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Novels and Longer Stories
Action and Adventure
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Other Collections of Stories

Novels and Longer Stories

The Tides of War by Minubell - Ar-Pharazon expects an army. He expects a fight, the sort of battle to be immortalized in tapestries and stonework for all time. A grand affair to prove the might of Numenor, and show their triumph where all others have failed. What he does not expect, is for the so-called King of Kings to emerge from his towers of stone and iron, unarmored and armed with only a pleasant smile. “My armies have fled,” He informs them all plainly. “It seems I have no choice but to surrender myself into your mercy, Ar-Pharazon the Golden.”

His Corrupted Mind by FateMagician - Inconnu Naeril, a young woman of half-elven blood and the legendary Huntress of the North, is tasked with a singular purpose when the threat of Sauron strengthens. A task that has been hers since before her birth, and since the fall of Arnor. There was a second part to Glorfindel's prophecy, a chance to not only destroy the Witch-King of Angmar but also to save him.

His Corrupted Heart by FateMagician - Inconnu Naeril has freed the Witch-King's mind from Sauron's darkness, but he remains steadfast in his master's ways and refuses to turn away from his current path despite his conviction having been shaken by her words. A path that will lead to his ultimate destruction. Despite his words to her however, the Witch-King finds that he is unable to forget Inconnu and that it would not be the last time they would meet. Now heavily injured and greatly weakened from the fires of the Fangorn Forest, only Inconnu is able to help him. In this, the Witch-King must learn to trust her in order to not only heal from his wounds, but also for them both to come out alive in face of the coming dangers. For Inconnu, this will give her the chance to free his corrupted heart.

His Corrupted Soul by FateMagician - The Witch-King of Angmar has returned to his throne in Minas Morgul, back under the shadow of Sauron, and is to lead the Mordor Host to battle against the Men of the West. However, now he has to hide the freedom of his mind and heart from his master in order to protect the one who holds his heart. Inconnu Naeril races to Minas Tirith, again chasing after the wraith who now has also taken her heart with him, in the hopes she will reach him before the final battle of good versus evil can start. However easy her journey might be getting there, it is wait awaits her that will truly challenge her resolve and test her metal in war. All this, and the chance to finally free the Witch-King from his corrupted soul.

Dawn of Another Day by Jane Lu - The two of them never expected to receive a second chance, a major role to play in the war against Morgoth who had returned from the Void. But do they have a choice when the consequences of losing means the destruction of Middle-earth? -Dagor Dagorath AU-

The Price of a Free Mind by Jane_Lu - An ultimate price was once paid to gain immortality and power, but in the end all he received was bound servitude and the loss of everything he once held dear. Only then did the Lord of the Nazgûl realize that he had to pay a price once again to regain a free mind, regardless that it might cost him his life this time.

Apr 1, 2018 - The Hazards of Self-Taught Magic by Uvatha the Horseman - Prince Tindomul (the Witch King of Angmar) plans to sail from Númenor to Valinor in an early attempt to break the Ban.

Wraith by Uvatha the Horseman - How the Witch King of Angmar entered Sauron's service. (For the second half of the Second Age, while he was wearing the Ring, Sauron stopped using aliases and went by his given name, Mairon.)

Plague Comes to Dol Guldur by Uvatha the Horseman - It is the year 1637 in the Third Age. The Great Plague has just devastated Osgiliath and is moving north towards Mirkwood. Safe in Dol Guldur, Sauron thinks he won't catch it. He is wrong.

Hostage by Uvatha the Horseman - 80 years before the War of the Ring, one of Arathorn's rangers is captured and imprisoned in Dol Guldur. Arathorn tries to free him by capturing a Nazgûl and offering to trade.

The Hunt Through the Shire by Uvatha_the_Horseman - The Nazgul enter the Shire and fan out to search for the Ring.

The Flight From Dol Guldur by Uvatha_the_Horseman - Sauron flees Dol Guldur and returns to Mordor after Gandalf exposes his identity.

The Bridge over Osgiliath by Uvatha the Horseman - Three weeks after the War of the Ring would have been (AU), Frodo's mission has failed, and Sauron has the Ring. Yet during the Second Age, Sauron suffered one humiliating defeat after another, even while wearing the Ring. He fears Gondor as much as they fear him. Sauron/Melkor.

Nine plus One by avpke - The Nine were Sauron's greatest, strongest and deadliest servants. They were able to kill simply by causing fear within their enemies, wielding their weapons with ease, and could not be killed. But… What are these dark creatures doing in their free time? And what if the Witch King had a 5 year old daughter?

Azruphel by whyyouacknsocraycray - A young girl raised to follow Sauron and the Nazgûl gets a chance to see the other side when she meets a prisoner named Strider.

Forsaken by BSplendens - The Witch-King was already dead when Sauron fell, and seven of the Nine followed him. Mount Doom's fire is not known for leaving survivors. One wretched being survived, though. One weak, shaky, near-dead Ringwraith. Wish him luck. He'll need it to survive what the world will throw at him. LISTED AS UNRATED; Pay Attention To The Story's Content Warnings.

Nazgul by DixieLeDix - Sauron will find his Nine to rule men.

The Circles by Angmar and Elfhild - The West was defeated at the Battle of Pelennor Fields and war swept over Southern Gondor and then into Rohan. To the dismay of all the Free People of Middle-earth, the Dark Lord Sauron regained the One Ring, His rising power threatening to plunge the world into a second darkness. The tale is told from the eyes of Elfhild and Elffled, two Rohirric maidens who are taken as captives to Mordor; a cast of original characters hailing from the exotic lands to the East and South; the Witch-king of Angmar and his fellows; and even the Dark Lord Sauron Himself. For Mature Readers Only.

The Second Darkness by Angmar, Madurz, Eowyn and Hobbitness - What if Mordor had won the War of the Rings and the Ring had been found and returned to Sauron? The original alternate universe creative writing project which inspired "The Circles." Angmar and Khamûl are prominent characters. Rates anywhere from G to R.

