remember
Angmar: *Angmar knows that the potions he gave her and the spells he put upon her are as strong as any laid upon any mortal by the old dragons of Melkor*
Angmar: Maltriel, my dearest. I will help you remember. I am known as Angmar, and I am your betrothed. We have loved each other for years, but then you became ill before the wedding could occur
Maltriel: oh... that is a horrible thing, lord angmar, my love *she feels sad*
Maltriel: *thinks for a bit trying to remember* are you.... are you a king?
Angmar: Yes, my lady, I am indeed a king
Angmar: *he pulls his hood down and she can see an ornate crown upon his head, but in her eyes it appears to be upon the head of Aragorn, whom she has loved*
Maltriel: oh! *says she, then bows again* could you tell more of the past... and us?
Angmar: You lived in the part of Mordor that was known in the old days as "Gondor" but then the war came to it and now it is virtually destroyed. The White City, where you lived, is in ruins
Angmar: *Angmar is confident that the deception is now complete and both her will and mind are his to control*
Maltriel: that is horrible lord angmar... and i cannot even remember it before the war. i cannot remember the war.....
Angmar: Maltriel, it is but a short journey from here to Gondor. Perhaps if you see what the Armies of the West have done to your country, you will rememebr
Angmar: Do you feel up to a short journey?
Maltriel: yes, my lord, i am feeling better, since you healed me. it saddens me greatly that i cannot remember my own past
Angmar: *He dismisses Pushzog and commands him to tell Madurz to come to this room*
Angmar: Maltriel, where we are going is still not yet safe, but I have obtained armor that should fit you
Angmar: It is mail. Do you know how to put it on?
Maltriel: *she thinks* i do not know... but perhaps it will come back to me
Maltriel: *vaguely wonders what mail is*
Pushzog: *he leaves his Lord's side and goes to the room of the other woman and knocks upon her door..she opens it and is faced with a giant and hideous orc* my Lord requires your presence
Angmar: But you wear a dress. That will not do
Angmar: Since it would not be proper for you to dress here before all the assemblage, you may go to that room over yonder and dress there *He points to a door*
Angmar: In the room, you will find waiting for you a tunic, leggings and boots
Madurz: *she is led to the room with the Nazgul and the woman...she begins to flush and clenches her fists but Pushzog grabs her by the shoulders and speaks low*...calm is important you do so
Madurz: *like granite she enters*
Maltriel: *she looks down at the hem of her dress, slightly lifting it up, revealing a small portion of the chainse undrneath. she wonders what is wrong with her dress*
Maltriel: *looks to the door and walks over to it*
Angmar: *He sees Madurz* My lady, if you wish to go with us, you must wear mail too
Angmar: When Maltriel finishes dressing, you will find some in the room she was in
Maltriel: *she takes off her overdress and chainese and kicks off her soft leather shoes. then puts on the tunic, leggings and boots. walks out of the room looking slightly confused*
Madurz: *her eyes seem cold and she nods* yes my Lord *assuming the woman would be going with them and is filled with anger*
Angmar: Then good, Madurz. See that you put it on
Angmar: *Maltriel's garb is black, the color of Mordor. He orders an orc to bring him a mail halberk for Maltriel that he had waiting*
Angmar: Maltriel, come to me and let me help you put it on
Maltriel: *she walks to angmar, nodding as she passes the other woman* thank you my lord
Angmar: *He gets up and takes the mail from the orc and walks over to Maltriel*
Madurz: *her fingernails almost break the skin in small half moons on her palm as the woman passes her...she swallows hard and moves into the dressing room*
Angmar: *he holds it up for her so she can slip into it*
Madurz: *she leans agains the door in privacy and closes her eyes and tries to swallow the thick slab of anger that rises in her throat*
Maltriel: *her heart accelerates at the closeness of his presence... her betrothed, whom she could not remember. she felt sad. she lifts up her arms so he can pull the mail over them*
Maltriel: *assists him in pulling the mail halberk over her head and assists in unfolding any rolls in the mail*
Madurz: *what was his facination with this woman of Rohan? she sighs...takes the mail and puts it on...she stays in the for moments longer however...pricessing random thoughts*
