Nazgûl Story Listing Rules

The top foremost all-important rule is that the story MUST have the Nazgûl as primary characters. If they are merely secondary to the storyline, go someplace else for a link.

We will not list stories that make a mockery of canon characters or have such a flimsy pretense for a plotline that they reach beyond the limits of absurdity.

No slapstick out-of-character humor pieces. That means no stories in which the Nazgûl fly fighter jets and bomb Rivendell with nuclear bombs, or do anything of like nature. We are just as serious and unyielding as the tomb.

No pure smut PWP's will be accepted.

We will not accept stories that involve the names of the actual actors or actresses who appeared in the films as characters.

The archivists are not fond of slash stories, but we will consider them for inclusion in the links based on individual merit and quality of writing. (See PWP rule above)

Non-English story links are accepted. However, please give a description and rating in English.

All ratings from G to NC-17 are allowed.

That is it until we can think up some more.

Send your link to the webmaster. There are no promises, however, that your link will be listed. Elfhild and Angmar are the final judges.

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