Gathering of the Nine by Barazinbar - Nine rings in hand, Sauron travels Middle-Earth, searching for the nine who would become the most feared of his servants. After six of the Nazgul are assembled, Sauron and his most trusted arrive in Numenor to rot the heart of Middle-Earth's most proud realm, all the while looking for the last three to complete the Nine Riders. NOTE: This story has a different take on the Nazgul, recasting some of them as women.

Rise of Angmar by Barazinbar - Picking up where Gathering of the Nine left off, it is now the Third Age of Middle-Earth, the One Ring is lost, and Sauron is weakened. The Nazgul must go into hiding or be destroyed by the victorious Last Alliance. But vigilance cannot be maintained eternally, and evil in the form of Angmar returns, headed by the Morgoth-possessed Witch-King and his not-so-faithful lieutenant Khamul, who finds herself attracting all sorts of attention, from all the wrong people. NOTE: This story has a different take on the Nazgul, recasting some of them as women.

Crowned With Flowers by Barazinbar - As the Third Age draws to a close, Caradhras's prophecy looms over Khamul, who has to come to terms with a world ruled by Sauron or Morgoth. The Witch-King struggles to prevent Morgoth from taking over his body and mind, and finally, the One Ring has been unearthed, and its reclamation by Sauron or destruction in Mount Doom will decide the fate of the Nazgul.

The Witch-king's Daughter by DarkSyren - The tale of Eleutheria, the Witch-king's daughter, and her lordly father. Rated R.

The Nine by Stormlord - A ten-part story detailing the end of the War of the Ring, shown from the point of view of the Nazgûl.
Chapter One: The Witch-king
Chapter Two: Shadow of the East
Chapter Three: Howl of the Damned
Chapter Four: Dawndeath
Chapter Five: Eyes of the Well
Chapter Six: Phantom Divisions
Chapter Seven: The Court of the Ice King
Chapter Eight: The Mountain's Heart
Chapter Nine: Abominations
Chapter Ten: The End of Days - Part One
Chapter Ten: The End of Days - Part Two
Chapter Ten: The End of Days - Part Three
The Nine Appendix: The Rings of the Nazgul

Children of Darkness ARCHIVE DOWN - MOVING TO AO3 EVENTUALLY by Variscodel - A series about a Dunedain girl who serves the Ringwraiths. Being the daughter of a black magic sorceress, Mithrilia is familiar with many of the Enemy's secrets and she uses them to make her way in life. But black magic corrupts her as well and she ends up a psychotic maiden who delights herself in the macabre...and much more. Rated NC-17 to be safe.

Shadow Over Rhudaur by Northern Kingdom Writers - A RPG-based series set in Arnor in 1347-1348 Third Age. A Dunedain king still sits upon the throne of Rhudaur, but can he endure when faced with both an upstart hillman chieftain and the Witch-king of Angmar? A tale of intrigues and sorcery, treason and loyalty, cruelty and love will take the readers to Cameth Brin, Amon Sûl and Carn Dûm, letting them experience the dangers of 14th century Arnor. Based on LOTR Appendix A, the story is canon-mindful.

Into Darkness by Darkaus - The Nazgul survive the death of Sauron but cannot last without him. Their desperation leads to disastrous consequences for the Fellowship of the Ring. All will be tested, but none will pay for this cosmic error more than the new King of Gondor.

Twisted Fate by Darkaus - What would happen if the Witch King was not slain on the battle field outside Minas Tirith?

The Nazgul Ride Forth by Darkaus - Say the Nazgul hadn't faded once the ring was Destroyed, what would they be willing to unleash to become nine once more?

The Ringwraiths Ride for Mordor by Darkaus - Sequel to The Nazgul Ride Forth.

The Prophesy Ended by Darkaus - Final book in Darkaus' Dark Riders trilogy. Shall darkness end this tale, or light?

And in the Darkness Bind Them: Vol I by SpaceWeavil - This is the story of the nine princes of Men who would in time become Sauron's most feared servants, the Nazgul. This section, Volume One, is centred mainly around their captain, Marillion of Nmenor, who would eventually come to be known as the Witch King of Angmar. Rated R; must be a member of Open Scrolls Archive to view this story. (Registration is free; you do not have to be an author to be a member)

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Action and Adventure

The Lost King by caras_galadhon (Galadriel) - "Still Minas Tirith endured after the days of Eärnur, son of Eärnil, and the last King of Gondor. He it was that rode alone to the gates of Minas Morgul to meet the challenge of the Morgul-lord; and he met him in single combat, but he was betrayed by the Nazgûl and taken alive into the city of torment, and no living man saw him ever again." - The Silmarillion. Rated Mature.

Eärnur's Pride by Aerenos - In TA 2050, the Witch-king of Angmar challenged Eärnur, King of Gondor to single combat, to settle a previous matter of honour. Eärnur accepted the challenge and rode to Minas Morgul with a small party of knights, but they did not return and nothing was heard of their fate. This short-short details the thoughts and actions of Tormbiril, one of the knights of Gondor who accompanied his King to the gates of Minas Morgul.

Ballads of Time by serenlyall - "All Along the Watchtower" - Before the walls of Angmar, the Witch-king faces fear. Part of an anthology series.

And in the darkness bind them by FakeCirilla9 - East and west bonding over love for horses.

Haunted by FakeCirilla9 - The scene where Radagast goes to check what Evil lurks in Dol Guldur, told from the perspective of said Evil.

Quest for the Ring by Senna Raye - It's the first book in Fellowship, in the ringwraith's point of view.

Far off yet is his doom by Anonymous - Eärnur, the last king of Gondor, rides to Minas Morgul to face the Witch-king.

Varanat Augas, Fatoft Pros by Silenthunder - We are nearing our goal. The Ring is close. We sense it. Our prey has fled, but we will catch them. We will win tonight.

The First Duel on Amon Sûl by Forged In Fire and Flame - "I've always wondered how Gandalf fought against the Nazgul on Weathertop. So I decided to create my own one-shot."

Northern Shadow-Ice by TurinTurimbar - The Witch-King has come to Angmar to destroy Arnor! Who will stop him?

Eowyn and the Slaying of The Nazgul by Ottis413 - Eowyn and the slaying of The Nazgul, set in a futuristic setting with jet fighters, black helicopters, and cyborgs.