Angmar: *He takes a black boiled leather brigandine from the orc who brought the mail*
Angmar: My lady, this goes next *He puts it on her and helps her buckle it in the back*
Madurz: *the fact that she was to wear this meant possible danger...she welcomed it...and after all recent events would welcome with spilling of blood if it was to be*
Maltriel: *she feels the brigandine slightly tighten against her torso* thank you my lord
Angmar: *He goes back to the orc and takes from him a cape and a hood*
Madurz: *she exits the room and moves into the other but stands at a distance*
Angmar: *Madurz will find similar garmets and mail in the room where she has gone*
Angmar: *he puts the cape over her and attachs it with a broch with the emblem of the Great Eye emblazened upon it, then drapes the hood over her head*
Angmar: *He stands back from her* Ah, you look quite grand, my lady
Maltriel: *she looks at him and smiles* thank you my lord... you are very kind
Maltriel: *wishes she could remember him better*
Madurz: *tilts her head from side to side cracking her neck*
Angmar: *Bends over and kisses her lightly on the forehead and says* This is for luck, my lady, and success
Maltriel: *beams* thank you my lord
Angmar: As you can see, I am already dressed in the manner as are you
Angmar: *Angmar, and the two women dressed as Nazgul, must then leave the Dark Tower and go to where the fell beasts are kept*
Angmar: *When they all arrive, they will see a huge fell beast, bigger than any other seen upon Middle Earth yet. He must be large to carry the combined weight of all three and their mail and weapons*
Angmar: *So large is he that the orcs have constructed a mounting platform with steps leading up to it*
Angmar: *He leads Maltriel up the steps and helps her upon the beast* Maltriel, you will ride in front of me, for you are still weak from your sickness. I can hold you better, in case you should start to slip
Angmar: *He then gets in the saddle of the beast. The saddle is a big war saddle with a high back*
Angmar: *he waits for Madurz to ascend the mounting platform and take her place behind him*
Maltriel: *she marveled at all the sites she saw as she followed angmar her love, but most amazing was the great fell beast, the likes of which she had never seen before*
Madurz: *she looked up to them silently with steel stare and then sits mounts the beast behind him*
Maltriel: *she settles into her seat in front of angmar, almost sitting in his lap* thank you lord... you are most kind, and considerate, always watching out for my health
Angmar: Are you both secure in your places?
Madurz: yes
Maltriel: yes my lord angmar *she wishes she could remember him, and her past*
Angmar: *Then he digs spurs into the beast, and the beast moves its powerful wings and begins to go up into the air*
Angmar: Maltriel, do not be afraid. You are safe in my arms
Madurz: *she gnaws at her bottom lip*
Maltriel: *she grasps the front part of the saddle as the beast begins to fly, instictively holding on and keeping her balance with her legs*
Angmar: *He thinks to himself... She is remembering. She knows how to ride a horse. Why should she not know how to ride a beast?*
Angmar: *He still thinks to himself... it is well she still remembers that, but she will not be allowed to remember much more*
Angmar: *The beast, its wings more mighty than any eagle upon Middle Earth will soon take them far past Lugburz and over the plains of Gorgoroth*
Madurz: *she looks down and tries to lose herself in the sights rather than the spectacle in front of her*
Angmar: *he bends his head and puts his mouth near Maltriel's ear, for he knows that if he did not the wind would blow his words back to Madurz*
Maltriel: *she sighs and relaxes, glad that her hood does not have a long lilitrippe that would tickle his face as he steared the mighty beast*
Angmar: *They fly past the plains of Gorgogoth, and the mountains of shadow. Then they cross the Anduin and soon they see the fields of Pelenor and the ruins of Minas Tirith*
Angmar: *He whispers in her ear* Do you not remember, Maltriel? You lived here, once, and I came across the river and paid you court at the White City
Maltriel: *she concentrates deeply as she looks down at the scenery below her* yes, my lord... i... i think i do... slowly perhaps it will come clear to me
Madurz: *she mumbled..her vioce preactically inaudible* urrurz.....Sharlob gâdhûmûrz
Maltriel: but the city, is all in ruins.... and it looks like there was a great battle there... please could you tell me more?