The Ruled and Bound by Tolkien'sInkwell - The attack on Weathertop, from the perspective of the Witch-King.

Morgul by SpaceWeavil - The story of the final confrontation between Earnur of Gondor and the Witch King of Angmar. Rated R; must be a member of Open Scrolls Archive to view this story. (Registration is free; you do not have to be an author to be a member)

Descent of the Shadows by Blackgenius - After the fall of Sauron, the spirits of the Nazgul were scattered. Now, afer a thousand years of watchful peace, the Ringwraiths once again prepare assault on the free peoples of Middle Earth.

Uvatha the Nazgûl by Gina Storey - The Ninth Nazgûl is challenged by Gandalf and Aragorn.

Dreadwing by Fëadan
ARCHIVE DOWN; MOVING TO AO3 The Black Captain goes for a midnight ride. Rated R for violence and foul language. Hamster lovers may be offended.

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Her Waters He Drinks by ChibiStarr - The Witch-King never can have enough of the one who was bold enough to defy him, the one who so incredibly alive--while he is not. Witch-king/Eowyn darkfic. Rated Mature.

Iron Maiden by JackOfNone - The Witch-King sees that the shieldmaiden of Rohan longs for death, and brings her to be its bride. Witch-king/Eowyn darkfic. Rated Explicit.

Three Times Taken by vanessa_cardui - "You are dead," she said. He made no answer, but his hand reached out, a broken, twisted thing of bone and of dark smoke, and it seized Éowyn around her throat, as cold as death, colder, so cold and so strong that she could not breathe at all. Witch-king/Eowyn darkfic. Rated Mature.

Brother by Elektra Pendragon (elekdragon) - As Frodo slips into the shadows, he becomes one with the Wraiths.

The Terror of Rushy Hollow by Vulgarweed - One dark autumn night in the Shire, a rejected suitor leaves a harvest festival with a heavy heart - and a head swimming with eerie stories. Particularly of a new terror never seen in the Shire before: the ghastly spectre the locals call the Faceless Horseman. Inspired by "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving.

All shall fade by FakeCirilla9 - A story of one of the Nine becoming a wraith.

Severed Ties by Lord Blossom - Two hobbits begin their life together by celebrating their marriage, only to be interrupted by a Nazgul on the hunt for the ring.

Beneath Death's Wings by LadyHawksShadow - The brave Faramir encounters the Witch-King. Slash, NC-17.

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the deep breath before the plunge by starlightwalking - In the days preceding the Downfall, four young Faithful Númenóreans face their fates before the final blow is dealt. (The character Rôthi is a female Nazgul.)

Nyctophobia by Whack_the_beetle - She feared the night because in the darkness he came. Darkness he was himself, and darkness rose up to greet him. Cold and dread flew on the tails of his cloak, surrounding him and preceding him like a cloud of twilight carrion birds. If only she hadn’t been such a rotten coward, she could have - and should have - killed herself long ago before she listened to any more of his honey-coated lies, but in a moment of weakness even the tainted, snaring words of a foe can offer treacherous consolation.

Rolling in the Deep (First Version) by ShadowofSquirldor - Words were perilous and deadly; the cause of great pain and suffering they had proven to be. But for all their peril, coveted they were for there was no greater path to forgetfulness and momentary bliss. And surely there was nothing sweeter nor deadlier than a conversation with the dark. But the dark talked from all sides of its mouth, with many voices, and different faces. Author is rewriting story: Rolling in the Deep (Rewrite)

Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday by Naamah_Beherit - When the end is nigh, there is only one thing to do - accept decisions that have led to it.

Nowhere by EbonyKitty552 - The price of power. Part of an anthology series.

The Living and the Dead by FrostedPurpleIrises91 - The prophecy of Glorfindel had come to pass. The Witch-king of Angmar was not slain by a man but a woman in the guise of one. She had freed him from his bonds to Sauron but then he found himself bound to this shieldmaiden of Rohan and unable to accept his death just yet. Movie-centric. Unrequited Eowyn/Witch-king, hinted Eowyn/Faramir.

Apr 1, 2011 - Adunaphel's Wager by Uvatha the Horseman - 100 years before the War of the Ring, Adunaphel, the seventh Nazgûl and only female, makes a high-stakes bet with Sauron that could cost him his virtue. Nazgûl/Sauron.

The Ninth by the Random Oliphaunt - Nine nobles took the rings of power, but their reasons were not all the same. Nazgûl/Nazgûl; F/M pairing.

A Shadow's Gift by earthspot - Prompted by a published "crackpot theory" that the Witch-King and Tom Bombadil are one and the same person.

The Nine by the_pale_rider - Word has reached the Dark Lord Sauron that the One Ring has been found. The Nine gather in Minas Morgul to receive their orders.

something dark is coming by lupinely - Tar-Míriel meets her fate in the flooding of Númenor; but rather than her end, it proves to be her beginning as Sauron’s most loyal servant. Female Witch-king.

A Witchy Queen by comrade_valerie - Tar-Míriel gains power for herself, finally. Female Witch-king.

of comfort no man speak by starlightwalking - Tar-Míriel does not fear death. Female Witch-king.

Cold be hand and heart and bone by Fey_archive (Feanoriel) - How the Lord of the Nazgûl came in the Middle Earth.

The Ninth Black Rider by brokibrodinson - Worn down by the decades of ceaseless fighting, Talion finally surrenders himself to the powers of darkness. Inspired by the 'true' ending of Shadow of War. Talion/Witch-king; Talion/Celebrimbor. Rated Mature.

I belong to no one by aronoiiel - Some point during the fourth age powes shift. The world changes. And the Void breaks. Morgoth has returned and taken over the thrown of his brother Manwë. Still fighting the remainjng cells of defiant elves, maia, and valar Morgoth gives his most loyal people gifts. Angmar has only one elf he wants to see suffer in his hands. The House of the Golden Flower will have their Lord kneeling and begging before him. Rated Mature.

After The World's Ending by Rubynye - Afterwards, he is and is not transformed. Nazgul meets Maglor by the Sea.

Memento Vivere by ThirteenthHour - Of the Nine Walkers, there was one who fell; of the Nine Riders, there was one who lived.

Fate Makes Itself Known by SolitaryPeak - Above all else, men desire power. This Sauron knew when crafting the rings of power. But how did Khamul, a Lord of Rhun, fall into the Dark Lord's hands? What made him follow the Witch King, Ungossë, into his service?

So much to lose by Alannada - When they accepted the rings their lives as mortals ended. They lost much more than the gift of Iluvatar. Their personalities vanishing over years, their will and mind never free again. They had only one future now - all of them. No longer proud rulers, but mindless slaves.

A Long-Expected Visitor by Marta - Fatty awaits the arrival of the Nazgûl at Crickhollow.

In Darkness by apprentice wordsmith - "Then why do these black horses endure such riders? All other animals are terrified when they draw near, even the elf-horse of Glorfindel," Frodo said, and Gandalf replied, "Because these horses are born and bred to the service of Mordor." So, how do you train these horses? And what happens afterward? A story of hope and healing.

Irréversible by Arka1248 - The last days of Sauron, the Witch-king and Khamul from their point of view.

The Lord of the Nazgul lives by emperorofmultiverse - AU. what if The Witch-king hadn't died.

Isilmo, WitchKing of Angmar by Lleian - On the Witch King of Angmar and his wife. Their downfall and deaths and ultimately his resurrection.

The Unwilling by Thundera Tiger - When the White Council drove Sauron out of Dol Guldur, Elladan found himself separated from his group and forced to seek refuge. Unfortunately, his would-be-refuge was already spoken for. A chance encounter between two desperate characters.

The Horseman's Request by PurpleArmadillo - The Witch-king visits the Barrow-downs during the Hunt for the Ring, and rouses the evil spirits of the Barrow-wights.

Shadows and Memories by Mirach - They walked in each other's shadow, and only after their meeting, they can be free. Éowyn and the Witch-king ­ let each of them tell you their story...

Go West Young Ork by deadbeard - Before the battle of Minas Tirith, there was a final march to doom. The valorous march to war though they know the evil before them is great and terrible. Yet meet their doom they shall.

Shadow by Arsenic Allure - Light was not attractive anymore, and even through the pale shine that she presented, I saw a darkness that was tainted: something like a shadow.

The Transformation of the Witch King by Charis77 - A conversation between Sauron and the man who will become the Witch-king.

Fifiru by Aruthir - In a dark time, something darker still begins to take shape.

A Forgotten Casualty by Thundera Tiger - Set during the third chapter of FotR (Three is Company), this fic takes a look at a character that had a few thoughts but then vanished completely from the story. Why did he vanish? Well, that's what this story explains. And it includes a surprise guest star at the end.

Night and Fog by Azalias - "They reached the west-shores of Anduin a little north of Sarn Gebir, as they had trysted; and there received horses and raiment that were secretly ferried over the River." What a lad from the Eastemnet saw one night in July 3018 on the banks of the Anduin.

Gentlemen's Agreement by Khazar Khum - What really happened to Earnur?

Of Earnur, Last King of Gondor by Alcina - Why did the last King of Gondor ride to his destruction in response to a goad from the Lord of the Nazgul, ending the Line of Kings? This explains from his POV how he was "decieved" by the Dark Lord of Mordor.

That Way by Werecat - The tale of the black cat that features in the film at the Prancing Pony. Although this story is inspired from movieverse, it relies heavily on Tolkien's writings and his poem "The Cat and the Fiddle."

Dark Horse by Varia ARCHIVE DOWN; MOVED TO AO3 Lectio - "Some years ago the Lord of the Black Land wished to purchase horses of us at great price, but we refused him, for he puts beasts to evil use. Then he sent plundering Orcs, and they carry off what they can, choosing always the black horses..." ~Eomer of Rohan. A story about the steed of the Witch-King, and how he came to be free.

Embrace the Darkness As It Descends by Cold Like Fire - During the early hours of the morning, a man suffering from insomnia comtemplates a certain "gift" he has been given...

Darkness Remains by Khamul - What if after Sauron's defeat, the Nazgûl remained? And what effect would that have on the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor?

The Easterling by Khamul - A Ringwraith's history... before becoming a servant to Sauron.

The Ring and the Crown by Vulgarweed - A gothic romance and mad ambition combine to seduce a mortal man into being a Nazgul. Slash. Rated NC-17.

A Mission of Diplomacy by LdyBastet - The Balrog was the servant of Morgoth, and so was Sauron, and they are both Maiar, so by definition, it is way higher on the food chain compared to the WitchKing of Angmar. Witch-king/Balrog. Rated R.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Erunyauve - The life and times of the one who would become Witch-King of Angmar. Why does Sauron choose him, and why does he trust him?

Lord of Carrion by Philosopher At Large - The Witch-king's thoughts in that critical moment on the Pelennor.

Nazgûl Tales by Murasaki99 - Includes "Windwalker," "Windwalker Healing," "Windwalker Aftershock," "Dark Waters," "The Hospitality of Tirion," "Just an Old Friend" and "First Aid." Various pairings, both het and slash. Stories are rated PG to R.

A Forgotten Casualty by Thundera Tiger - Set during the Fellowship of the Ring chapter "Three is Company," this fic takes a look at a character that had a few thoughts but then vanished completely from the story. Includes a surprise guest star at the end.

The Easterling by Haleth Aldea - A story of Khamûl's life before he became a ringwraith. The author portrays him as being a king of the eastern kingdom of Rhûn.

The Witch-king's Fury by SAURON - The Witch-King's reaction after the failed assault on Amon Sul's remains.

Abjured by San Antonio Rose - In which the Witch-king of Angmar meets his Maker.

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honeyed poison by starlightwalking - The Witch-king of Angmar takes what is hers.. Female Witch-king/Non-binary Khamul. Rated Mature.

Of Shadows and Tenderness by TrashqueenofAngmar91 - A collection of fourteen stories told in Second Person Perspective which pair the reader with the Witch-king. In these tales, the reader becomes the wife of the Morgul Lord and romance ensues... Stories range from sweet to sexy to spooky. Ratings vary from General through Explicit; see individual story warnings.