Angmar: *His hearing is exceptional and he says over his shoulder to Madurz, who is riding behind the saddle* amul, amul Madurz (patience, patience)
Angmar: *his words take on a persuasive note and he speaks into Maltriel's ear, attempting to poison her mind even more*
Angmar: My lady, it grieves me to tell you this, but armies from the West came here and their leader called Aragorn slew your uncle and beheaded him here
Maltriel: *gasps... beliving his every word* oh no! i cannot even remember my uncle. what of this war? how goes it?
Angmar: *The beast slows its flight and circles high over the battlefield. To all those who might be below, they see faintly in the air a fell beast and what appears to be three Nazgul*
Angmar: *But they do not fear it, for all below are orcs now building garrison*, and from below comes a great cheer from the orcs, who say* Broshan! Broshan! Gothu Mordor-ob!
Angmar: The war goes well for us, my lady, but still, these murderers of your uncle, slayers of your people, have sulked from the battlefield, and attempted to go far to the West to regroup and fall upon our land
Maltriel: it is good news that the war goes well for our side, but what of the enemy? do they outnumber us? will they regroup with larger numbers and fall upon our people?
Angmar: Aye, my lady, I am afraid it is so. We are horribly outnumbered, and if not some good fortune befalls us, it might not go well for us
Angmar: *He knows the forces of Mordor, though many were killed at Pelennor, outnumber the Armies of the West by many men*
Madurz: *as much as she hated that this woman was still alive she did enjoy the degree of humiliation*
Angmar: *The beast continues circling*
Angmar: We won the battle of Pelennor, but it was grievious to us. The enemy may have retreated, but will come back in greater fury, so we prepare defenses here at Gondor
Madurz: *trying to calm she closes her eyes and her mind begins to think of other things since she needed not pay close attention to his tales*
Angmar: You were taken to our capitol at Lugburz long before the war started, to keep you safe
Angmar: Your country, Gondor, has long been a willing vassal to Mordor, where Lord Annatar is the liege lord, and your people gladly follow him
Maltriel: *she feels fear as an image of massive armies of the west attacking with great fury fills her mind*
Maltriel: my lord, my past seems to be fitting together now.... and wilst in lugburz i fell sick before we could be wed?
Angmar: Aye, my lady, that is the truth, but I fear the fulfillment of our joy must wait until more peaceful times
Maltriel: *she feels sad and frightened as parts of her past start to piece themselves in her mind....*
Maltriel: *she was of gondor... a vassal state of mordor, the lord of that country was named annatar, and ruled from the capitol lugburz*
Angmar: Have you seen enough, my dear?
Maltriel: indeed the carnage of the battle must have been horrible, the battle at which my uncle fell. he must have been a loyal subject of mordor and lord annatar. it seems that armies overwhelming will attack and besiege our land... tell me lord are you also a knight?
Angmar: *In his mind, he laughs at her, but does not feel the deception is complete. Then it will take more draughts of the potion mixture before he can fully believe that she is truly, completely in a spell strong enough to hold her for what he has planned*
Angmar: Yes, my lady, I am both knight and king, both warrior and ruler, and we will need every last one to fight against the Armies of the West, for they are aided by a wicked sorcerer called Mithrandir, or Gandalf
Maltriel: my lord indeed that is a noble position, to both rule and fight
Madurz: *her mind becomes aware again at this point at mention of the name Gandalf*
Maltriel: i would like perhaps to fight by your side and protect our lands from the evil west
Angmar: *He wheels the beast back towards Mordor, going slowly over the scenes of carnage at Minas Tirith, Pelennor and Osgiliath*
Madurz: *memory flashes in her head...she lay helpless with tear stained cheeks as Elrond look to her and Gandalf with hands placed on her head and chanting*
Angmar: My lady, only if we were at the point of defeat would I allow you to fight. Besides, you do not know how *The beast picks up spead when it passes the Anduin*
Maltriel: *she looks down at the battlefield below, her mind filled with images of the horrors of war*
Madurz: *she shakes her head and closes her eyes letting the wind rush upon her face*
Maltriel: why wait until defeat, when there is no hope? let me fight now, and not be condemned to idle worry and sloth
Angmar: My lady Maltriel, we will talk of that at another time. We must now go on. Perhaps I shall teach you how to use a blade, so that you may defend yourself, should the time come
Maltriel: you are saying that i am a woman and my part is int he house. but when the men have died in battle and honor, i am left to be burned in it, for the men will need it no more
Angmar: Did I say anything of the kind? Nay, I did not, Maltriel
Angmar: *Yet he wants to see her volunteer to fight, for that fits right in to what he had planned for her. He knows her mind now, and she would fear that if she only knew*
Maltriel: i will learn how to fight, to wield a blade... anything to protect my land... what is left of it... and the land of my lord
Angmar: *The journey back is quick and uneventful, and soon the beast is landed beside the mounting platform*
Angmar: Madurz, you may get down first
Angmar: *The orcs wait upon the platform to aid her*
Madurz: *she swings her leg over and leaps down*
Angmar: *he throws his right leg over and drops to the platform and helps Maltriel down*
Madurz: *walks a bit ahead and stops...looking over the land*
Angmar: *he takes Maltriel's arm and guides her back*
Maltriel: *she is glad to get back on the ground and stretches her legs as she walks* thank you my lord. my past is coming back to me now. i trust that you will consider my words?
Angmar: My lady, I will do as I said before. You will only fight after you learn how, and not until there is need. *Yet, this is not a command*
Angmar: But come, you need to rest *He guides her towards his private quarters*
Madurz: *watches them disappear from sight*
Maltriel: *she turns to him and says in determined voice* i will rest now, but when the time comes, i will fight... and not when all is lost and the chance of doing great deeds is gone
Angmar: *He calls to Madurz* I am not through with you yet, Madurz. I will call for you later
Angmar: *He opens the door for Maltriel and follows her through the door and closes it behind him*
Angmar: Maltriel, let me help you with your armor
Maltriel: no... let me do it *she pulls off her hood and unfastenes her cape, laying them on a nearby stool*
Maltriel: it will be practice for me, when i fight in the great war
Angmar: As you will, and while you attend to that, I will mix something to help you sleep
Angmar: *He goes to his cabinet, his back towards her and mixes the contents of three vials.... one of them is the silver vial, whose contents glow slightly*
Angmar: *he pours them into a goblet and takes it back to her*
Maltriel: *her head resting on her chest, she reaches behind her back and deftly unfastens the buckles which secure her brigandine... her fingers nimble as if doing an art she has done all her life*
Maltriel: *she lays it neatly upon the stool. she pulls up her chain mail halberk, rolling it as she goes as so it does not slip out of her grasp*
Angmar: *he stands beside her, holding the goblet*
Maltriel: *for mail can be slippery and hard to take on and off... but how she knows this she does not know. she does it out of habit and thinks not of what she does. she places the hallberk upon the stool, and turns to face angmar... a pleased expression on her face. she could do this. she would learn how to fight, for mordor... for gondor... to wrath and the worlds ending* thank you my lord...
Maltriel: you always look out for my health....
Angmar: *He hands the goblet to her*
Angmar: Drink, my lady, and may your dreams be restful
Angmar: *This potion does not have the draught of forgetfulness, but it is a potion that will make her already vulnerable will give more to his*
Maltriel: *she drinks the contents of the goblet and hands it back to him*
Angmar: *He takes the goblet from her and sets it down on the stool with her halberk*
Angmar: My lady, now you must go and rest. Your things have already been taken to your room, and one of my trusted orcs will take you back to your own room
Angmar: But you must put on your cloak, for the night air is chilly
Angmar: *he drapes it over her shoulders*
Maltriel: *smiles groggily at him* thank you my lord... i know you care for my health. i am sure i will sleep well. in fact, i feel......sleeepy... now...
Maltriel: *stumbles toward the door*
Angmar: *He walks over to steady her, and turns her around to face him* But not before kissing your lord goodnight?
Maltriel: *she looks up at his face into his eyes... the eyes of aragorn it seems to her. her own eyes flutter with weariness but she fights the sleep that comes upon her* of... course.. my lord
Maltriel: angmar... my love..
Angmar: *he takes her in his arms, bends his head over and kisses her, his lips lingering on hers* Goodnight, my sweet Maltriel. Sleep well
Angmar: *He calls the orcs outside the door. They come in to escort her to her room*
Maltriel: *she stumbles over to the orcs, smiling groggily and adoringly at angmar* goodnight my love! *waves faintly* i think... i think... i shall dream of you. it will be.... be... a good dream
Maltriel: farewell! *she calls back as the orcs take her back to her room*
Angmar: Farewell, my love, Maltriel

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