Thou Pluckest Me Out by heartstone - The moonlight falls on a skeletal hand clutching a dark strand of hair. The Witch-King watches over his Master. Witch-king/Sauron.

First and Last by Innin - The first of the Nazgûl pays a visit to the last of them. Female Nazgûl/Female Nazgûl. Rated Explicit.

Stand by EbonyKitty552 - Sauron is not above using seduction—all types of seduction—to entice his prey into his waiting trap. Witch-king/Sauron. Listed as Unrated; sexual references. Read author's warnings.

At the banks of Anduin by MaryLaRosa - The Witch-king is resting near the Great river and sees a man taking a bath in it. Witch-king/Sauron.

Lust for power by FakeCirilla9 - A short story about two Nazgûls. The Witchking of Angmar and Khamûl, Shadow of the East, aren't the best at working out their differences. Witch-king/Khamûl. Rated Explicit.

Lord of Minas Morgul by Not_A_Vampire - Your fingertips lingered on his cheek. "You've never said anything about how you found me or why our destinies are intertwined. You don't have to." Reader/Witch-king; Story Told in Second Person Perspective

The Fallen by Not_A_Vampire - The War of the Ring is over and you have returned to Minas Morgul, drawn by the shadows of the past. What happens when you find one? Reader/Khamûl; Story Told in Second Person Perspective

The Dream by Not_A_Vampire - Shadows were growing deeper in the forests where you walked. Summer shortened and Spring was weaker, but you found beauty in the colours of Autumn and the snows of Winter. Thusly you lingered in the woodland you called home, though your kin departed for brighter lands. Your heart was at peace, and the amber gem that hung ever about your neck glowed golden. But peace cannot last. Reader/Khamûl; Story Told in Second Person Perspective

Sunset and Sunrise by Not_A_Vampire - You had been in this world for many lifetimes and it had been a very long time since you had felt such darkness. Bracing yourself you opened the front door and waited. Light spilled out around you onto the ground outside, and the rider stopped at the edge of it. "Who goes?" you called. "A stranger," came the reply in a strange voice, "and I have business here if you could direct me." Reader/Nazgûl; Story Told in Second Person Perspective

Fluffy Nazgul by ShadowofSquirldor - "This is a series of crack-fics, but they're not just crack-fics. No. They're even worse. Yes, that's right, they're fluffy crack-fics." Inspired by author's "Rolling in the Deep" stories. Romance/Humor. Witch-king/Original Female Character.

The Cursed Queen of Angmar by Khazar Khum - What would have happened if the Witch-king of Angmar had married a Rhudaurian princess? Witch-king/Original Female Character. Rated R.

Your First, My Second by patchworkdove ARCHIVE DOWN; MOVED TO A03 - The Witch-king of Angmar's loyalty to Sauron surpasses that of a faithful servant; he is utterly devoted to his Master. Begins within the Two Towers timeline. Witch-king/Sauron. Mature audiences.

A Love Named by FalconWind - The Witch-king's love pleads with him not to ride away to battle. Witch-king/Original Female Character.

Death and Flowers by SkyFire2 - A Ringwraith meets his match... in more ways than one! Witch-king/Original Female Character.

Only Eyes to See by ChristineX - Sarah falls into Middle Earth and ends up captured by the Lord of the Nazgul. Unfortunately, it just gets worse from there. Witch-king/Original Female Character. Rated M for the usual sex and violence.

The King of the Nazgul by queenBaldwinIV - Story of the the Witch King and an elf named Arshorina. Witch-king/Original Female Character. Mature audiences.

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Snowfall by Not_A_Vampire - At home it would have been Christmas Day. Those times were far behind you now, but at times like these you missed them. Orcs and Nazgûl don't care for holiday decorating. Or do they? Romance. Reader/Khamûl; Story Told in Second Person Perspective

The Best Gifts Are Homemade by Elfhild - Yuletide comes to Barad-dûr, and Annatar, Lord of Gifts, has a sack full of presents for his most loyal servants, the Nazgûl.

Ghosts of Midwinters Past by Elfhild - Though Midwinter's Eve is oft a time for feasting and making merry - whether celebrating the return of the sun or the longest night of the year - the festive evening does not always bring joy, but sorrow and memories. 'Twas the night before Yule in the City of the Wraiths.

A Mirkwood Solstice by Thundera Tiger - It's time for the Winter Solstice, and a few of Mirkwood's inhabitants are more than ready to celebrate. Unfortunately, elves are not among them.

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Drabbles and Vignettes

The Easterling by Haleth Aldea - About the early days of Khamul, the only named Ringwraith, just after he has received his ring of power.

Like Moths by Tolkien'sInkwell - The nine walk to meet their master.

So much to lose by Alannada reviews - When they accepted the rings their lives as mortals ended. They lost much more than the gift of Iluvatar. Their personalities vanishing over years, their will and mind never free again. They had only one future now - all of them. No longer proud rulers, but mindless slaves.

The Witch-King's Travels by elektroboot98 - Here follow the accounts of the Witch-King of Angmar, lord of the Nazgul and former ruler of the lost realm of Angmar. Encompasses the Third Age, starting with events prior to The Hobbit, and continuing through events of The Lord of the Rings.

Darkness Falls by Kara's Aunty - The Witchking of Angmar meets his match(es) on the Pelennor Fields. Part of an anthology series.

Investment by orphan_account - Sauron knows this: to gain worthy servants, you need to put time into it, and build it on something stronger than fear.

The Black Easterling by fredbassett - Death comes to all men. (Khamul's POV)

A Poison Smile by StarSpray - Lady Tanith is well known for her gardens and her potions. Story about Khamul's mother.

The Thoughts of the Servant of the Secret Flame by Larner - Gandalf's thoughts in response to the taunts of the Witch-king of Angmar.

The Annals of Angmar by Aliana - "High she was, and fair." A quasi-AU love story, and an exercise in revisionist history. Female Witch-king. Witch-king/Sauron.

Prophesy by ncfan - No one was really certain why Glorfindel was smiling when he prophesied the doom of the Witch-King.

Even the Proudest Stumble by reginamea - Osgiliath, they had called it. Fortress of the Stars. It had stood, high and proud, for ages, this capital of the kingdom of Gondor. Now, all that remained was the skeleton of a city, pale bones gleaming in the sunlight.

His Doom by alexcat - The Witch-King believes himself invincible.

The Witch King of Angmar by hennethgalad - Annatar gives Angmar a ring.

The Next Great Step Towards Darkness by octopus_fool - The Witch King was sceptical. It was hard to be anything but sceptical if you had seen the creatures Lord Sauron had previously praised as being “the next great step towards Darkness.”

Not enough by Dark_Earl - A story where Angmar's dreams come true... Or not really? Witch-king/Sauron.

Undying Devotion by HerAwesomeShinyness - The Witch-King of Angmar, what did he think of Eowyn? What was he thinking as they fought? How did he feel about dying? About losing? About his position?

Under Sun and Shadow by OneShotRevolt - Sauron and the Witch-king discuss pets, both human and animal. Part of an anthology of one-shot stories.

A View From the Shadows by Mirach - "Shadows and Memories" - They walked in each other's shadow, and only after their meeting, they can be free. Éowyn and the Witch-king – let each of them tell you their story. Part of an anthology of one-shot stories.

Temptation by chokingonwhys - As the years creep, Egalmothman has faded, as elves will; but not quite the same way as most.

Doomed to Die by TheShadowPanther - The Nazgul reflect upon their servitude to Sauron moments before the destruction of the Ring of Doom brings their deaths.

Respite by Marta - It is good that war is so horrible, or we might grow to like it. One of the Nazgul thinks on the choices circumstance has allowed him.

Nine For Mortal Men by Aruthir - Written originally for a challenge, this is nine drabbles concerning nine Ringwraiths.

Once We Were Great by Ravenclaw_Peredhel - The Nazgul were great and powerful once, or so the stories tell us. At least a few took the Rings that Sauron gave them out of a desire to do good. To help. But Sauron betrayed them, and when he deemed the time right, he devoured them, leaving hollow spirits of terror in the place of men.

Once were Kings by Zimraphel - I am neither this nor that. It is funny how things change once you have power, how you change, at least in their perception. Female Witch-king.

Angmar Reborn by Philoslothical1095 - J.R.R. Tolkien was well known to have believed evil can not create, it merely corrupts. For the Witch King of Angmar death at the hands of a woman freed his soul. This very short sequence details the moment such a corruption ends.

The Transformation of the Witch-king by Charis - How did a once great king become Sauron's most dreaded servant? The thoughts of the changing Witch-king.

The Wraith's Report by Larner - Khamûl is not pleased to have to report to the Mouth of Sauron what he has found on his visit to the Misty Mountains.

Redemption for a King by AzureSpider - Can a Dark Lord's greatest servant be redeemed? The Witch-King's final thoughts and subsequent realization of how miserable his life has been after Eowyn kills him. He finds himself grateful that it happened.

Shadows on the Sands by Xale Darkwing - A Nazgul recollects..

Before My Fall by Aruthir - Pride comes before a fall, and calm comes before a storm. Here is a tale of the Witch-King in Minas Morgul, and of his fatally flawed musings on his doom...

Froth by OrodrethTheTraitor - A Ring-Wraith reflects.

The Warlord by Topgallant - A Ringwraith's history...before becoming a servant to Sauron.

I am the Witch King by l0rdn1hilus - The story of the Witch King, from his inception, to his freedom.

Yule Mathoms 2005 by Gwynnyd - Juno-Magic and Aranel Took offered a Yule challenge in 2005: a different prompt to write about for each day of December leading up to Christmas as "mathom" presents for everyone. Chapter 16, "Worth the Risk," is about the Nazgûl.

Darkness Falls by Kara's Aunty - A collection of ficlets from the Enemy's point of view. Chapter 2, "No Living Man," is about the Witch-king.

Master of Shadows by SpaceWeavil - Seven vignettes focussing on the life of the Witch King of Angmar, one for each of the seven deadly sins. Based on 'And in the Darkness Bind Them', and contains spoilers. Rated R; must be a member of Open Scrolls Archive to view this story. (Registration is free; you do not have to be an author to be a member)

Annoying Elf Lords by trekqueen - The Witch King of Angmar enjoys frightening and controlling the masses; however, he dislikes meddling elves.

Remnants of Darkness by icestar14 - What happened to the Nazgul after the fall of Sauron? This chronicles the doings and feelings of one of the remaining Nazgul after the destruction of the One Ring.

I Am Almost Dead by ForthEorlingas12 - What a poor Gondorian soldier is thinking and feeling as he gets swept up by a Nazgul during the siege of Minas Tirith.

Forthcoming by Dwimordene - Apocalypse coming: the Nazgul visit the Lonely Mountain, and the Dwarves ponder numbers and mythology.

Nine Nervous Nazgûl - Part of a 2005 Henneth Annun writing challenge. Includes short stories by Raksha, RiverOtter, Gwynnyd, Wolfwind and Agape4Gondor.

Nine Riders by rabidsamfan - Nine drabbles about the Nine Riders.

At the Bridge of Mitheithel by Imhiriel - Glorfindel encounters enemies during his search for the Hobbits.

Condemned by PhantomsDaughter13 - Few know of the true story behind the men that became the Ringwraiths. After gaining power, their fate was set. They were forever changed.

The Pale Kings by Unintentional Nightmare - One-shot piece on the musings of the Nazgul.

Musings of The Nazgul by Darkaus - "For him, my life is forfeit. I have given him everything... did I make the right desision?" Last thoughts of the Witch King.

Path of the Nameless by Amashelle - One of the Nazgul ponders his situation, his life, his greatest mistake, and wonders if he could turn away from the path he chose so long ago... Poem at end.

My Final Time by Julie Poe - The thoughts of a Nazgul as the ring is destroyed, and the punishment he faces.

Fornost by Khazar Khum - Just before the battle of Fornost, the Witch-king meets with his men.

Shadowsong by Ellisande - Why does Sauron's corruption work so well with men and how much of the man is left after ages in the shadow? A vignette attempting to look into the mind of the Lord of the Nazgûl.

Bindings of Gold by Lyllyn - A vignette in which the Witch-king reflects on his choice and its consequences.

The Gift of Rule by Lyllyn - The thoughts of the Witch-king when the gift was given... and accepted.

The Best Laid Plans... by DADGAD - Sometimes the best laid plans are defeated by the smallest details in their execution. Events in the Ring War as seen from some different perspectives. Chapter 5, "Famous Last Words," is about the Witch-king.

Annatar's Gift by SpaceWeavil - Khamûl considers the gift he has received from Annatar.

Fornost by Khazar Khum - Before the battle of Fornost.

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Nazgûl Nightmare by DMitchell - The Witchking of Angmar takes a fabulous step to prepare for battle

Sass Between Strangers by ShadowofSquirldor - It was Fuinur's job to deliver messages, but an unlikely cameo from the most unlikely character imaginable leaves the Nazgul unwilling to see his job done, and the Dark Lord confounded. Based on a scrapped idea of Tolkien's.

Have a ring, he said; It will be fun, he said by Croftgal - The Witch-King of Angmar isn't having a good day.

A Nasty Surprise by IgnobleBard - Modern day alternate universe crackfic where the Witch-king discovers fanfiction. He is also married to Eomer's horse...

Wording is Key by ncfan - There's something the Witch-King wasn't counting on.

A Slight Case Of Misjudgment by Crowdaughter - AU. Humor. Implied Dark Themes. Sauron makes a slight error in judgment...

Meet the Nazgûl by czarna_pantera - A comic series about the Nazgûls, their day-to-day no-life and not so ordinary problems. If you are a disembodied wraith from Mordor and have Sauron as your boss there is never a dull moment in your existence.

Employee Review by Raksha_The_Demon - Think your boss is a hard case? Join the nine Ringwraiths for a lesson in Management, Mordor-style. Not to be taken seriously (or canonically, since it's about as AU as you can get)!

Khamûl's Sulfurous Exfoliants by Independence1776 - After the Ring War ends, Khamûl and the rest of the Nazgûl open an exfoliant business. In order to expand it, Khamûl decides to open a stall at Tharbad’s Greenway Spring Faire.

Diplomatic Relations (Apr 1, 2013) by Uvatha_the_Horseman - 50 years before the War of the Ring, the Mouth of Sauron is pranked by the Nazgul on his first day as Chief Ambassador for Mordor.

The Curious Tale of Lobelia Sackville-Baggins and Her Magic Ring by Prackspoor - One day, long before the events of "The Lord of the Rings" take place, Bilbo Baggins (once again) vanishes from the Shire without a trace or a good-bye. This time, though, Lobelia Sackville-Baggins secures Bag End for herself - as well as the mysterious magic ring that Bilbo has left behind. From there on out, things go quite differently.

GamgeeFest's Keepsakes, Chap. 25, Deconstructing the Red Book, Part II by GamgeeFest - Ever wonder how that entire conversation between the Gaffer and the Black Rider went? Story is part of an anthology series.

The Nazgul Tales by Csillan.Rose - For the first time, hear the Nazguls' side of the story. Follow the infamous nine as they travel through Middle Earth on their master's bidding and, well, basically mess everything up.

Last Night at Dushgoi by Lalaith - A historic glimpse into the files of Mordor's feared secret service, the Ears of Sauron, revealing how some orcs knew more than they should...

The Ring of Support by TrissMarigold - Khamul - let's hear what he has to say. Under the guidance of Morgoth, the Nazgul faces the hard truth, but is not alone in this hardship.

Care to Ride My Hot-Rod Fell Beast? by Viv - Tell me if you've heard this one: A witch king, a furry hobbit, and a girl-impersonating-a-soldier all walked onto a field... The witch-king's take on the hard, cold world of dating.

Call To Arms by SpaceWeavil - The Witch King rallies the Nazgul to Sauron's cause.

Fell Beast by SpaceWeavil - The Witch King and Khamul the Black Easterling attempt to capture a young eagle to train as their spy, although something is not quite right...

Fell Beast II by SpaceWeavil - The Witch King begins Chwesteg the Fell Beast's training, however all does not go to plan.

Fell Beast III: Fluffy's First Flight by SpaceWeavil - The Fell Beast flies.

Fell Beast IV: Flight of the Fell Beast by SpaceWeavil - Another adventure for Chwesteg the Fell Beast as he takes his first proper, manned flight across Mordor.

Employee Review by Raksha - How would Sauron have reacted to the trouncing of his chosen Servants in Eriador when they failed to retrieve the One Ring from Frodo? Join the nine Ringwraiths for a lesson in Management, Mordor-style. AUish and hopefully humorous.

A Trifling Problem by Narya_flame - Khamûl, the Witch-king's second-in-command, misunderstands his orders. Chaos ensues. A tongue-in-cheek (alright, extremely silly) look at life in Mordor.

The Groupie of Dol Guldur by Wild Iris - Úlairiel, maiden of Mirkwood, crashes the all-boys Ringwraith club. Parody, AU, contains disturbing romantic imagery and abuse of Fell Beasts.

The Witch-king's Cloak by Radbooks - A tongue-in-cheek look at the Witch-king's reaction after his encounter with Aragorn at Weathertop.

Secrets by Khamul - The Witch-King has a little secret.

A Night Course in Pet Care by Werecat - Set in Carn Dûm, it sheds light to an unknown side of the Witch-king and his household. Introducing Fuinraw, the Chieftain of the Cats of Angmar.

No Living Man by ElanaBrooks - It was said that no living man could slay him. But what about everyone else?

Too Easy by Kingmaker - A vast menace of despair... Why the Movieverse Witch King flew away before killing Gandalf, among other things, during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

This Too Shall Pass by Isabeau of Greenlea - A sick little AU movieverse ficlet. A more logical conclusion to the scene between Frodo and the Nazgul.

Secrets by Scribe - The Witch-King has a secret.

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The Black Easterling by NoctusFury - This narrative poem epic is concerning the only other named Nazgûl in the books: Khamûl the Black Easterling, second only to the Witch-King. It delves this little-known Nazgûl's history from beginning to end in poetic verse, how Sauron corrupted and enslaved Khamûl to his Will, and how Khamûl was eventually freed from his enslavement and living death.

The Golden Horde by NoctusFury - A narrative poem on the Easterlings of Rhûn and their involvements in the War of the Ring. As well as their eventual defeat and submission into the Númenórean Empire (aka Reunited Kingdom). Written in the historical records early in the Fourth Age by the current Chief Scribe of Aragorn II Elessar, High King of the Reunited Kingdom.

The Black Riders by 7EmptyStages - A poem about the hideous black riders of the Lord of the Rings series....

An Unnamed Nazgûl by Alfirineth - When left to his own devices, what does a Nazgûl think about?

Death of a Nazgul by Lasgalendil - On the fields of the Pelennor, the Witch King of Angmar meets his match in Dernhelm, a Rider of Rohan who is not all he appears to be.

But lo! The light of long splendor... by AnguaLupin - A poem about Eowyn's slaying of the Witch King, written in alliterative verse.

The Shieldmaiden and the Witch-king by Zdenka - The fall of the Witch-king of Angmar, as told in the meter of Hiawatha.

winter grass by actuallyfeanor - somewhere along the way, "no man can kill you" turned from a blessing into a curse, and the price of power and immortality is eternal, bone-chilling winter.

Weathertop by primsong - A set of six poems exploring the events and immediate consequences of the encounter in the dell beneath Weathertop from Frodo's POV - thus slightly dark, more emotive than graphic.

The Shield-Maid's Dance of Death by Marta - A ballad, about Eowyn's confrontation with the Witch-King.

Mordor Must Be Missing a Nazgul by Katarina Freeman - Done to the tune of "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" by Tavares.

Man! I Feel Like a Ringwraith by Katarina Freeman - A spoof done to the tune of Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman."

Voices of Middle-Earth by Armariel - Poems, songs and dramatic monologues from the viewpoints of various Tolkien characters. Chapter 13 features a poem about the Witch-king.

The Nazgul by Charlothiena - A short poem about the Nazgul.

A Man Like You by VendeaErunyauve - A look at what the life of a young king might have been like before he became a Nazgul.

Forever Dead by Lady_Arwen_Dimfalasien - This poem describes the terror the Nazgul bring, but the main part of it is a mother telling her frightened child about the "Shadows." And, actually hints that the people should feel pity for what frightens them.

Nazgul by TheSilverWolf - A poem about the Nazgul.

The Fall of the Nine by TheWhite~Istar - A poem about the fall of the Nazgul.

Nazgul by Nifnilien - A poem about the Nine.

The Lone Figure by frodosluvr - The confrontation between Gandalf and the head Nazgul.

A Story of a Dark Lord by Nazgrrl - The tale of the downfall of one of the Nazgul.

Ode to the Ringwraiths by Shadowgirl1 - Poems dedicated to the Nazgûl with "advice" for mortals.

The Witch King by boybeater3736 - The Witch King... for whom does anyone mourn?

Lament of the Nazgul by R0gueChimera - A short poem about what one of the Wraiths felt when he first became a Nazgul.

Nazgul by Laiquendi - A short but not so sweet poem about the Nazgul and the call of the One Ring.

The Nine Are Abroad by Sauron Gorthaur - "Galloping, galloping, on steeds black and fine. Galloping, galloping, they are the Nine..." A poem about the Nazgul.

Nothing But Shadows by Werecat - Poem from a Rohirrim's POV who was close to Theoden at the time of the Witch-king's attack.

The Witch King by Armariel - A view from the dark side.

How Small is a Man by Darkaus - The Witch King of Angmar watches a human perish in the mountains, and ponders why he lingered.

Memories of a Youth by Darkaus - Reflections from a man, remembering the Nazgul watching the roads durring the wars of the ring.

I Cannot Remember the Sun by Darkaus - Regrets of an unnamed Nazgul.

So Spoke Sauron by Darkaus - The great deceiver speaks unto his Nazgul.

One of Nine on My Hand by Darkaus - How could we have known? Poetry from Nazgul perspective.

I Am the End by Darkaus - Unrepentant Nazgul speaks on the end of Middle Earth, rather dark. Nazgul might be Khamul.

Bard's Delight by Darkaus - Ballad about Nazgul. For whatever reason, somehow the Witchking escaped Pellenor.

The Fate of All by Darkaus - Thoughts of a Nazgul. They have too much time to muse on life.

Everything has its Price by Darkaus - Here is another one of the Nazgul's stories.

And No One Knows He Loved by Darkaus - More Nazgul poetry.

Do You hear the Nazgul Cry by Darkaus - Poem about the Witch-king.

JI Indur, The last of the Lost by Darkaus - There are Nine Ringwraiths, Nine is their number, Nine is their might, But each was once One King.

Farewell Witch King by Darkaus - To sleep, to dream, and to have your spirit know what your mind is yet to learn... farewell, Witch King.

Nazgul Nine by Darkaus - Three poems about the Nine. One about Murazor's fall, one about the Nine riding to battle, and one about an Easterling's death at a Nazgul's hand.

Khamul Recalls by Darkaus - Khamul racalls how his life as king ended, and his time as a Bazgul began.

Speak to me the Nazgul Three by Darkaus - Poetry about Murazor, Khamul, and JI-Indur! my favorite Ringwraiths.

Twilight and Shadow by Darkaus - The thoughts of Ji-Indur, one of the Nine.

Tell Me, Wizard by Darkaus - The ring is destroyed, Gandalf tells the Nazgul they are free. only to hear that freedom is a blessing and a curse.

We Once Had Light by Darkaus - Poetry from the perspective of a Nazgul.

Prophesy of The Witch King by Darkaus - Poetry, linked together with the story "The Nazgul Ride Forth." (Link in Drama section)

Prayer by Nightfall by Logic's Prerogative - Often have we heard the prayers of Elves and Men. But what about the prayers of a Nazgul? Are there any willing to heed such a plea, uttered in darkness by Death's own tongue?

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Other Collections of Nazgul Stories

Nazgul Fanfic List - A list of wraith-related stories compiled by Sauron-centric on Tumblr.

The Library of Minas Morgul Nazgul Reading Room - The Library's community link listing on

Black Riders! - Another community on dedicated to everyone's favourite Nazgul.

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